How many people were killed in Hitler's concentration camps during World War II?

Simmering Frog 2008/12/06 16:49:10
6 million
Over 13 million
None of the above
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  • Legend 2008/12/19 20:26:49
    Over 13 million
    Stalin killed around 43 million. Thank God I can't hear his cries from hell! 13 stalin killed 43 god hear cries
  • CHER 2008/12/06 22:40:26
    None of the above
    Jewish, Gypsy, Handicapped, Homosexual & Polish intellectuals approx. 6,400,000
    Also, the Nazis killed 2 to 3 million Soviet prisioners in labor camps & executions. Add the non-Jewish Poles & Soviets sent to forced labor camps who died due to malnutrition, disease, work related accidents & "experimentation". You could also add on the many people executed in open air shootings then buried in large pits in the Soviet Union & those that died in Nazi created Jewish ghettos in Poland. The exact Number of victims may never be known.
  • Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3 2008/12/06 18:09:25
    None of the above
    Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3
    The last numbers I heard were between 9-11 million.
  • Min Carter 2008/12/06 17:32:08
    Over 13 million
    Min Carter
    As more and more information is uncovered, the number of victims goes up.
  • holliday04 2008/12/06 16:58:48
    Over 13 million
    1 was 1 too many - and to think there are actually people today trying to say the Holocost never happened - we went to the Holocost museum in Washington DC this summer and I cried to see the display of thousands & thousands of shoes . . .such a horrific period in history.

    museum washington dc summer cried display shoes horrific period history
  • Self - Deactivation. 2008/12/06 16:58:30
    None of the above
    Self - Deactivation.
    i believe it was between 9 and 11 million

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