I honestly do not understand why there is so much hate against Obama and not a word about the one that caused this mess. Why all the hate

Indepnedant4Obama 2009/09/29 20:57:47
He deserves it, because he....
Anyone who likes Obama is crazy and probaly racist just like he is
This is just a bunch of cry baby Republicans upset because they lost and want to win the next election
Alot of these people need to get a life and stop trying to cause problems when there is none
I was born a republican and will die a republican, no democrat should ever be in office
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  • Dagon 2009/09/30 00:28:04
  • Indepne... Dagon 2009/09/30 00:43:58
    The decline started with the war. Weapons of mass destruction. War is always tough on an economy.
  • Dagon Indepne... 2009/09/30 18:55:22
  • Indepne... Dagon 2009/10/01 17:29:42
    That was after the war. The war is still going on. I am sure our economy will start to bounce back once this war is over.
  • Dagon Indepne... 2009/10/01 17:34:23
  • Indepne... Dagon 2009/10/01 17:44:14
    You have a valid point
  • Dagon Indepne... 2009/10/01 17:46:50
  • randy 2009/09/29 22:45:20
    This mess has been decades in the making and every politician is/has made it worse. That goes for congress as well.
  • coffee man 2009/09/29 21:44:14
    Alot of these people need to get a life and stop trying to cause problems whe...
    coffee man
    I called this a long time ago, way before anyone had even heard of Obama outside of Illinois.
    I said that all these people who were blindly supporting Bush, no matter how obviously fucked up things were getting, were just waiting for the day that we got a new president so they could say "Oh my God the country is in such a disastrous mess and it's all this NEW presidents fault!!!"
    I told my friend three years ago that if it was a Democrat that came in office after Bush that guy, whomever he was, was going to be the GOP scapegoat for all the evils that the Bush administration did to America.
    And whala!! I should be writing fortune cookies.
  • Indepne... coffee man 2009/09/29 21:46:39
    If I could have given you six raves, I would have. You nailed it
  • Gun665 2009/09/29 21:28:30
  • Indepne... Gun665 2009/09/29 21:32:46
    I thought he just left talks dealing with Iran, didn't he? Getting the Olympics to come to the United States cannot do anything but help the econonmy. The amount paid in tourism alone would be a help. I am and independent voter myself. I was a Hillary supporter, and then voted for the less of two evils. I am a moderate. I vote for either ticket. So I am not all for Obama. I do not think he is the strongest leader but I do think he is better than Bush or McCain. I would have preferred Hillary.
  • Gun665 Indepne... 2009/09/29 21:42:33
  • Indepne... Gun665 2009/09/29 21:44:44
    I got a little of the same. I was actually undecided till the end
  • Gun665 Indepne... 2009/09/29 21:45:20
  • coffee man Gun665 2009/09/29 21:46:27
    coffee man
    can you post an image of these buttons? I'm not disputing you, I'm just very curious about the buttons.
  • Gun665 coffee man 2009/09/29 21:49:13
  • Fannie Gun665 2009/09/29 23:29:48
    And it was Obama that moved the DNC to Chicago......money & control.
  • thessa 2009/09/29 21:14:25
    I dont hate Obama, cause i dont hate anyone, but i definately dislike him. I think that man is one of the most manipulative people ive ever heard in my whole life. Everything he does is for himself, and he makes it seem like its for us but its not. He dosent give a rip what happens to the USA and hes proven that time and again, and when something goes wrong he insists on bringing up Bush for the one BILLIONTH time in every speech he makes. He will NOT admit failure because hes so arrogant he thinks hes the problem solver, when hes the actual PROBLEM. He is slowly deceiving all the sheep in the herd, and only the people with minds of their own are actually seeing him for who he really is. An Evil Manipulative Liar.
  • Indepne... thessa 2009/09/29 21:16:36
    I am trying to get to why? Why do you see him as a manipulator?
  • thessa Indepne... 2009/09/29 21:36:47
    Because everything he says is a lie. He does each and every single thing for himself and to destroy this Country. You will see it more and more as time goes on, i promise you. The worst is yet to come from that man.
  • coffee man thessa 2009/09/29 21:48:59
    coffee man
    Anyone who thinks that any president is INTENTIONALLY trying to destroy the country is naive.
    Even Bush wasn't TRYING to destroy the country, he just excelled at it.

    By the way, Obama's policies are starting to turn the economy around. At least up until last week. So if his plan to destroy the country is to help in its' recovery...THEN do something bad I'd have to agree that this man is truly diabolical.
  • thessa coffee man 2009/09/29 23:07:07
    Well newsflash - Obama isnt Bush.
    Well its unfortunate you cant see evil when its presented to you.
  • coffee man thessa 2009/09/30 01:07:45
    coffee man
    sorry toots, that phrase "Evil" lost all meaning about 6 years ago.
    Why do I need to get a newsflash on the Obama/Bush connection? All I'm saying is that no president INTENDS to destroy the country, even the one that all the liberals claim was trying to do so.
    So, just so we're clear, "Evil" is taking a ruined economy and turning it around? "Evil" is doing the christian thing and looking out for the less fortunate? "Evil" is being our brother's keeper?
  • thessa coffee man 2009/09/30 08:44:20
    I brought up Bush because YOU brought up Bush, which is usually exactly what Obama supporters and Obama himself always does.
    You arent seeing Obama for who he really is yet. Evil hasnt lost all meaning - that dosent even make sense. Evil is all around us and right now its all in the government. Obama isnt a Christian. A Christian dosent laugh at the words of the bible. He did.
    You are all being duped and ill bet Obama is sitting back laughing at whoever actually takes him seriously.
  • Nikki 2009/09/29 21:13:43
    I don't hate Obama, I just don't agree with him, and I don't believe that one person is responsible for this mess nor do I believe that one person can fix it. we all caused this mess and we all have to fix it under strong leadership, strong leadership that we do not have right now.
  • Indepne... Nikki 2009/09/29 21:17:44
    He had a huge hand in it, but I can respect your opinion. I voted for him because he was the less of two evils. My main complaint is that he is not strong enough but I do not think McCain would have been either.
  • Nikki Indepne... 2009/09/29 21:22:15
    I can respect your opinion also, I voted for McCain thinking he wasn't strong enough but thought he was the lesser of the two evils, maybe we will be able to hang on long enough for the next one to give it a shot.. :)
  • thessa Indepne... 2009/09/29 21:37:24
    Less of two evils?!?!? Did you seriously just say that? Wow....i guess you dont know evil when you see it do you?
  • Indepne... thessa 2009/09/29 21:39:23
    Actually, I do and McCain had his share smeared on his face too.
  • thessa Indepne... 2009/09/29 23:07:38
    Thats sad.
  • Indepne... thessa 2009/09/29 23:41:52
    What is sad is that so many people are so "loyal" to their party that they cannot see past it. I am independent, and a moderate. McCain was not great either. He said his share of dumb things. I was a Hillary supporter from the beginning and I was undecided for a while but I chose Obama as many Hillary supporters did. The economy is showing some promise. Bush was awful and I am "independent" enough to say that. Obama needs more backbone, but if I had to choose I stand by my vote
  • thessa Indepne... 2009/09/30 08:46:47
    I didnt ask you what party you were, and you didnt ask me either. Im Republican by default. The democratic party isnt what it used to be. Its not good like it was when JFK was in there. I cant stand Hillary Clinton or Pelosi or any of them either. But i know Obama is evil and is misleading people for his own gain.
    Well i know someone who knows and worked with Bush personally and hes a good person. Unlike alot of those that are making the decisions now.
  • Simmering Frog 2009/09/29 21:02:20
    Simmering Frog

    If you honestly don't understand what the problem is, you are either choosing to remain ignorant or you can't think critically.
  • Indepne... Simmeri... 2009/09/29 21:06:50
    Why the insult? Bush was awful yet nobody mentions him. I see everything going on around me. I am not ignorant. I also cannot understand the extreme hate and people actually listening to these people that are simply feeding insecurities to make a dime.
  • Simmeri... Indepne... 2009/09/29 21:10:15
    Simmering Frog
    Nobody mentions him because he hasn't been president for about a year now. Time to get current.
  • thessa Simmeri... 2009/09/29 21:10:50
  • Indepne... Simmeri... 2009/09/29 21:14:06
    But the pain that was caused was caused over the 8 years that he had the lead. He should not skip off blameless. What in the world? Is the hate for Obama so strong that people are forgetting???
  • coffee man Simmeri... 2009/09/29 21:54:18
    coffee man
    yet some people STILL blame Clinton for 9/11. Convenient. I love how everything bad in this country happened either before Bush came into office or after.
    Your call to get "current" doesn't really apply here. ALL presidents are remembered for what they did, and Bush did just about everything he was accused of short of actually causing hurricane Katrina. That's what a legacy is.
    Obama is being hated for what people think MIGHT happen (or more to the point they hate him because they are being told to do so). At this point Afghanistan is about all we can claim is "Obama's" the rest is the leftovers from Bush that is going to take years to clean up.
    You're "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" defense for Bush doesn't hold any water.
  • Indepne... coffee man 2009/09/29 21:56:37
    1 actual rave deserving 4 more

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