How much money would the taxpayers save if State and Federal Representatives and Senators paid for their own health care?

Liza Jane 2011/01/22 10:03:52
Taxpayers, collectively, probably spend more money paying for their State and Federal Representative's and Senator's health care (as well as Governors, etc.) than they could ever afford for themselves.

Do you think that's fair? Do you think they should at least pay for half?

If you're employed at any other job you usually pay at least half (less if you work for a really big or generous company) of the cost of your health insurance plan. Considering we pay their salaries, for travel expenses, for their homes (Governors), etc., wouldn't it make sense that they pay for at LEAST 50% of their health care?

How much money do you think it would save states? Do you think your tax dollars could be used more wisely in your state and the federal government?

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  • leslie 2011/01/22 16:46:17
    FIrst of you gotta understand that if you make them pay for their health care, and for that matter anything (ie cars homes I MEAN ANYTHING) They will force the costs to go down and the quality of care to go up. Because they aren't willing to part with their high incomes to pay for stuff. This country has for too long paid the bill for it's Government representatives. It's time that they start paying for them selves like we all must do. When they are forced to pay for their own health care out of their own pocketsthey aren't going to settle for what the mass public is forced to accept. High RX costs, COPAYS, Deductibles, waiting for care based on your insurance plan ( AND yes indeed the latter DOES OCCUR).
  • Gloria 2011/01/22 14:02:29
    Only a little bit of money would be saved. The health care system would change drastically from providers paying attention to what they do for a change. There FDA would really not let dangerous drugs pass from crappy research to the real market. The billing process would be overhauled overnight. What goes around comes around.
  • jams 2011/01/22 11:51:21
    How about this??

    All citizens that pay federal income taxes and own property, and all of their elected representatives should have free health insurance. Children of such taxpayers should be covered to age 26. Young people who have stayed on their parents plan and aare actively going to school or paying off debt incurred to go to college and have successfully completed a qualifiying degree should be able to stay on their parents plan longer = until their loans are paid off. Such a thing should just be part of the way the taxes they pay get applied.

    Additionally, these same taxpayers and property owners should be taxed to pay for care of retired people who paid income taxes in this country for more than 30 years or the spouse of one.

    Finally, health insurance coverage for non-US ex-pats and legal immigrants should be paid by their sponsors (until they become income tax paying citizens).

    All non-taxing citizens who are also not the child of a taxpaying parent should buy private health insurance.
  • littlebuffalo55TBA 2011/01/22 10:51:40
    Totally agree! Notice this crosses party lines! Watch the argument rise that it's just a drop in the bucket. ;-)

    It's time for ALL those little drops to be examined by US the employer!
  • carolynb littleb... 2011/01/22 18:44:35
    If you take all those droppings and put them in the pot, we would have a whole s*** load of savings. It makes too much sense for our leaders to do it.
  • littleb... carolynb 2011/01/22 23:27:04
    Maybe, the flaw here in your thinking is the part where WE are the "leaders" of Our government? It is our job to make it sensible for them.
  • Liza Jane littleb... 2011/01/22 23:30:55
    Liza Jane
    We have to talk to them like they're toddlers.
  • littleb... Liza Jane 2011/01/22 23:32:33
    LMAOff.....why they sure have been spoon feeding us a load! ;-)
  • carolynb littleb... 2011/01/22 23:56:54
    How do we do that? They see the polls and dont pay any attention to them. We have c-span where we can give our opinions which doesnt do anything but let us air out our grievances. Do we have to go out and act the tea pariters?
  • Liza Jane carolynb 2011/01/22 23:58:18
    Liza Jane
    No, we need to do what the Tea Partiers TRY to do; hold peaceful but strong protests rather than self-indulgent and ignorant rallies and calls to arms.
  • carolynb Liza Jane 2011/01/22 23:59:37
    Yes, you are right. They didnt do anything but make themselves look like fools.
  • Liza Jane carolynb 2011/01/23 00:19:48
    Liza Jane
    Anyone can organize a protest. The John Stewart and Colbert rally started as a simple website from viewers who constantly sent in requests to the shows and it exploded.

    -Make a website (where you can ask for donations through a PayPal account for expenses)
    -Set a target date for when you'd like your protest to take place
    -Get the proper permits from your city for where and when you want it to take place
    -Print out cheap fliers at Kinko's (the public library is usually cheaper if you bring your own paper, think... bright colors!)
    a)put a contact email
    b)your web address
    c)phone number if you don't mind your phone blowing up
    -Distribute them in the areas where you think your target demographic hangs out

    I mean, it's not the easiest thing in the world but, it can be done and should be done. It's our right and duty as citizens to make our voices heard.
  • littleb... carolynb 2011/01/23 00:10:23
    I'm going with Liza Janes answer here.

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