How Many Candles Are On A Menorah?

Ethan Rosie 2009/12/10 23:22:56
7 candles
8 candles
9 candles
10 candles
I don't know how many candles are on a menorah...
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Lots of people do not know the correct answer, and I wanted to take a poll to see who did! Try to guess how many (withOUT looking it up).
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  • Broken** 2009/12/18 07:48:35
    9 candles
    Mmmm ya 9, the thought just popped in my head theres 9 gifts of the spirit????
  • USER DEACTIVATED 2009/12/15 14:56:24
    8 candles
    The Lord God provided oil for eight days. (I think that's correct)
  • dallin 2009/12/15 08:44:37
    I don't know how many candles are on a menorah...
    who gives a rats ass
  • nina 2009/12/15 05:23:46
    9 candles
    i think there is 1 in the middle to light the other 8
  • antoniob27 2009/12/15 01:38:18
    I don't know how many candles are on a menorah...
    OVER 9000
  • Conserv... antoniob27 2009/12/15 14:06:29
    Conservatives are destroying America
  • wpsark 2009/12/14 21:29:57
    8 candles
    I think
  • ichot535 2009/12/14 21:15:47
    9 candles
    ummmm 9 duh
  • ken 2009/12/14 14:43:41
    8 candles
    Eight ..four on each side of the Shamash( the one in the middle) ( the assisted one) it is used to light the other eight
  • beachbum 2009/12/13 23:41:47
    9 candles
    9 - 4 on each side and one in the middle
  • craig 2009/12/13 21:57:47
    8 candles
    Oil for 1 day lasted 8...
  • Robin B 2009/12/13 19:52:48 (edited)
    I don't know how many candles are on a menorah...
    Robin B
    A Menorah such as in the Temple has 7. A Hanukkah Menorah has 9, 1 for each of the 8 nights of the festival of lights and a center candle (usually positioned slightly higher then the others) that represents the servant candle as it lights the other 8.
  • Robin B Robin B 2009/12/13 19:53:40
    Robin B
    Hey I didn't check I don't know!
  • herb 2009/12/13 08:30:19
    9 candles
  • bethany 2009/12/13 03:35:30
    9 candles
    i had a jewish teacher and she would quiz us on hanukkah
  • Hellogoodbye_ 2009/12/13 02:41:34
    9 candles
    1 in the middle to light the others. 4 on each side. (4x2)+1=9.
  • 'Ol Salty 2009/12/12 20:40:45
    I don't know how many candles are on a menorah...
    'Ol Salty
  • Robin B 'Ol Salty 2009/12/13 19:54:44
    Robin B
    If you don't care then why answer?
  • ken Robin B 2009/12/14 14:46:34
    Correct and most likey this person does not care about other religions other than Islam and also would not be able to give an intelligent answer
  • Robin B ken 2009/12/14 15:06:18
    Robin B
    I looked at the profile and no faith is noted. I respect that he has defended this Country as noted in the profile but find his answer somewhat revealing as to his view of Jews. If I am wrong I encourage him to correct me.
  • ken Robin B 2009/12/14 16:00:48
    I know, I just said that to get a reaction..I do not care what faith he is, I guess he just does not care
  • fuzzy K... Robin B 2009/12/14 17:23:40
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    Here. Try this.
  • Robin B fuzzy K... 2009/12/14 17:30:16
    Robin B
    I just tried to reply to his most recent post and the coward blocked me.
  • fuzzy K... Robin B 2009/12/14 17:36:45
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    (feigning surprise) Really???? I'm shocked!!!!
  • wah-yaw 2009/12/12 20:38:55 (edited)
    8 candles
    damn it, i clicked the wrong button. i ment 9
  • Robo Toaster 2009/12/12 20:02:27 (edited)
    8 candles
    Robo Toaster
    1 for each night(not counting the shabbas candle, which lights all the others).
  • Fluttershyfan 2009/12/12 15:08:05
    9 candles
    usually nine. 4 on each side and one in the middle.

    9 candles 4 middle
  • Starry 2009/12/12 15:03:10
    7 candles
    Seven for an every day menorah, and nine candles for a Hannukah menorah. Eight days of Hannukah and the ninth candle is used to light the others. It is to comemorate a miracle during the war of the Macabees
  • Ledo38 2009/12/12 13:31:54
    9 candles
  • Jim 2009/12/12 03:17:44
    I don't know how many candles are on a menorah...
    I don't know and I don't care. It is unimportant and if Jews want to be saved they need to repent before Jesus Christ and be born again and then they won't care about candles either.
  • USARMYC... Jim 2009/12/12 18:41:51
    Well what a great way to reach them; by displaying your total lack of respect for a sacred holiday. Hanukkah is a celebration of the rededication of the temple back to Jehovah God after it had been made unclean by the blasphemy of the Greek pagan worship to Zeus.

    Hanukkah should mean a whole lot more to true Christians than Christmas (which was simply a pagan holiday redone by the catholic church so that new patrons wouldn't have to give up their beloved pagan celebrations.)

    Read John 10:22-23 Hanukkah is The Feast of Dedication.

    It really is astounding that a self-proclaimed Christian can be so rude and insensitive to God's people, and to a holiday which celebrates the downfall of a pagan the religion that blasphemed God's Holy temple.

    Where exactly is that little light of yours?
  • Jim USARMYC... 2009/12/13 16:06:06
    Hanukkah is not a sacred holiday, it is an entrenching and reaffirming of rebellion against God. Jews are not Gods people as you suggest and the New Testament makes that clear for those with ears to hear and eyes to see. Like everyone else, Jews are called to REPENT.

    Apparently you could not see "light" if it hit you in the eyeball.
  • Theodon Jim 2009/12/14 18:12:44
    The Jew known as Jesus of Nazareth celebrated Hanukkah (Feast of the Dedication) and maybe you should, as well.

    John 10:22-24 At that time the Feast of the Dedication took place at Jerusalem; it was winter, and Jesus was walking in the temple in the portico of Solomon.The Jews then gathered around Him, and were saying to Him, “How long will You keep us in suspense? If You are the Christ, tell us plainly.”
  • Jim Theodon 2009/12/15 23:14:38
    The "Jew known as Jesus of Nazareth" followed the Jewish faith because Christianity did not yet exist.

    If the Bible taught that Christians should celebrate or even observe Hanukkah then I would do so since I am a Christian, but it does not tell me to do so.
  • Theodon Jim 2009/12/16 05:38:57 (edited)
    Jesus was a Jew and acted like one regardless of the status of his divinity and I count myself as an Agnostic Christian. I do not know if Jesus was the Son of God but I "choose" to believe in his divinity and teachings..

    Whether you would like to celebrate Hannuhkah or not is irrelevant but without all the trials the Jews went through and documented, there would be no Christianity today.

    Frankly, Jim, you seem to be wound up a little tight and I think you had better relax before you do something stupid.

    Here are your friends waiting for you.
    documented christianity frankly jim wound tight relax stupid friends waiting
  • Jim Theodon 2009/12/16 16:33:52
    There is no such thing as an "Agnostic Christian." One is a Christian or they are not and clearly you are not. One cannot be a Christian if they do not know whether or not Jesus was the son of God. That required belief is the very foundation of the faith.

    You say you do not know but then you say you choose to believe. Sounds rather conflicted to me. You chose nothing no matter what you may think. We are all slaves either to Satan or to God and we do the bidding of the one who owns us.

    I strongly disagree that there would be no Christianity today if it were not for the struggles of the Jews. God knew from the beginning that He would offer salvation to the Gentiles regardless of what the Jews did or did not do. Nothing comes between God and His Christ, and nothing is responsible for the Grace of God except God the Father.

    As I have suggested in the past, you are confused and blind on many things concerning the Word of God. Too bad you can't read the Bible for yourself without trying to impose personal prejudices and preferences onto what God said.


    "John answered and said, A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from heaven." John 3:27
  • Robin B USARMYC... 2009/12/13 22:17:22
    Robin B
    Very well said. Thank you.
  • jackola... Jim 2009/12/12 18:55:11
    I'm sorry friend. The Jews are not your concern. They are God's People and that is that. You keep your Christianity with me and the truth that that is. Rememeber it is the blood of an ethnic Jew to wash your and my sin into a place far from you and me. Read well the Revelation of St John the Divine and you will know what happens to the Jews in the end. They are His people and will be delt with by Hiss righteousness.
  • Jim jackola... 2009/12/13 16:12:04
    Only those who have repented and been born again are Gods people. God has made it clear that He will not abandon the Jewish people and like everyone else they are required to believe in Christ, repent of their sins before God, and obey the Gospel.

    "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6

    Jesus meant what He said and the Bible teaches that He is no respecter of persons (He does not single any out for preferential treatment).

    I know what the Bible teaches because I read it and not the writings of some "scholar" who is void of spiritual understanding.
  • Robin B Jim 2009/12/13 20:22:39
    Robin B
    You may have head knowledge but what is in your heart? It is a question not an accusation.

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