How Much USA Land Does the Federal Government Own?

"Abe" 2010/08/30 00:53:17
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D@mn shame it has come to this~~!! Just my opinion~~!!

This data was originally published in Stanford Magazine. It demonstrates what percentage of the land in each state is owned directly by the federal government. Many of the western states contain substantial percentages of federal land, which takes up 84.5% of the land in Nevada, whereas in the east, federal land occupies as little as .04% of the state, such as in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Government land is used comprised mainly of military bases, testing areas, nature and wildlife reserves, Indian reservations, or commercial leasing for mining or agriculture. Administrations that oversee these lands include the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Department of Defense, the US Forest Service, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, among others. Altogether, government land makes up about 30% of the entire territory of the United States.

Notably, Washington D.C. is excluded from the data. The territory can most accurately be described as "under the tutelage of the federal government."

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  • Cduke21 2010/08/30 01:16:42
    It is entirely too much. What you probably don't realize is that the Feds are buying more and more at every chance they get.
  • Matt 2010/08/30 01:02:41
    You might say that this is not a good thing. Would you like them to sell this land to China, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, or Vietnam ?
    Maybe BP, Exxon Mobil, Shell Oil, or Halliburton would be interested in it ! Would you like any of our recent administrations to have made this decision ?
  • "Abe" Matt 2010/08/30 01:14:42
    Kind of a nutty answer you gave there, Matt. Actually, it should belong to the "legal citizens" of each state~~!! My opinion~~!!
  • Matt "Abe" 2010/08/30 01:20:47
    State governments are microcosms of our federal government. I think that about 47 of them are bankrupt too ! Like our federal government, this is primarily due to theft, corruption, and just plain inability to make good financial decisions. Who would they sell the land to ? Would it be to benefit the local residents or themselves ?
  • Cduke21 Matt 2010/08/30 01:17:42
    How about US citizens owning the majority of land in each state, huh? Does that not compute??
  • "Abe" Cduke21 2010/08/30 01:22:11 (edited)
    My opinion - they ought to own ALL of it - not JUST "the majority".~~!! Does that not compute?? DUH~~!!
  • Cduke21 "Abe" 2010/08/30 01:28:33
    Well you must either be a communist or you work for them. They are very good at brainwashing their "associates"
  • "Abe" Cduke21 2010/08/30 01:44:02
    Well, what an "assinine"comment coming from an "agnostic". I'm no d@mn Communist, jerk~~!! Check my "profile - I just did yours. I don't argue with aetheists and agnostics - not worth it. BLOCKED~~!
  • Cduke21 "Abe" 2010/08/30 01:32:18
    sorry dude I f---ded up read youer profile, but misunderstood your response. I'm new to this. I thought you were saying the Feds should own it all. Sorry
  • Matt Cduke21 2010/08/30 01:44:42
    That computes just fine, but it is not going to happen ! Don't shoot me ! I'm just the bearer of bad news ! Your government, on all levels, is not working for you !
  • "Abe" Matt 2010/08/30 02:04:10
    So help us change it, Matt. Observe, learn and vote for the "right" people to show leadership in our communities and state and federal government.
  • patriot 2010/08/30 00:56:19
    Too much. They own like 80% of Utah. It stinks
  • "Abe" patriot 2010/08/30 01:16:35
    As of 2004, it was 57.4% - may be 80% , by now. Who knows?? What a mess~~!!

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