hazel 2012/10/26 17:39:29
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i CRIED WHEN i listened to a father tell of his heartbreak and disbelief of how his hero son was left to die while President Obama went to Vegas and to be on Letterman UNBELIEVABLE
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  • Lanikai 2012/10/26 18:08:58 (edited)
    I am so angry and it grows every day President Obama looks the other way
    I am beyond angry, but there is nothing any of us can do about it, except vote the bum out. he is stonewalling congress trying to avoid the issue until after the election, when he will get a pass.

    Congress is begging for information, but it is just like Fast and Furious, Middle East edition, no one inthe admin is supplying documents or truth, just stonewalling.

    And with the media refusing to cover this, it is just going to go away.

    I am angry, and that doesn't help a bit.

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  • Gordon.Peterson.9081 2012/11/01 11:23:26
    I am so angry and it grows every day President Obama looks the other way
    My son is 15 and has looked forward in following in my footsteps by going in the service. I had to tell my son that if Obama is re-elected not to join. I hurts me to instruct him not to go in because I love this country and the military but can not and will not endorse his effort to be abandoned by our government.
  • hazel Gordon.... 2012/11/01 12:01:18
  • Gordon.... hazel 2012/11/01 17:50:11
    Thank You
  • Kyra 2012/10/30 20:45:03
    I have a different answer
    I don't fantasize about my son being murdered.
  • hazel Kyra 2012/10/31 02:13:29
    thats a stupid answer
  • Kyra hazel 2012/10/31 02:52:00
    It's a stupid question.
  • hazel Kyra 2012/10/31 04:01:11
    thats because YOU are stupid
  • Kyra hazel 2012/10/31 14:36:28
    Right, Such a perfect response coming from someone so hateful.
  • hazel Kyra 2012/11/01 03:00:13
    thank you
  • CUDDLY BUT STILL CRABBY 2012/10/29 01:38:58
    I am so angry and it grows every day President Obama looks the other way
    Obama (and his missus too) sucks.

    You all voted for this variety of hope and change.

    Don't make the same mistake twice.
  • princess 2012/10/29 01:36:26
  • Muver 2012/10/28 19:55:17
    I am so angry and it grows every day President Obama looks the other way
    He can NEVER explain this away....NEVER...and I don't think he feels he needs to....
    More of his arrogance...it's as if he thinks they deserved it...
  • Harriet M Welch 2012/10/28 13:15:41
    I have a different answer
    Harriet M Welch
  • Cliff 2012/10/28 04:05:15
  • topcat128 2012/10/28 01:32:53
  • Sinpac 2012/10/27 22:35:02
    I have a different answer
    Here's my different answer. The year was 1983. The country was Lebanon. The place was a American Marines barracks. The death toll was 241 American servicemen 220 were marines, 18 were sailors and three soldiers, along with sixty Americans injured. Was Reagan warned? Oh indeed he was. Caspar Weinberger the Secretary of Defense implored the president to put Marines serving in Beirut in a safer position before terrorists attacked them. But there was much more reason to expect an attack than simply the concern of Caspar Weinberger. In April, 1983, only six months prior to this attack, our Embassy in Beirut was attacked by a suicide bomber. The 1983 U.S. embassy bombing was a suicide bombing against the United States embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, on April 18, 1983, that killed 63 people, mostly embassy and CIA staff members, several soldiers and one Marine. 17 of the dead were Americans. It was the deadliest attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission up to that time
  • Sgt Maj... Sinpac 2012/10/28 00:54:14
    Sgt Major B
    Bull. The decision to concentrate the troops in one area was a command decision at the local level, not a directive by Reagan. Weinberger's warning was to not station them in Lebanon, period. Nice try, no cigar.

    Your analogy is also false in that the marines were a military force, capable of defending themselves unlike the Ambassador and his staff. Neither did the Reagan administration sit on its hands and do nothing, unlike the current one. Bottom line, your messiah is an abject failure, both in his diplomatic efforts and in his responsibility to protect Americans.

    Unfortunately, too often we pay to re-learn the same lessons. No commander worth a damn allows his troops to concentrate like that. We did it in Beirut, we did it in Dhahran, we did it in Khobar.

    Picture this: It's 8:00 on a Sunday morning. It's the 7th day of the month. The location is the US Naval base at Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Suddenly, it's attacked by carrier aircraft without warning. It's also, February, 1932, the attacking force is made up of the USS Lexington and USS Saratoga, commanded by Admiral Harry Yarnell. Sometimes, the chain of command just doesn't learn.
  • Sinpac Sgt Maj... 2012/10/28 01:56:16
    Reagan was warned! Define themselves? Do you recall when it happened and how it happened? Reagan was warned. I don't need a history lesson on pearl Harbor thanks anyway.
  • Sgt Maj... Sinpac 2012/10/28 03:12:26 (edited)
    Sgt Major B
    Reagan was 'warned'? You do realize the purpose of the military is to go in harm's way in the furtherance of the country's strategic and political goals, right? I kinda got the idea I hadn't chosen the safest profession when they first handed me an M-14 at Ft Benning.

    The term was 'defend', not define. Do I recall when, where, and how it happened? Yeah, as a serving Army First Sergeant at the time with 3 tours in Vietnam and my ass half-way to Grenada, I think I had a pretty damned good idea what was going on in the world as far as American military actions and requirements went. I also know how operations are conducted.

    As I said, the decision to place their troops in that barracks was a local decision,not a Presidential one. Personally, I'd have relieved the Commanders in all three of the incidents I cited.

    And your analogy is still false.
  • Sinpac Sgt Maj... 2012/10/28 03:55:55
    I guess we will go over this again Sarg Weinberger begged Reagan to move those Marines and Reagan reply was we don't cut and run. Cut and Run WTF protecting a airport? I had an Idea to when I was handed my M1911-A1 and told to hop into a tank in Ft Knox, KY. How come we never heard the outrage with other attacks on our other american embassies and consulates?
    27 January 1958
    Ankara, Turkey
    Bombing in embassy compound
    1 November 1979
    Islamabad, Pakistan
    Islamist riots destroy Embassy (1 dead)
    2 December 1979
    Tripoli, Libya
    Islamist riots destroy Embassy
    18 April 1983
    Beirut, Lebanon
    Islamic Jihad car bomb destroys Embassy (63 dead)
    12 December 1983
    Kuwait City, Kuwait
    al-Dawa truck bomb outside Embassy (6 dead)
    20 September 1984
    Beirut, Lebanon
    Hezbollah truck bomb outside Embassy (24 dead)
    7 August 1998
    Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    al-Qaeda simultaneously attacks both Embassies with truck bombs (224 dead)
    And the list goes on there have been 33 attacks on our Embassies and Consulates and you know as well has I do that there was no way logistically that Apaches or black-hawks could have gotten there they don't have the range from where they were located and I heard some crackpot say what about jets they could have made it there in a hour. To do what? Blow the hell out of everything? I will wait for the final report from the Pentagon then make a judgement on Benghazi.
  • Sgt Maj... Sinpac 2012/10/28 12:14:08
    Sgt Major B
    A bit selective with your memory, aren't you? Maybe the fact you weren't alive in 1958, maybe the fact your mother was still wiping your nose in 1979, and maybe the fact you'd just turned 18 in 1983 have something to do with it. I DO remember the outrage,and yes, when it comes to saving American lives, I'd lay waste to an entire country to save even one.

    The issue isn't committing Americans to harm's way, it's committing them to harm's way and ABANDONING THEM. You want an appropriate analogy? How about 3 October 1993, when American military forces, committed to a stupid action more suited to cops, paid the price for another failed Democrat's inchoherent diplomatic policies, and, thanks to the RIFed Army Captain he'd chosen as his Sec Def were denied supporting Armor.
  • Sinpac Sgt Maj... 2012/10/28 15:38:37
    So because I was 18 in 83 I didn't know what was going on? I was old enough to be trusted with military equipment and old enough to be taught everything about the USSR strengths and weakness I am old enough to realize Sh@t happens and so are you and when you take an assignment like that you know the risks going into it. When you severed all those tours did you have everything you needed or asked for? Did you have enough troops to protect your position? If Kennedy wasn't assassinated you would never have been there to begin with. So I guess Republican in the time of war never made a blunder or dropped the ball. Give me a break.
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/10/27 21:13:10
    I have a different answer
    Christopher Kirchen
    Why do I hear so much crap about feeling? Logic is what wins arguments.
  • Tom Trojan 2012/10/27 20:58:39
    I am so angry and it grows every day President Obama looks the other way
    Tom Trojan
    Is there enough time left to impeach him??
  • evangel... Tom Trojan 2012/10/27 21:20:28
  • angelbaby 2012/10/27 20:27:54
    I am so angry and it grows every day President Obama looks the other way
    I'd be camping out on the white house lawn ..
  • kobidobidog 2012/10/27 19:29:42 (edited)
    I have a different answer
    I see this post as a post to get devils in the souls of people to pick up a physical weapon to kill or call out a battle cry. Who do you see doing this.The crafty devil or the meek, and lowly Jesus?.
  • john.newell.771 2012/10/27 19:02:01
    I am so angry and it grows every day President Obama looks the other way
    Obama, Clinton, Panetta and Petraus (unless he can prove the CIA was not involved in the refusal to give support) should all be charged by congress, Monday. I would only hope there would be some way to hang them if it is proven they gave up our men.
  • Deputy Chief 2012/10/27 18:43:27
    There is no excuse for PRESIDENT obama to ignore this we all know the truth a...
    Deputy Chief
    I do not understand how he can live with himself. Obama has NO conscious!
  • Wolf 2012/10/27 17:23:02
    I have a different answer
    This is an outright act of Treason with all the information available inside of the first hour and not sending the C130 Rescue team shows that this administration is not only incompetent but that it is not protecting the US and its citizens...
  • Barbara Hasler 2012/10/27 17:15:20
    There is no excuse for PRESIDENT obama to ignore this we all know the truth a...
    Barbara Hasler
    As Commander-in Chief, as Obama so often reminds us, his insane drive to retain the presidency has resulted in deriliction of duty and the "commander" should be court marshalled. What is so infuriating is that Obama has the callous misunderstanding that we, the people are so stupid and unaware and he can get by with murder. He showed his true nature with lies and coverup lies and more lies. The man wants the perks of the presidency but not the responsibility.

    I heard the moring after the catastophe that it was a terrorist attack. If I heard about it, he certainly knew about it. To sacrifice American lives when there were plenty of options available to save them, for a vote is not only intolerable but criminal.
  • Phantom 2012/10/27 16:57:59
    I have a different answer
    A wise parent teaches their child to avoid danger. Play with fire, and eventually you'll get burnt. These young men knew the danger, yet they stuck their necks out. They're parents have no one to blame but themselves.
  • hazel Phantom 2012/10/27 23:19:38
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2012/10/27 15:43:13
    I am so angry and it grows every day President Obama looks the other way
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Iam angry and he should be kicked out of WH !!!!!!
  • Chris 2012/10/27 13:41:38
    There is no excuse for PRESIDENT obama to ignore this we all know the truth a...
    Obama is slipping. Needs to get his sh#t together if he expects 4 more years.
  • Eric C. 2012/10/27 13:37:12
    I have a different answer
    Eric C.
    This is my different answer.

    Obama 2012!
  • Andrew 2012/10/27 13:17:56
    There is no excuse for PRESIDENT obama to ignore this we all know the truth a...
    This president is going down in spite of his desire to hide the truth from America. I don't know whether the President could have kept these lives safe on the day of the attack. Perhaps he could have and perhaps not. But, the culture of appeasement which he has carefully built IS his doing and resulted in the refusal of his regime to provide the necessary support during and before the attack and he knows this won't look on his re-election resume! He hopes to massage the polls by hiding is ineptitude until after November 6th! Everyone knows this and thus his freefall in the polls. This is why he has spent so much time going after the pop culture vote since they are detatched from reality!
  • lyle 2012/10/27 12:38:01
    I am so angry and it grows every day President Obama looks the other way
    the little coward let them die
  • shadow76 2012/10/27 12:20:09
    I am so angry and it grows every day President Obama looks the other way
    There are no words for the kind of anger I.would have.
  • Prophet 2012/10/27 12:15:30
    There is no excuse for PRESIDENT obama to ignore this we all know the truth a...
    Oh! There was a reason alright. Four deaths so far in retaliation for killing one Bin Laden. These people don't forget and they are patient as all heck. Obama knows this.
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