How long will Obama stay in office?

kimmy 2008/11/12 19:43:43
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  • kimmy 2009/11/15 15:01:42
    he will stay in for the next eight years
    obama is doing a heck of a good job. moeny what money the country was allready broke. so how is he going to break it. so far i will vote him in for 20 years. the stuff he is helping with and unemployment he extended for every one to help out all humans. people just dont like him cause hes black. news flash every one is the same color on the inside. so compared to a lot of presidents he is doing a real good job. and for most dont forget he can only help out so much. people dont understand that he can only write the laws or tax breaks congress has to vote and pass it. so far if it werent for obama i would be homeless and nothing to eat. i lost my job due to this recesion. the bail out is helping compaines keep a going so in a couple of years we can pull this out.
  • Magic Twanger 2009/09/27 04:49:22
    he may not last the four years.
    Magic Twanger
    Until we kick his useless mulatto ass to the curb and out of office. Think 2012 This fucking idiot is unbelievable, we need to send the lying son of a bitch back to Chicago and his ACORN Buddies.
  • Tudie BN 2009/03/25 12:23:08 (edited)
    he will stay in for the next eight years
    Tudie BN
    stay years
    8 YEARS !
  • Mick 2009/03/11 19:57:49
    he may not last the four years.
    The Jury is still out on this one. But looking at the way he is spending money, the country may be broke before his first term is up.
  • MaMaJ 2008/11/12 20:06:14
    he will stay in for the next eight years
    If he does a good job I will vote for him again, If not out he will go.
  • kahless 2008/11/12 20:01:30
    he may not last the four years.
    Depends on if he can fullfill his promises, and alot of promises were made...time will tell

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