I would like to know which is the best process to use when your trying to get someone out of prison. Is it the GSA forms [24,25,25A,28,90 and 91] or filing tax forms 1099-A etc. or is there a better process out there. Also how do I go about this process.

nette 2010/04/29 22:08:54
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  • kevracer 2010/04/29 22:17:49

    bake it in a cake and send it to them
  • Crystal Chan Deliers 2010/04/29 22:12:37
    Crystal Chan Deliers
    I dont see how any tax form will get someone out of prison...... are they up for parole or is their sentence over? The best advice I can give is to speak with an attorney and your local representitives...
  • nette Crystal... 2010/04/29 22:19:51
    He has a life sentence i guess but there is a way he can beat this thing and be able to come home soon all i need is the right information about these forms GSA forms [24,25,25A,28,90 and 91
  • Crystal... nette 2010/04/29 22:30:09
    Crystal Chan Deliers
    a life sentence.... guessing thats gonna take a lawyer... you might consider talking with your state reps, and congressmen...try some internet searching for those forms

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