How many gun owners are there in the United States of America?

Oaces_boss_yo® 2012/12/21 19:09:17
Comment as you wish....... Any common sense thinker knows guns are protection for an overwhelming amount of Americans. NOT a tool of evil!
Comment as you wish....... Any common sense thinker knows guns are protection for an overwhelming amount of Americans. NOT a tool of evil!
And only agenda minded or sheeple believe the statistics the gov. and U.N. want the usefool ones to believe!
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Most estimates range between 39% and 50% of US households having at
least one gun (that's about 43-55 million households). The estimates for
the number of privately owned guns range from 190 million to 300
million. Removed those that skew the stats for their own purposes the
best estimates are about 45% or 52 million of American households owning
260 million guns.

Some recent estimates:

  • A 2011 Gallup poll estimates that 47 percent of US households own a gun.
  • A 2007 Small Arms Survey estimates there are 88.7 guns per 100 Americans (#1 in the world for guns per capita)
  • A
    2010 estimate from the NRA states "Privately owned firearms in the
    U.S.: Approaching 300 million, including nearly 100 million handguns.
    The number of firearms rises over 4 million annually."

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  • ReconMa... Old Salt 2012/12/21 23:07:51
    I can attest to the Law in Kennesaw...I had to Brother-in-Laws, Both Cops, living there when this was Inacted....
    Then you Look at the Gun Free Zone in Chicago and DC and they have the Highest Crime Rate in the Nation....
  • bman~AV... ReconMa... 2012/12/21 23:20:15
    Yep, and out here in the commie country of Illinois we are the "only" state in the entire union that won't allow concealed carry. The only one.
  • ReconMa... bman~AV... 2013/01/09 22:55:07
    And look and the Crime by Gun rate...
    Even here in Los Angeles, The LIB Mayor, said Monday that Gun Crime was down...and Gun Registration was Up....
    Go Figure...
  • bman~AV... ReconMa... 2013/01/10 02:25:11
    Recon!!! Great to see you back my friend! Man, I've been missing you on here. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year too sir. The site was a bit boring with you gone and all. I also hear what you're saying about the gun crimes too. It's a proven fact that when you institute stiff gun regulations then the gun crimes go up and when you relax them and allow honest responsible citizens to be armed then the gun crimes go down.
  • Old Salt ReconMa... 2012/12/22 00:15:19
  • ReconMa... Old Salt 2013/01/09 22:56:53
    Sounds interesting....lol~!!!
  • bman~AV... Old Salt 2012/12/21 23:18:59
    Good stats my friend. It's a proven fact that in places where there is massive gun regulations and bans then there is also skyrocketing violent crimes in those areas. In contrast, where there are very few or very lenient restrictions then the crime rates are significantly lower.
  • Old Salt bman~AV... 2012/12/22 00:18:36
  • bman~AV... Old Salt 2012/12/22 00:22:44
    I hear that my friend. Yep, I've been all thru TX when I used to drive over the road. TX is one big honkin state! I used to run the I-10 corridor but I've also been as far south as Laredo. I've been up and down I-35 many times.
  • Old Salt bman~AV... 2012/12/26 22:11:16
  • bman~AV... Old Salt 2012/12/26 22:35:57
    Hahahahaha! Yep! I sure know that all right. If you're driving professionally then you can only driver so many hours before you are required by law to shut it down for a set time. It takes a good 2 days to drive completely thru TX in a big truck. Like I already did say, that's one big honkin state!
  • derek 2012/12/21 19:37:45
    Comment as you wish....... Any common sense thinker knows guns are protection...
    Every household should have at least 25..
  • Oaces_b... derek 2012/12/21 19:39:05
  • derek Oaces_b... 2012/12/21 19:40:54
    Exactly. Gotta keep it proportionate lol..
  • Oaces_b... derek 2012/12/21 19:50:13
  • bman~AV... derek 2012/12/21 23:22:28
    I'm working up to that my friend. I've currently got 10 at this time. Right now I'm looking into picking up this little beauty. raac mka1919 It looks like an M-16 but it shoot 12 gauge shot gun shells. It holds 5 rounds.
  • derek bman~AV... 2012/12/22 00:55:23
    That's beautiful!
  • bman~AV... derek 2012/12/22 02:53:32
    I agree. I'm looking into making one of those my next weapon.
  • Dagon 2012/12/21 19:23:40 (edited)
  • THE One... Dagon 2012/12/21 19:30:20
  • Dagon THE One... 2012/12/21 19:31:37
  • Oaces_b... Dagon 2012/12/21 19:35:50
  • Dagon Oaces_b... 2012/12/21 19:39:29
  • Oaces_b... Dagon 2012/12/21 19:41:23
  • Dagon Oaces_b... 2012/12/21 19:43:21
  • Oaces_b... Dagon 2012/12/21 19:50:57
  • Dagon Oaces_b... 2012/12/21 19:56:46
  • Oaces_b... Dagon 2012/12/21 20:01:01
  • ReconMa... Dagon 2012/12/21 22:16:19
  • ReconMa... Oaces_b... 2012/12/21 22:15:51
    Bought most of Mine at Vegas Gun Shows...they require Registration Now, But you can take with you...Not a Big deal....lol~!!!
  • Oaces_b... ReconMa... 2012/12/21 22:23:08
  • ReconMa... Oaces_b... 2012/12/21 23:15:56
    These are the Shooters and Killers of Fame.....
    Look at their Eyes and tell me they are Normal...Might be a sign to look for in the future of Gun Registration or sales....

    shooter lanza
    shooter holmes Gifford shooter Columbine shooter ft hood shooter charles manson Hilside strangler
  • Oaces_b... ReconMa... 2012/12/21 23:23:22
  • ReconMa... Oaces_b... 2013/01/09 22:59:03
    Holmes Father and Lanza's Father, were Big Wigs in Firms that Consult to Obama Admin and Contributed to Obama Campaign...
  • Oaces_b... ReconMa... 2013/01/10 01:40:46
  • THE One... Dagon 2012/12/21 19:35:51
  • ReconMa... THE One... 2012/12/21 22:17:43
    That is the way to do it....Shooters Bible works great that way....
  • Oaces_b... ReconMa... 2012/12/21 22:23:27
  • ReconMa... Oaces_b... 2012/12/21 23:17:15
    Great Book for Guns, ammo and other Items....
  • Oaces_b... ReconMa... 2012/12/21 23:24:06

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