I am the Embowered Man.

WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB 2012/06/22 05:51:31
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Are you?
Many of you have sold your birthrights for offal, and consider it a good bargain... such a shame.

Read More: http://youtu.be/SUfh-2n5cWI

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  • WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB 2012/06/22 07:46:27
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Trying to correct typo, and this is what SH keeps sending back;
    "Modifying "Embowered" to "Empowered" appears to be more than just a spelling correction."
    Excuse me? I'm fixing a typo over here!
  • say what? 2012/06/22 06:56:12
    say what?
    Guess what. This message has been ignored so long it is no longer relevant. The masses surrendered years ago. They like being slaves. Our society is going to crash and burn. Maybe we can make something out of the ashes. Maybe not. We will see.

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