How The Left Hopes to Use Government to Control Every Aspect of Americans’ Lives

JT For Political Reform 2012/02/11 12:06:08
In Part 7
of this series, I explained how liberals use emotionalism to sell their
socialist ideas to the American public. In this installment, I explain
how the left hopes to use the government as their instrument of control
over the lives of all Americans. Every American should understand that
the statist mentality that prevails among liberals in Congress and the
Obama administration is a seed that eventually blossoms into
full-fledged socialism. Socialists have faith only in the state. In
fact, to a socialist the state is god. This misguided faith in
government is difficult to comprehend until one understands the ultimate
goal of socialists—complete control.

This article is part of a 10 part series written by David L. Goetsch

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  • AsherJames Cordova 2012/02/12 21:23:06
    AsherJames Cordova
    Because the left believes you the individual ,are too stupid to ever possibly be capable of thinking/providing for yourself. they believe 'Fairness" should be dictated by big government and everything will be sunshine rainbows and unicorns....

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