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An opinion is neither wrong nor right, and at some point in time, we all have one (or many). Unlike facts, opinions cannot be proven true or false. It's not uncommon for two people to receive the exact same set of facts, yet have completely opposing opinions - interpreting the facts in two very different ways. Opinions can be highly persuasive and emotionally charged, and can rapidly enhance or destroy a product, place, or person's reputation. I've seen on here on Sodahead, that many people need to pay special attention to #4.

If you are naturally assertive, you most likely already know how to voice your opinion and are comfortable with speaking up. For some, voicing their opinion is a difficult thing to do. Shyness, fear or reprisal, and cultural taboos are some of the most common reasons why people don't voice their opinion.

Every voice has the right to be heard - even the ones we don't agree with. To effectively voice your opinion, consider the following suggestions:

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need:

  • An opinion
  • A platform
  • An outlet
  • Common courtesy
  1. 1

    Define your opinion.

    "I like it!"
    "I don't like him."
    "That's a ridiculous idea."

    They're all opinions, but are they effective? Consider adding the "why". Maybe you have an opinion on a new product. You like it or you don't like it - but why? Giving supporting statements enhances your opinion.

    Perhaps you've been asked to give your opinion of a prospective employee who has just finished a job interview with you and other colleagues. Expand your opinion beyond saying something to the effect of "I don't like him". A better expression of your opinion might be along the lines of: "While he seems nice enough, I'm not sure he'd be a good fit with this group. His job skills don't seem to support the level of expertise we're looking for, and I'd be concerned about the quality of his work".

  2. 2photo credit: sxc.hu/ajaAB
    photo credit: sxc.hu/ajaAB

    Find a platform.

    Becoming an advocate for a group or cause is a great way to voice your opinion. Maybe you have some very strong opinions about caging farm animals, puppy mills, the genocide in Darfur, the current economy, or healthcare systems in America. Voicing your opinion allows you to shine a light on the things you want to be different.

    One of the first questions political candidates are asked to define is their campaign platform - what do they feel most strongly about, what can they voice their opinion about that will persuade voters to vote for them. There is definite power in the platform, but be aware of your legal, ethical, and moral responsibilities.

  3. 3photo credit: sxc.hu/tvvoodoo
    photo credit: sxc.hu/tvvoodoo

    Find an outlet.

    You may be comfortable voicing your opinion in front of a room full of strangers or holding a sign on a street corner in support of a cause. If that's not something you can imagine doing, it doesn't mean you can't voice your opinion. The Internet, for example, is rampant with blogs, reviews, comments, forums, and chat rooms. Why? Because it has become the most popular place to voice one's opinion.

  4. 4Sharing your opinion on the Internet can even generate income.
    Sharing your opinion on the Internet can even generate income.

    Be respectful.

    Your opinion of something or someone doesn't have to be positive, and it doesn't have to be popular (that's relative anyway). It should however, be constructive, respectful, courteous, and wise (whenever humanly possible) -- especially when shared with the masses. Being respectful should always be part of the "equation", but then again, that's just MY opinion.

    Read more: How to Voice Your Opinion | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4879749_voice-opinion.html#ixzz1CnwaIlqm

Read More: http://www.ehow.com/how_4879749_voice-opinion.html

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    Trey Morton
    I think Brain Daniels can beat Triple h, and I think triple h knows it that's why he won't let the match happen. I also think triple h is a single sellout. Brock Lesnar beat Him and now he's scared to get back in the ring
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    You idea is not the real world.... facts are facts...opinion has nothing to do with it... unless one would say,,, don't confuse me with facts...bark

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