I challenge David Axelrod!

TWISTER61 2010/03/15 10:32:25
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David Axelrod,Obama,s right hand asswipe,is challenging the GOP on healthcare! You stupid idiot liberal,the American people have spoken and said we do not want this bill passed! I challenge you Axelrod and all Democrats to one week of town hall meetings in your own districs back home! If,after that,you find that we want this passed,fine,come back to Washington and vote on it! But,you will find a big battle waiting for you,so be prepared!
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  • Captain Kirk~POTL 2010/03/16 00:54:19
    Captain Kirk~POTL
    These morons don`t have the balls to take that bet,they are afraid of being out in the people,they would get torn apart!! Thats why they want the vote before the break so all the congress doesn`t get hounded when they go back home,little do they know they ARE GOING to get hounded anyway if they pass this crap!!

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  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2010/03/22 01:05:00
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Axelrod is a nut.
  • The Patriot 2010/03/18 02:01:01
    The Patriot
    They don't want to be subjected to townhall meetings...that's why they're hiding under the cloak of Pelosi's tactics....STAND UP AND BE COUNTED ON AN UP OR DOWN VOTE, YOU COWARDS!
  • RICK 2010/03/16 23:51:02
    Yea,do a town hall meeting where you dont hand pick the crowd.It will probably not be a pleasant experience.
  • Catita RICK 2010/03/17 02:50:19
    you are right. people who are in favor have not read the 2700 pages of this wonderful HCR. I wonder if they take the time would continue thinking the same............
  • Kev316 Catita 2010/03/17 03:31:16
    Well, all I can say is, he is doing what he campaigned on. Those of us who voted for him knew this was the agenda. Elections matter and those of us who elected this man are getting what was promised, as much as one can get when in a Democratic Republic. Compromise has been lost on the right. We asked for your help. You refused. Now, when it's clear you've lost this one, now you want to start over and give input. No. You had your chances and your vote. It was not enough. That's what happens in a Democratic Republic.

    If it makes you feel better, I was against the trillions in unpaid tax cuts for the rich and Medicare B. Did conservatives care? Nope. They just took it to reconciliation.
  • Catita Kev316 2010/03/17 05:22:05 (edited)
    you are ass-uming that I am a republican, you are wrong. I am not. You are entitled to your opinion, but you did not say if you read the 2700 pages, did you?
    because I have to say that I did, in my spare time, it's an interesting piece of BS. and an eye opening for the people with aging parents like me. If this hcr passes there will be an exodus of Md's and you and all the uninformed will get rationing health care, but what the heck! you got your reform.
  • Kev316 Catita 2010/03/17 05:31:34
    Then I apologize for assuming. As for reading the entire bill, I hope you had someone there to define terms and explain legalese. I have found that when reading these things, what I think isn't always right because I don't understand all the language. I am not an attorney or legal scholar and don't pretend to be.

    This bill is not perfect by any means. But if you look at Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, they were really bad bills initially. They can be tweaked, and will be.
  • Catita Kev316 2010/03/17 05:43:00 (edited)
    it will be to late then. yes I did have help to undertand some of the BS.
    social security wont be there for me, even though I am paying into it.
    people on welfare and disability or children can get medicaid I can't. so I have to have my own nest for my old age, because when I get ready to retire SS will not exist.
  • Kev316 Catita 2010/03/17 05:58:25
    SSI isn't beyond fixing. There are those who want us to believe that, though, so we can privatize social security. Had this happened when Bush wanted it, we would all be broke now. Privatization is not the way to go, imo. We will fix this.
  • Jimbo 2010/03/16 22:20:09
    At last count, 37% of Americans were for this. My math is pretty good and that sounds like a sound minority. Time to end this.
  • Catita Jimbo 2010/03/17 02:58:53
  • Kev316 Catita 2010/03/17 03:35:09
    Boy that's calling the kettle black. Were you paying any attention to the previous decade? What the hell did you guys think would happen when a guy runs on health care reform then gets elected? What, he wasn't supposed to do it?
  • Jimbo Catita 2010/03/17 22:18:53
    Calm down. They are still well short in the House.
  • Kev316 Jimbo 2010/03/17 03:33:26
    You can't end it. It's done. Bills have been passed by both houses of Congress. There is nothing left to argue. Perhaps you all should have played nice.

    Oh, anyone know what the support for Medicare B was? The Senate and Dick passed it anyway.
  • Jimbo Kev316 2010/03/17 22:12:09 (edited)
    You really should have paid attention in Civics class. The original House Bill and the current Senate Bill are two completely different things. At present, neither has passed both houses and a bill has to pass both houses to reach the president for signature. The House bill doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell now and Pelosi is still having trouble finding enough votes in the House to pass the Senate bill as is to begin "reconcilliation", which itself is a cheat with this type of legislation. If the House makes changes and then votes, the bill is no longer eligible for reconcilliation and needs a 60-vote minimum to pass once it goes back to the Senate, which by the way, the Democrats no longer have (Thank you, Massachusetts.). Knowing this, Pelosi is going to attempt an unconstitutional "deeming the bill passed", so it can go to Obama's desk for signature and then the reconcilliation. However Article One, Section Seven of the United States Constitution clearly states that a bill cannot go before the president without passing both houses of congress by a recorded vote. Your precious healthcare reform is in grave danger of being thrown out completely on a Constitutional challenge. Fortunately the Supreme Court is the only branch of the Federal government that has a majority capable of adult supervision at the present time.

    Medicare part whatever and Social Insecurity were both bad ideas.
  • Kev316 Jimbo 2010/03/18 01:10:36
    Whatever you say. Completely? Okay... Anyway, move on to opposing bond, security and derivative regulation. We just introduced it and it has real big teeth. This fight is over. Nothing left for me to say or listen to, especially for folks like yourself. Now I know you'll focus on Dodd and Geithner, trying to convolute the issues as you did on this one (nice plan focusing on process when most of you don't even understand process).

    Now, be a good boy and go get pissed at something else. This fight is over. Elections matter. Or do you prefer terror?
  • Jimbo Kev316 2010/03/18 17:51:47
    So, people who don't like Obama are supposed to just shut up for four years? It doesn't work that way, pal. You people still whine about Algore's failure to get the courts to name him president in 2000.

    Oh, by the way, dissing me like that is a dead giveaway that you have NOTHING intelligent to say or respond with. Elections do matter and every once in a while someone like Obama who has the ability to pull the wool over the eyes of the Anerican people comes along. Well the public's eyes are open again and they're involved. Watching Obama and socialists like you going down in flames is going to really be fun.
  • Kev316 Jimbo 2010/03/19 02:29:33
    Nobody said shutup. I said don't act little terrorists.
  • Jimbo Kev316 2010/03/20 15:45:55
    People peacably assembling and voicing their displeasure at a completely out-of-touch and disconnected liberal majority isn't terrorism. Of course, if the American people's leaders weren't acting like thugs, the people wouldn't need to.
  • Cathy 2010/03/16 18:28:07
    I am all for a reform health care plan, but I don't think that it should be on top of the list right now. There are a lot of people who have lost their jobs and this issue should be top priority. I am very sure for those people who do not have a job are not really worried about a reform health care plan at this moment! They are worried about how to survive without any income! They are worried about caring for themselves and their families. Many people have lost their homes and are homeless, many don't have any money to put food on the table, how to pay their bills, etc. This could have waited until the economy picked back up. Adding the health care issue at this time is only going to hurt the economy even more!

    Creating jobs will help the economy to start growing again, plus people will be working again and will be able to buy their health insurance, employers of companies will be able to provide health insurance to their employees. Some people/children in our country are starving to death, this ought not be in America!
  • Kev316 2010/03/16 18:01:06
    Again, please provide proof Americans do not want a health care bill. I would like actual polling, please.
  • Jimbo Kev316 2010/03/16 22:27:37
    (I'm not sure about them since they show Obama's approval at a VERY optimistic 53%.)
    These are just the first three that came up by googling "healthcare bill poll numbers".

    Americans may want a healthcare bill, but definitely not this one.
  • Kev316 Jimbo 2010/03/16 23:15:11
    I like the pollster link. Seems to me when you take a good look at most of these polls and include margins of error, undecideds and no opinions, we're pretty much split down the middle. I maintain it's due to misinformation. You don't even know what you are fighting.

    But thanks for the numbers, even though I already knew them. One also has to look behind the numbers. I mean, hey, nobody wanted Bush's health care fixes or tax cuts for the rich ($3 trillion or so, unpaid for), but they let Cheney cast deciding votes during reconciliation, right? Not fair now?
  • Jimbo Kev316 2010/03/17 22:17:51
    37% approval is hardly within any margin of error and support keeps getting worse. The only misinformation being spread around is that this in any way seeks to make healthcare more available or affordable. It's all about running the private sector insurance business out.

    Who didn't want Bush's tax cuts? It was only liberal kooks who bought into the nonsense that they only benefited the rich. Every bracket was reduced and millions of working poor stopped paying altogether. Stop listening to MSNBC and check out the truth.
  • Kev316 Jimbo 2010/03/18 01:11:00
    Whatever you say. Completely? Okay... Anyway, move on to opposing bond, security and derivative regulation. We just introduced it and it has real big teeth. This fight is over. Nothing left for me to say or listen to, especially for folks like yourself. Now I know you'll focus on Dodd and Geithner, trying to convolute the issues as you did on this one (nice plan focusing on process when most of you don't even understand process).

    Now, be a good boy and go get pissed at something else. This fight is over. Elections matter. Or do you prefer terror?
  • Jimbo Kev316 2010/03/18 17:53:59
    Posting the same reply twice? How unoriginal. Wait, I forgot. You're a liberal. You must have not received your talking points to parrot.
  • Kev316 Jimbo 2010/03/19 02:32:48
    Oh yeah, straight from the DNC via secure SatCom. We plug in for downloads and updates every night. We're robots. Ya figured it out. Our masters are really reptilians from the planet Lumbago.
  • Jimbo Kev316 2010/03/20 15:47:19
    Except for the aliens, that's the first thing you've said that sounds somewhat correct.
  • CODE 11 Kev316 2010/03/17 02:03:42
    CODE 11
    If you think healthcare is expense now..wait til its free
  • Kev316 CODE 11 2010/03/17 02:25:58
    It's not free. Nothing is free.
  • CODE 11 Kev316 2010/03/18 18:56:26
    CODE 11
    That'a the point.
  • Kev316 CODE 11 2010/03/19 02:50:09
    The other way, it's a hell of a lot more expensive. Maybe if conservatives would have worked with Democrats? Yeah, I know, they claim they Dems wouldn't work with THEM.

    But what if, instead of tying a boulder around their necks and then saying, "See, I told ya they can't swim," conservatives had worked for Americans (145 of which will have died today) and helped with the bill, politics be damned?

    Same old pattern: Do nothing for years and years then obstruct and find fault and complain, all the while voting against their own amendments because they are afraid to look like they support the Democratic President in any way. That whole purity thing going on with the right now, ya know?

    Oh, how I wonder what they would do with the "impure," left to their own devices. Hard labor or extermination? What is YOUR preference?
  • CODE 11 Kev316 2010/03/20 16:52:28
    CODE 11
    You said it yourself....The Dems didn't want to hear anything from the Reb. The biggest cost factor in medical care..is insurance (Liabilly insur. that your Doctor pays.) Some Doctors pay $ 100.000 a year for it. The Lawyers are making billions off of these law suits..Their not going to do a thing to change that! Guess what party is controlled by Lawyers. Hey your right Democrates!!! TORT REFORM don't hold your breath.
  • Kev316 CODE 11 2010/03/20 20:48:12
    .5 of 1%.
  • Catita Kev316 2010/03/17 03:00:35
  • CODE 11 Catita 2010/03/21 18:34:27
    CODE 11
    Saw on another blog.....if HCR passes....eveyone run out and buy ammo ( even if one box or you don't even own a gun).....The Dems in Congress will go into panic mode!!!
  • Brightsprite62 2010/03/16 17:14:53
    As of the latest survey more then 53% of the people of this country strongly oppose the health care bill. It shouldn't be passed. Obama trying to force this down our throats isn't going to help matters any. I understand that this country needs to do something about sky rocketing health care costs but this isn't the way to do it. In the end this will cost us on the average of something like 3 trillion dollars. How is that any better then what happens currently. It's just making us another day older and deeper in debt. health care costs cost average 3 dollars older deeper debt
  • Kev316 Brights... 2010/03/16 18:08:44
    Which poll? 53%, +/- 3 points? That could mean 50/50. It could mean 56/44. It could mean 53/47. This is nowhere near overwhelming. Besides, other polls strongly disagree with this poll.

    It is my experience that most of you do not even know what you are fighting against. You only know it involves this damn Obama heretic and that's good enough. How else do you explain Republicans voting against their own amendments and ideas? You tie a rock around our necks then laugh when we can't swim.

    Such the patriots. Such good Americans. Such support for a wartime president. Ya gotta love those situational values.
  • Kev316 Brights... 2010/03/19 02:59:38
    NBC/WSJ POLL: 46% say pass the health care reform bill. 45% say leave system as is. As of March 11, 13, 14. (WSJ is News Corp. That's Fox. They can be trusted).
  • Racefish 2010/03/16 16:26:01
    "The U.S. House of Representatives may vote as early as this week on final health care reform legislation that can be sent to President Obama for his signature. As is being widely reported in the press, the current plan is for the House to pass an identical bill to that which was passed by the Senate on December 31, 2009. This will be followed by a separate bill, making critical improvements to the Senate-passed bill. It then must go back to the Senate to pass under expedited rules known as budget "reconciliation."

    Does this sound like open, transparent government? What are the "critical improvements"? Why is there a "need" for a separate bill? Why not just amend the one they have now?

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