How Trivial Can The Political Media Get?

ProudProgressive 2012/04/30 19:47:45

This is not a bash of Rick Santorum. It's not a bash of Lindsay Lohan. This is a bash of the insatiable media and those on both sides of the aisle who have apparently decided that there is NOTHING that is too trivial or too irrelevant to try to turn into another "big" story. There are critical issues before the nation and the world right now, but it seems like many in the media have decided to avoid any topic that actually matters to anyone and instead concentrate on the smallest nonsense they can find. Most of you know I have no particular like of Rick Santorum, but for crying out loud, the guy just ended his Presidential campaign, and if he wants to look at a movie "star", WHO CARES?

If you care to, please share your "most trivial political story I've ever read" experiences. All political faiths welcome LOL.

Article excerpt follows:

Santorum Denies Taking Photos Of Lindsey Lohan At White House Correspondents’ Dinner
April 30, 2012
By Michael Hayne

America’s favorite not Mitt Romney republican presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, was among the many people wrong with this country in one room, as Emcee Jimmy Kimmel wonderfully quipped, at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this past Saturday. Santorum, who boldly challenged Mitt Romney over who will take the country back…to the 1950s, took time out of his busy queer hating schedule to join the ranks of many easy targets for Jimmy Kimmel to lambast. But the former Pennsylvania Senator was way too distracted by notable train wreck and occasional actress, Lindsey Lohan, to acknowledge the ribbing at his expense.

It seems that Mr. Santorum was quite taken with the troubled actress, as reports say the former Pennsylvania Senator asked Lindsay Lohan to pose for a photo at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday only to later deny it. Afraid of having impure thoughts, Mr. Santorum?

Lohan, a notable disaster, naturally was sitting in the Fox News section along with Greta Van Susteren when apparently Santorum approached her, according to TMZ. He reportedly asked Lohan to snap a photo of him with Greta, but then he creepily snapped a photo of Lohan by herself.

“I took a picture of a lot of people today,”said a clearly embarrassed Santorum, acting like it totally slipped his mind. (Source: Huff Post)

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  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/04/30 20:54:16
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    The issue is that American voters take a tribal mentality with their political parties, so when someone they don't like gets elected, the worst comes out of people. I have heard the most outlandish things said about presidents in my lifetime (on both parties). I have watched in horror as complete non-issues (e.g. Obama eating a dog once years ago) take center stage. The media is deplorable, but they're just giving the people what they want.
  • Paul Beat Ma... 2012/05/01 13:21:15
    whether or not it's really what the people want doesn't matter so much, they eat it up anyway.

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