How the Marines Welcome the President-

WOW, this speaks volumes!!! OBUMMER will go down in history as being the first BLACK president to go down in flames, disgraced and humiliated..not a more fitting way to go for the muslim, racist, anti-American, lying, cheating, scoundrel.
Can you tell I don't like nor respect him?! He should have lunch with the 2 loonie lesbians, Garfalo and O'donnel.

Read more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIHz5tevLAw

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  • wow-really 2010/02/19 19:14:32
    Wow! actions speak louder than words!
    Good for them!
    Oh and I love the use of Barry - lmao!!
    Sempre Fi!
  • jscusmc69 2010/02/19 18:43:25
    LMAO---AND they say PICTURES speak a thousand words---VIDEOS show the truth!!

    Obama is a total DISGRACE to the American people and it's Military ---even the past fools---Nixon,Carter,Clinton were better received ----says a lot about Obama!!
  • Conserv... jscusmc69 2010/02/19 18:47:53
    Conservative betty
    I love the way you think!! ***wink***
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2010/02/19 12:30:15
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    obaaaama isn't hiding his marxist/communist agenda and the military know this. They are on the web too and can read what he said in his books and watch his speeches just like we can.
  • ExfleetSailorRet2006 2010/02/19 08:38:07
    Even as "just a Sailor" privileged to work with the Corps for my last 12 years, I know the Corps is and remains the Corps; it's not different. There were two variables, the Commanders in Chief and the setting, state side training camp auditorium vs. Anbar in Iraq.

    Excessive demonstrations during Ruffles & Flourishes and "Hail to the Chief" are typically "discouraged" by orders or tradition. Oddly upon entering, the flag officer in the background disregarded the accepted practice by applauding. I'm in no position to dispute whether the standing Marines were content to be in a situation which demanded they remain silent at attention - they may or may not have been.

    However, the departures spoke volumes and did make clear the attitude and feelings of the respective assemblies: and President Bush was clearly the favorite.
  • Duke 2010/02/19 04:43:58
    They behaved as good Marines, standing at respectful attention. But if anyone knows someone is full of BS, it's a Marine.
  • Exfleet... Duke 2010/02/19 08:38:39
  • Conserv... Duke 2010/02/19 16:36:17
    Conservative betty
    yep...u r right!!
  • ImageBandit ~ American Patriot 2010/02/19 03:55:36
    ImageBandit ~ American Patriot
    somehow you just cant fool the marines - EVER

    fool marines
  • Concerned Citizen 2010/02/19 03:51:26
    Concerned Citizen
    'Stealthy Indifference' can be very a powerful weapon!
  • Smokey 2010/02/19 03:36:53
    Wait a minute!!!! I'm a former solider, and a highly decorated war veteran, and any soldier (Marine, Soldier, Airmen, or Sailor) disrespecting the Commander in Chief is a CRIME!!! Punishable under Uniform Code of Military Justice. I served under so many different Presidents. I supported my Commanders, and for the President, I exercised my right inside a voting booth! Remember that!!!
  • ImageBa... Smokey 2010/02/19 03:59:38
    ImageBandit ~ American Patriot
    the marines are always respectful - they will never commit that crime - obama is the one committing the crimes and you know it
  • Smokey ImageBa... 2010/02/19 04:01:49

    Please don't tell me "what I know or should know..." I respectfully disagree with you. When people were bashing President Bush and wanting to charge him with war crimes, I was against that as well.

    I'm more reserved and do not take an extremist view whether it's from the Left or Right.

    Take care,

  • ImageBa... Smokey 2010/02/19 04:37:36
    ImageBandit ~ American Patriot
    I have always thought you intelligent and thoughtful - but sometimes you say things that dont make sense. those men showed no disrespect - they just didnt respond like they did to a real leader (their thoughts)
  • Smokey ImageBa... 2010/02/19 12:06:51
    Thanks for your comment! I never professed that I'm perfect and I do make mistakes. But if because I have an opinion, doesn't make me a BAD person. :) Remember, I'm also a Washington Redskin fan... I'm a dedicated fan even though I know deep in my heart that they stink. :)

    Take care,

  • ImageBa... Smokey 2010/02/19 18:51:23
    ImageBandit ~ American Patriot
    fair enough
  • danaslc 2010/02/19 03:30:10
    We even dare to think that our men and women would turn on us if Obama ordered them too? I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!
    women turn obama ordered
  • Dagon 2010/02/19 02:43:42
  • Dale 2010/02/19 02:34:16
    The youtube clip just about says it all... not a hell of a lot more to add.
  • iamnothere 2010/02/19 02:32:44
    clear politics.. one president says to the military.. go win.. the other president puts rules of engagement on that pretty much makes sure that we will take massive casualties

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