ICE Union President Chris Crane and Border Patrol Union President George McCubbin both denounce Obama's executive order as a violation of their oaths of office. Should Congress be rallying their words supporting those men?

tncdel 2012/07/27 23:24:47
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Why not a peep out Boehner or anyone else in Congress, not even Ron Paul?



The union heads for both the Border Patrol and ICE are boldly charging the Obama Administration with ordering their agents to break their law enforcement oaths by helping carry out a unilateral executive policy to grant temporary amnesties and work permits to perhaps 1.4 million illegal aliens. The administration is threatening the agents with reprimand and even termination if they continue to enforce the immigration laws as passed by Congress, they indicated.

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  • Ken 2012/07/28 18:01:44
    YES [explain why you think so].
    They should have long ago.
  • mikeeonly 2012/07/28 04:30:18
  • kaZappoo 2012/07/28 01:28:00
    YES [explain why you think so].
    well it's in his oath of office ..they keep the security of the nation as in the security of the borders .. and the soverinity of this nation as well ...then to defend the const as well ..from all enemies both foreign & domestic , security leaks ,, covering up these leaks ..!
  • SickOfBigGov 2012/07/28 00:04:13
    YES [explain why you think so].
    Obama's order to not deport illegal IS illegal and a violation of law...seem like Congress could do something about this.
  • Kane Fernau 2012/07/27 23:35:28
    YES [explain why you think so].
    Kane Fernau
    Obama is promoting an illegal invasion.
  • relic 2012/07/27 23:27:49
    YES [explain why you think so].
    Bet they won't. Congress will stay silent in fear of losing a single vote. Anyone who votes for an incumbant is part of the problem.

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