How Many 'Trigger Words' Can You Think Of In One Sitting?

☆WILLIAM☆ 2013/04/08 11:12:19
It is rumored that enforcement agencies of the Federal Government spy on American's phone conversations and internet chats by using software designed to pick up what they deem 'trigger words'. When youre talking on the phone or chatting on the internet,and happen to use a 'trigger word', they immediately start recording your conversation.

So, how many trigger words can you think of at once?
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  • Sitara Singley 2014/01/26 13:21:12
    Sitara Singley
    Agenda 21, guns rights, libertarianism, overtaxation, liberty, freedom, and so on.
  • Bureauc 0Bamao 2013/04/29 18:05:24
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    I won't answer on the grounds that the FBI, NSA, HHS or a myriad of other agencies would start a file on me.
  • ruthannhausman 2013/04/26 18:49:34
    Offhand, none. I imagine just about anything would be a trigger anymore. All the usual hate words probably, with a little gunpowder or firepower or whatever thrown in there. I'm glad I'm not the monitor, though. How boring.

    Incidentally, I am anti-big government in a big way; however, I have no problem with all of this eavesdropping, etc., PROVIDED -- and this probably isn't being done and knowing the scum we have hanging around Washington today, perhaps I will reconsider my calm attitude -- but provided the access to this information is totally restricted to those who are "in the profession" and who are monitoring for content, etc. And then, once red flags get waved, the actual usage of this information must be strictly confidential and only used to ascertain whether or not there is a real threat. Then, if there is ever found to be misuse of that information, or if private info is leaked out, etc., the punishment for those responsible MUST be severe. Must be severe. Period.

    But, alas, as I said, I doubt there are more than a tiny handful of people with the character to adhere to the rules on that one. So perhaps I should be outraged and fight against the intrusion. [Sigh] It's a no-win situation.
  • Charge 2013/04/14 20:02:30
  • Pedro Doller ~Inc. 2013/04/13 03:06:21
    Pedro Doller ~Inc.
    "House Wife" is a trigger word for porn filtering software.
  • Pedro D... Pedro D... 2013/04/13 03:43:52
  • Hedwig13 2013/04/10 02:45:43
    lol my brother said the word bomb in a taiwanese airport and he got attacked by the guards! ahahaha. i guess bomb, al qaeda, kill, obama, terrorist, plot,
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2013/04/09 18:34:32
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    Quite a few, they usually come up in my conversations. Being that I am in Amateur Radio, Cert, ARES, am Republican, have taken FEMA courses and love the country but hate the current government I'm already on their lists.
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2013/04/09 13:23:10
  • vis_viva 2013/04/09 00:00:52
    True story:

    I work at a national laboratory so all my emails and such have a ".gov" attached to them. Since 2006 I've been involved with the group responsible for repair and build the magnets for the particle accelerators at our lab. Not to go into too many details, but one way we distinguish different "styles" of magnets is by a 3 or 4 letter designation (for instance IQB is an Main Injector Quadrupole style "B").

    Also, many types of conventional (non-super conducting) magnets are water (low conductivity) cooled. So sometimes they leak. We were having trouble with a style of magnets (known for some reason as NSA magnets) that seemed to leak a lot.

    Can you see where this is going?

    So at one point I sent out an email from my ".gov" account to set up a meeting to talk about "chronic NSA leaks"....

    No I did NOT get a visit from men in black suits.

    If I didn't get on a watch list for that I'd be kind of disappointed though.
  • Nick Name vis_viva 2013/04/09 21:56:01
    Nick Name
    ( we are watching you )
  • vis_viva Nick Name 2013/04/10 03:38:34
    Honestly, if there is a .gov email with the phrase "chronic NSA leaks" they kind of should at least double check.
  • Chi~Cat vis_viva 2013/04/13 03:16:49
    No doubt they are now with this site.
  • Beccy 2013/04/08 23:04:03
    Probably guns, abortion, liberal, Obama just for a few.
  • Contarded Guru Chickenhawk 2013/04/08 22:07:24
  • RageFury Contard... 2013/04/11 15:28:00

    are no better than

  • Contard... RageFury 2013/04/11 18:24:48
  • RageFury Contard... 2013/04/15 19:49:57 (edited)
  • sky 2013/04/08 21:57:46
    (3) -- Assassinate, bomb and…Obama.
  • ☆WILLIAM☆ sky 2013/04/09 23:05:31
  • goatman112003 2013/04/08 21:26:02 (edited)
    explosives, Al Qaeda, terrorist, assassination, The list goes on and on.
  • Nick Name 2013/04/08 21:25:38 (edited)
    Nick Name
    These days they don't just 'word search'. They also 'image monitor/search'.
    Oh, yeah. Monitor these images.

    Obama blow up doll

    Obama blow up doll
  • Nick Name 2013/04/08 21:17:03
  • Max7 2013/04/08 21:00:12
    I'm kind of glad that there is scrunity in the activity of Americans, or anyone in America that might be considering bringing harm to others or to our country. I am glad that if someone participates in wrong or harmful acts that there is a way to track it. If you're living an upright, orderly life, why would it scare anyone to think that our government is on top of wrongful acts, or think that those who approve of this is stupid?? I see people at the airport tripping because they don't want to follow airport procedures, now I think this is stupid. If your goal is to make safe, I say do what you got to do. If you're doing the right thing why would it scare you??? If I'm on a internet social format, and someone is talking stupid, like taking someones life, or anything that is not natural, I'd like to thank the Federal Government for doing what they do. I would think that some trigger words would be those involved with hatred, racism, doing harm to someone, any ill thoughts could easily be a trigger word.
  • ☆WILLIAM☆ Max7 2013/04/08 21:06:38
  • beavith1 Max7 2013/04/09 21:55:02

    you're brave.

    for a sheep.
  • Max7 beavith1 2013/04/10 01:08:38
    You're still around, and still as abrasive and disrespectful as ever.
  • teigan Max7 2013/04/15 05:50:20
    I'm sure there is a nice communist country that will monitor every move you and others make that will make you feel safe and taken care of.
  • beavith1 beavith1 2013/04/10 02:25:36
    you have to earn respect. abrasive? not me. brutally honest perhaps.

    BTW. nice post and block, P*ssy.
  • teigan Max7 2013/04/15 05:48:37
  • Sitara ... Max7 2014/01/26 13:23:36
    Sitara Singley
    Freedom is a right.
  • Max7 Sitara ... 2014/01/27 01:17:31
    Freedom is a gift, one that many of us take for granted. many of my ancestors died that we might be able to experience freedom. Long after Blacks were free, and were given the "right" to be free, they were still not free! Many rights, are not exercised as they should be!
  • Sitara ... Max7 2014/01/28 11:39:24
    Sitara Singley
    No freedom is a right. People have the right to be free. Thats the whole point of the Civil War, the Founding Documents, etc. If freedom was not a right, our troops have died in vain.
  • Max7 Sitara ... 2014/01/31 22:24:43
    I beg to differ, the whole point of the Civil War, was to keep Blacks in a state of oppression, slavery and bondage. Initially not even Lincoln wanted us to be free, I think that the only freedom that we truly experience is that spiritual freedom that we have in Christ Jesus. Now I agree with you that freedom should be a right, and should be a given, but even now in the year of 2014, many are not free! That is hard for a lot of White's to understand. We (our country) has come a long way, but we still yet have a long, long way to go. When you look at unemployment, have you ever noticed that when you go downtown, mostly all of the working people that you see are 89% White, freedom just hasn't gotten there yet. Our troops are fighting just like the marchers did for Civil rights, many of whom lost their lives, and like I said, we've come a long way, but we have a ways to go.
  • themadhare ~IJM 2013/04/08 20:48:31
    themadhare ~IJM
    more then four
  • momma-on-the-hit-list 2013/04/08 20:40:06
    When anything you say and do CAN and WILL be used against you, seems to me editing can get you anything you want to be a trigger. If it ain't broke don't fix it, just get better technology to spruce it up. We had the ability to "use " this for good YET it never seems to be used that way, nothing good can or has come of it.
  • jeepster4 2013/04/08 20:27:57
    All most any word in any language can be considered a 'trigger word' depending on the context.
  • SIMPATTYCO 2013/04/08 17:08:14
    Had to scroll down, to understand what you were asking! TRIGGER WORDS? Just about ALL
  • Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2013/04/08 17:07:40
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    any word.....seriously
  • Chi~Cat 2013/04/08 16:26:54
    Chicago. ; )

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