How To Explain The Difference Between Tyranny And Paranoia

ProudProgressive 2013/01/22 12:35:57
Among the many words the Right Wing has trouble comprehending (along with communist, marxist, socialist, fascist, Nazi, patriot, liberty and "well regulated" to name a few) is tyranny. When Liberal colonists concluded that King George III was not going to grant them even the most basic of rights of citizens of the British Empire, they condemned him as a tyrant, and fought for their right to be free. The conservatives fought for the British. So maybe, dear conservative friends, this will help you figure out the difference between tyranny and simply a President you don't like.

Article excerpt follows:

How To Explain The Difference Between Tyranny And Paranoia
By John Viall

This may need to be the first of a series in a thousand parts; because there seems to be growing confusion about the word "tyranny" and its meanings for those on the right wing. Or, to put it plainly, some of these folks have gone bat-shit crazy.

Like any sensible conservative (yes, Virginia, like Santa, they do exist), any sensible liberal understands that governments can be a threat to the lives and liberties of their own people — liberals remember Nixon and his minions during Watergate, for example. This is why the Founding Fathers wisely divided power among the three branches of government and hog-tied our leaders and ourselves — just in case the "majority rule" thing started to go wrong — by adding the Bill of Rights to the U. S. Constitution.

How, then, does one tell the difference between tyranny and paranoia? We know the right loves the cliche Hitler-Obama comparisons. So, tyranny, to pick but one example among millions, is when Sophie Scholl, a German girl, and her brother Hans are arrested for posting leaflets saying, "Down with Hitler!" and calling for the German people to use passive resistance to undermine the Nazi regime. Tyranny is when you are put on trial for treason on February 22, 1943, found guilty in minutes, and executed hours later, with no chance of appeal.

Bat-sh*t right-wingers might pay particular attention to the fact the Nazis favored all kinds of cruelties, whereas liberals tend to be sensitive about defendant rights and sometimes even oppose the death penalty.

Paranoia, however, is when you beat your liberal foes badly in the 2010 elections, brag about how you're going to beat us again in 2012, collect and spend hundreds of millions of dollars to do it, and get the crap kicked out of you, electorally speaking. Under a tyrant you get the political crap kicked out of you literally, usually with hob-nailed boots. When you start whining about tyranny in that situation, frankly, you sound pathetic.

We understand that right-wingers hate communists and liberals with equal fervor and we know they can't tell the difference. Here's how you tell the difference. A communist (and a tyrant) is when Pol Pot, who ruled Cambodia in the 70s, turns his entire nation into an infmaous "killing field" and one of every six citizens dies. Liberals, by comparison, favor gay marriage. No one has to die for that to happen.

Tyranny is the vast Soviet gulag. Tyranny is the massacre in Tiananmen Square.

Paranoia is listening to Fox News every day and quaking in fear as guest after guest warns that Mr. Obama is trampling the U. S. Constitution, but not noticing that — frankly, this seems hard not to notice — no one from the government ever comes to get anyone at Fox News. This is as it should be in a great nation where Rush Limbaugh is free to build a following and fill the tedious hours of listeners' lives with bombast and buffoonery.

Tyranny is Saddam Hussein ordering his military to dump mustard gas and nerve agents on dozens of Kurdish villages, killing thousands of men, women and children.

Paranoia is when you think guaranteeing health care for individuals with preexisting conditions is like dropping nerve gas on villages.

Tyranny is hereditary power — Kim Jong Un taking over from Kim Jong Il, who took over from Kim Il Sung — always without elections — and transforming an entire nation into a vast prison camp. Tyranny is the Assad regime today, Fidel Castro ruling Cuba half a century, and the South African government during the Apartheid Era.

Paranoia is when you can go right down to the gun store and buy up plenty of arms and ammunition; and then you vilify Mr. Obama for issuing executive orders related to gun sales. Even Fox News couldn't really make them sound scary if anyone who watched Fox News would take time to read them. To wit, Executive Order 6:

"Publish a letter from ATF to federally licensed gun dealers providing guidance on how to run background checks for private sellers."

In fact, here's one sure-fire way to tell the difference between tyranny and paranoia: Tyranny almost always involves torture and killing. Paranoia is when you think issuing a letter of guidance to gun dealers is tyranny.

Certainly, we know the whole "Nazism-fascism-liberalism-socialism-communism" continuum confuses paranoid right-wingers. So we should point out for their edification that some of the rightest right-wing governments (Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and Augusto Pinochet) have been most adept in the use of torture and the full-blown exercise of tyranny. Remember the junta of air force generals that ruled Argentina back in the 70s? Forget the elections — they employed death squads to silence critics. Political foes and journalists were shot down as they walked out their front doors. After 1976, the generals had thousands arrested and "disappeared." By contrast, Obama can't even make House Republicans raise the debt ceiling. Evidence of their fate began surfacing in 1983, after the Argentinian people rose in revolt. Alfredo Astiz, a former undercover agent, admitted having a hand in a number of killings. Thousands of victims were taken to the Navy Mechanics School in Buenos Aires for questioning. Only a lucky few survived. Some were drugged and thrown from airplanes. After the junta was overturned several mass graves were uncovered. One held the remains of 3,000 victims. All had been shot in the back of the head.

See now? That's how easy it is once you keep a few basics in mind. That's how you tell the difference between tyranny and paranoia. Tyranny is a bullet hole in the skull. Paranoia is when Glenn Beck tells you there are FEMA concentration camps; but only he can actually see them. Paranoia is when you believe an imaginary tyrant is out to get you.

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  • Lefty 2013/01/22 13:29:50
    Obama is not out to get your guns so relax, and stop watching the station of paranoia, Fox news!

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  • TombstoneJim 2013/01/23 19:55:28
    Tyranny is when a Republican calls for accountability and transparency in government. Paranoia is when a binder containing women's resumes for high responsibility employment is kept at hand by a CEO. Tyranny is when legislation is expected to be read, funded and discussed openly, prior to passage. Paranoia is when men appearing outside polling places with baseball bats is reported and it's propriety called into question. Tyranny is when Republican presidents overthrow a tyrant and mass graves are discovered and all manner of inhumane conduct become public knowledge, Paranoia is when Islamic Fundamentalist movement overthrow friendly governments and it’s called “spring”…..

    So, there is plenty to go around on both sides of the table……left and right all lead, in their extreme instances, to despotism and loss of liberty – just under different titles.
  • Kaleokualoha 2013/01/23 00:33:40
    Paranoia is rampant in Right-Wing Fantasyland, where the myth of tyranny resides.
  • lee 2013/01/22 20:35:14
    unfortunately they will never read this.
  • solomon 2013/01/22 19:09:24
  • Slayer Tudd 2013/01/22 19:01:06
    Slayer Tudd
    While it is true that paranoia never helps a situation, neither does ignorance of legitimate tyranny. If you have a situation where someone's words or actions could constitute tyranny, that's one thing. This is a counter reason as to why I read so much legislation being passed to congress or the senate. Obama can say he's coming or not coming for the guns but its not tyranny until he passes the law in my mind. When it becomes law, or is put on paper, then it's worth concern. When physical action is taken based on what is a passed law, then it's worth concern. It is not paranoia to read legislation. Any person that wants to know what the govt is doing should read bills before, as, or after they pass. This administration is quite complicit in shoving bills into congress at the last minute and giving the house all of ten minutes to read a 2000 page bill before its voted on. If you want to know the ins and outs of tyranny, it's a good idea to read the bills and legislation put forth by the govt. especially when the govt is good at burying bad things in legislation, as well as barring public input.
  • Savious 2013/01/22 18:26:56
    OK; then will the left shut the F$*K up about Bush being a tyrant then....

    Most of this, is simply backlash, after listening to 8 years of it from the left.
  • Hawkeye Savious 2013/01/22 18:43:20
    TWELVE years.. We're STILL hearing it.. EVERYTIME Obama " FAILS" to"Strengthen " America.....
  • lee Hawkeye 2013/01/22 20:37:43
    obama hasn't been president for 12yrs....
  • Hawkeye lee 2013/01/22 20:44:17
    TRY to keep up.. We've been hearing about BUSH for twelve years.. 8 years under HIS administration and 4 years under Obama with his "Bush did it" Bart Simpsom Imitation..
  • lee Hawkeye 2013/01/22 22:26:53
    so when are you going to ADMIT IT?

    OWN IT, MAN!
  • lee Savious 2013/01/22 20:36:14
    we never said he was a tyrant... we said he was stupid.

    and he was.
  • Latti I... lee 2013/01/22 22:22:31
  • Savious lee 2013/01/23 14:27:57
    Oh no; you may never have said he was a tyrant; but MANY did.
  • lee Savious 2013/01/23 16:56:36
    name one.
  • Savious lee 2013/01/23 20:36:08
    You want me to start ratteling off the names of my coworkers; really?

    Get real man.
  • lee Savious 2013/01/23 22:45:11
    i meant anyone IMPORTANT... like in the news.
  • Savious lee 2013/01/24 13:55:56
    Ohhh, so you're someone important thing, like the news? Or does the individual's opinion no longer count?

    WTF man, we are on a board discussing individual’s opinions here, if you are going to try and quantify every individual’s opinion with back up from someone, “important” then you all might as well throw out ¾’s of all the liberals statements on this board too.

    But seriously; go to google, type (george w. bush tyrant) into the search bar, and you see a crap load of hits.

    And additionally; since you brought up this “important” clause, who important has called Obama a tyrant?
  • Surly Curmudgen 2013/01/22 18:12:31 (edited)
    Surly Curmudgen
    John, first this is "NOT" a majority rule nation. We have a Republic, IF WE CAN KEEP IT . Now let us go on to a few other mistakes. Hitler and Mussolini were left not right. Franco and Pinochet were accused of torture by the left because they hated them with a passion seldom seen. The military junta in Argentina was from the left with advisers from the soviets. Recall what Bill Ayers wants to do, put a bullet in the back of the heads of thirty five million Americans and he is a very good friend of Obama and family.
  • BigFig#9 2013/01/22 17:58:01
    Well said BUT most conservatives really don't believe Obama's conducting tyranny - it's simply a more acceptable way to say they have noticed there's a brown man who seems to think he was elected president.
  • Xerxes 2013/01/22 17:51:53
    Well said, for Obama-haters, tyranny is when they dont get their own way. These people simply need to grow up.
  • Fannie 2013/01/22 16:48:45
    Paranoia is a national disease and should be addressed within our medical system.........send the believers to a doctor.
  • lee Fannie 2013/01/22 20:39:15
    and check to make sure they don't have any guns.
  • ALofRI 2013/01/22 16:20:28
    I think you left out the fact that "Tyranny" starts with Tea.
  • tytyvyllus 2013/01/22 16:07:57
    paranoia is an irrational fear
  • Hawkeye 2013/01/22 15:58:11
    WOW.. ANOTHER rant that tries desparately to confuse the GENERIC and Political definitions of the terms "Liberal " and "Conservative"..

    Has it OCCURED to anybody that this past election ,, like ALL elections,, was about change??? Whether to vote FOR change or not??

    Has it OCCURED to anyone that those seeking to "change" the personage of the presidency,, that is to say,, THOSE who voted AGAINST Obama were BEING Liberal in doing so and those who were RESISTING change,, those who voted to KEEP Obama as President,, were BEING Conservative???

    No.. I didn't THINK so.. The complexities of REALITY somehow ALWAYS manages to escape the notice of the so called "Progressive Liberal ".. EVEN the proud ones..
  • lee Hawkeye 2013/01/22 20:41:45
    wow... now that is some serious desparation right there.

    the "change" you think you voted for was to go BACK to what we had...and EVERYONE knows it.

    that's why you guys LOST.
  • Hawkeye lee 2013/01/22 20:47:11
    Frankly.. I wasn't a fan of EITHER of the Bush presidencies but Obama makes the Jr years seem like the GOOD ole days.. We're STILL not where we were when Obama took Office but we're a HELLUVA lot better then we were when he had BOTH the White House and Both Houses of COngress..
  • lee Hawkeye 2013/01/22 22:28:19
    thats a novel way to look at it, but as long as you are admiting that things are getting better... that's progress.

    congrats on your breakthru
  • Hawkeye lee 2013/01/22 22:47:50
    I've ALWAYS said that we turned a corner when the Republicans took the House..

    We went from an unemployment rate that PEAKED at 10% and averaged over 9% for his FIRST TWO YEARS.. Not that it's much better now.. His figure of 7.7% might SEEM like an improvement until you factor in the ACTUAL rate of 15% when you count those who gave UP looking..
  • lee Hawkeye 2013/01/22 23:54:04 (edited)
    i'm sure it nothing to do with the policy put in place in the preceding 2 yr... right?

    its laughable how simple minded you guys can be over there.

    let me ask you this, what policy changes were put into place by the the 112th congress that you credit for this turn around?

    name one bill.... or was it just "magic"
  • Hawkeye lee 2013/01/23 09:59:08
    Of COURSE the preceding two years before Obama became President had an effect.. THOSE were the years where Pelosi and Reid and one soon to be Presdent Obama ran the Congress.

    The republican Congress put a STOP to all Obama's out of control Spendng..

    It was the ACT og BEING the party of NO when it came to Obama that made the difference..
  • lee Hawkeye 2013/01/23 16:59:46
    so while the turn around happened in the first 2yrs, under Pelosi and Reid, as you are so kind to point out.. you are going to give retroactive credit to the house republicans who have done ZERO to help America recover.

    got it... that makes prefect sense... to you.
  • Hawkeye lee 2013/01/23 17:29:57
    Durng the first two years,,'06 to '08,, of Democrat rule over the Congress the economy TANKED,, conveniently enough,, ONE MONTH BEFORE THE '08 Elections.... During the first two years of Obama ONE PARTY RULE,, '08 to '10,, the COUNTRY sank into the WORST economic abyss since the Great Depression..

    From 2010 to 2012,, the Republicans had control over 1/2 of 1 of 3 branches of the Government and with just THAT,, we have seen some slight improvements.. NOT MUCH,, Mind you,, but ENOUGH to STEM the TIDE,, or should I say,, the TSUNAMI,, of the Obama slide over that cliff..

    hell.. The F%$^in' Democrats haven't even passed a BUDGET in over 1300 days but they STILL managed to raise the debt by MORE in FOUR years then ANY other President has done in 8 or,, in the case of FDR,, the FATHER of Socialism in America,, in 12......

    You're DAMN RIGHT I'll give credit where credit is due..

    You can't argue with HISTORY..
  • lee Hawkeye 2013/01/23 17:49:52
    so even tho GWB tax cuts and two off-book wars were weighing on the economoy, you thing the wall st players took their ball and went home when they saw that McCain was not going to win...

    you may be right.
  • mich52 2013/01/22 15:45:37
  • In Love With Liberty 2013/01/22 15:40:09
    In Love With Liberty
    I am opting not to read the article, I know what tyranny is, and I know we are on the road to it, but unlike most conservatives, I know we've been on that road for a lot longer than since Obama was elected. We've been on the road to tyranny since the creation of the federal reserve. We've been on the road to tyranny since people stopped believing in decentralization. We've been on the road to tyranny since people have been okay with debt and destruction.
  • Surly C... In Love... 2013/01/22 18:16:01
    Surly Curmudgen
    We've been on the road to tyranny since 1880.
  • CAPISCE 2013/01/22 15:03:06
    Great album blue oyster cult logo
  • Idiot repubs 2013/01/22 15:01:33
    Idiot repubs
    Tyranny is Serbo-Croatia in the 1990's, paranoia is republicans dealing with a black president.
  • CAPISCE Idiot r... 2013/01/22 15:03:44
    Wow, you are obsessed with race

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