How much of the stimulus money is going to foreign countries?

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  • Greywolf 2010/02/13 05:47:23
    I would guess ,considering the wind mills in texas to be build in china, at least 2/3 of the money will end up on foreign shores. 75% of 1/3 will go towards more governement jobs including what will just disappear in all that red tape.

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  • Mindlesspartyhack 2010/02/14 18:35:16
    This is a continuing train wreck.
    There is plenty of blame to go around (NAFTA was the beginning).
    American corporations, Major Unions (UAW, Teamsters, etc) and those in the government (Dems and Repubs) who got and still get kickbacks are all to blame.
    The Stimulus debacle is just more of the same.
    It's about profits for all of them, at the expense of AMERICAN workers.
    One guy got it right, they painted him as a nut.

    In the final analysis the American people are to blame.
    You bought this mess, you gotta pay for it.
  • unicorn_lady1 2010/02/13 18:30:36
    "Only two American companies ̶ General Electric Energy and Clipper Wind ̶ are major wind turbine manufacturers, and the American Wind Energy Associations has said the United States saw a drop in the number of wind turbine manufacturing jobs last year."

    GE........George Soros,communist pig.
  • Billyk75 2010/02/13 17:32:51
    How many foreign countries are there?
  • Dora Rachael 2010/02/13 16:56:45
    Dora Rachael
    I would guess 50 percent of it
  • amazinggrace 2010/02/13 15:45:20
    My state got 82M in stimulous money and I heard on the news that millions of that is going to companies in Canada and 5 other U.S. states. They did not say exactly how many millions.
  • SickOfBigGov 2010/02/13 14:22:47 (edited)
    8 out of 10 dollars in Green Jobs Stimulus go to CHINA.....How's this Hopey Changy thing going for ya now? Anybody angry yet? Libs, ya liking this one?

  • USA 2010/02/13 10:40:45
    I almost don't want to know. I'm sick enough as it is.
  • StarWarsBob 2010/02/13 09:20:36
    The economic stimulus monies are easy to track, and how much money is recieved by each state. Often, the states are given lump sums, and it's the Governors of those states that determine where the monies are spent. For an example, Texas, of which EVERY Republican Congress member voted against the stimulus package, has recieved $2,765,670,000.00 from February 7, 2009 thru December 31st, 2009. Louisiana, of which Governor Jindal was an outspoken critic against the stimulus package, has recieved $835,470,000.00 from February 7 thru December 31st, 2009.

    All the information is available for where the monies have been spent, and which companies have recieved contracts.
  • Greywolf 2010/02/13 05:47:23
    I would guess ,considering the wind mills in texas to be build in china, at least 2/3 of the money will end up on foreign shores. 75% of 1/3 will go towards more governement jobs including what will just disappear in all that red tape.
  • unicorn... Greywolf 2010/02/13 18:39:32
    We all know how well China makes things.
  • Willl 2010/02/13 05:16:41
    Someone said once (many times for that matter, and I am not referring to the Republican candidates for 2008 presidential bid) and many agreed. This president has no experience in National politics. Then he won, then he brought inexperienced stuff to the White House. Then he appointed inexperienced people to key positions.
    What can you expect from an intern, when you appointed him to be a CEO of the company right away.
    We, the people, are to blame for being self-centered, ignorant and oblivious to the facts. Acting on emotions, flamed by the left sympathetic media, we bought “Hope & Change”. Every one of us interpreted this slogan in different ways, the ways it suited us (hope).
    Some had been tired of the wars. Some had been tired of the deficit. Some had been tired of government intrusion into our lives (patriot act). Everyone was tired of slumping economy not giving it another thought why (change).
    The positive outcome of it is that the public opened its eyes and understood that it is WE, who shape the future of our nation.
    I personally am glad Obama won the election. Cold shower is the best remedy for “mind in the cloud” state.
  • SickOfB... Willl 2010/02/13 14:44:55
    We the People fell down on our responsibilities to protect our Country. SHAME ON US! We the People have developed a crippling disease called 'let someone else take of it, I'm too busy or it doesn't affect me' disease.

    This disease has damaged our political system, our education system, our religious institutions over the years like a cancer.

    Obama's rule is the 'shot in the arm' that We the People have needed for quite some time. With each speech he gives, with each executive order he signs, with each bill he supports, we begin to acknowledge the disease that has been growing within us. Now we can begin to work on a cure.
  • thefatguy 2010/02/13 04:08:08
    Obama sees himself as a citizen of the world, not a citizen of the United States. So, he doesn't care which countries receive the money, so long as he advances his eco-socialist agenda.
  • Coot 2010/02/13 03:50:31 (edited)
    UGH!!! I don't want to think about this. I'm so sick of these politicians
  • madjack 2010/02/13 03:41:59
    This is an outrage plain and simple.Misappropriation of public funds used to be a crime .
  • Kane Fernau 2010/02/13 03:28:28
    Kane Fernau
    I thought Republicans were the ones sending American jobs overseas.
  • Coot Kane Fe... 2010/02/13 03:49:38
    That would be NAFTA.
  • Kane Fe... Coot 2010/02/13 03:55:23
    Kane Fernau
    NAFTA is not overseas.
  • unicorn... Kane Fe... 2010/02/13 18:28:27
    The jobs went overseas because the unions were killing profits. The unions were almost gone... now we subsidize them and give them a car company.
  • Kane Fe... unicorn... 2010/02/13 18:49:15 (edited)
    Kane Fernau
    The unions are losing membership in the private sector but the majority of union members work for the government. That's why the government pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a lawnmower to create 5 jobs The jobs leave because of government regulations and taxes. If the government would remove all the restrictions that that have resulted from the global warming hoax this country would BOOM!!!

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