ICE arrests 3,168 criminal aliens in six-day sweep by orders from President Obama .

cut and paste king 2012/04/03 00:21:14

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ICE arrests 3,168 criminal aliens in six-day sweep by orders from President Obama .

immigration and customs enforcemernt said today it arrested 3,168 criminal aliens and fugitives in a six day nationwide sweep in every state including puerto rico and district of columbia the operation was dubbed as cross 0- creek .
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  • phantom8541 2012/04/03 00:52:02 (edited)
    WTF did 0bowMao do,.... finally allow ICE to do what we pay them for, actually enforce the Federal laws he told them to ignore and uphold that 'flawed document' (as he calls it) our Constitution?

    BRAVO,.... it's about time,.... must be election season.
  • cut and... phantom... 2012/04/03 01:12:07
    cut and paste king
    it hurts that u guys have one less argument now about obama
    he got bin laden
    we havent got tested by our enemies
    jobs are coming back
    stock market skyrocketing
    best christmas sale in history
    general motors back to #1 in the world
    crime is down
    we are paying the debt
    gasoline has not pass george bush high of 2008 $4,15
    $46 billion in welfare increase vs $149 billion welfare increase under g w bush
    obamacare becoming a reality
  • phantom... cut and... 2012/04/03 01:36:32
  • cut and... phantom... 2012/04/03 05:15:56
    cut and paste king
    my friend that was not a bumper sticker that was a crystal ball looking at the future obamas crystal ball
  • phantom... cut and... 2012/04/03 12:37:53
    Okie dokie,.... whatever you do, don't burst your fantasyland bubble.

    We haven't yet begun the campaign to inform America about who this POS is and he will be doing well to get his scrawny ass off U.S. soil before he is prosecuted.
  • cut and... phantom... 2012/04/03 12:42:21
    cut and paste king
    who obama? are u kidding hes gonna be easyli reelected by the majority
  • phantom... cut and... 2012/04/03 12:45:32 (edited)
    You're delusional. The 'dog ate my homework' ain't gonna fly this time around and he wont even be on the ballot.
    Bank on it.
  • cut and... phantom... 2012/04/03 12:51:52
  • phantom... cut and... 2012/04/03 13:08:17
    You may be interested in knowing that various Native tribes formed alliances with the pilgrims/Puritans to take on violent tribes and massacred them.
    It may also interest you to know that N. America has had many different inhabitants for 20,000 years and was never claimed as a country or nation by anyone until the late 1700's.

    The only place left on the planet that isn't under a countries flag or rule is Antarctica.
    Welcome to the 21st century.
  • cut and... phantom... 2012/04/03 13:14:09
  • phantom... cut and... 2012/04/03 13:22:03
    And,.... ?
  • cut and... phantom... 2012/04/03 13:28:59
    cut and paste king
    have a wonderful day!
  • cut and paste king 2012/04/03 00:22:18
    cut and paste king
    way to go obama!

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