How long will it take for Obama to put Pelosi and Reid in their place?

Al C. 2009/01/30 01:09:25
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  • Jensen, Debbie 2009/09/19 06:56:05
    None of the above
    Jensen, Debbie
    I love Nancy Harry (Pinkie we call him) is a great guy.
    Obama is president he will listen to both of them before he makes a final decision
  • Al C. Jensen,... 2009/09/19 11:03:21
    Al C.
    Listending to those two nut-birds just goes to show that he doesn't know what the hell he's doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lessa 2009/09/18 23:34:04
    None of the above
    It's not going to happen,
  • pops 2009/09/18 22:35:03
    Obama doesn't have the balls!
    Maybe in his second term. Ok now I may have to go rip my tongue out.
  • dobemom 2009/07/29 17:27:29
    Obama doesn't have the balls!
    Pelosi is the puppet master.
  • Al C. dobemom 2009/07/29 20:27:08
    Al C.
    Are you sure she's not a puppet because she looks like Howdy Duttie's mother!
  • dmac 2009/04/05 19:23:06
    Obama doesn't have the balls!
    They already control him and make him think they are indespensible. I think he is afraid of them. He is also afraid of the Unions since they did major moves to get him elected.
  • Al C. dmac 2009/04/05 20:41:32 (edited)
    Al C.
    The problem is he doesn't know what the hell he's doing so he lets them take charge, then when things go wrong he'll blame them!
  • Radlad 2009/03/29 11:03:00
    Pelosi and Reid will rule Obama!
    They love the perks at we the tax payers expense. berry was never qualified for the job you jerks voted him into.
  • Al C. Radlad 2009/03/29 11:15:35
    Al C.
    When asked on the street, Obama supporters didn't know who was the vice-president, nor did they know who was the Speaker of the House or Senate majority leader. If you're to stupid to know you must be an Obama supporter!
  • Radlad Al C. 2009/04/01 03:40:19
    B.O.'s supporters aside from the "hope" and "change" haven't a clue what the commie's all about. Assuming they ever realize that we're up to our necks in excrement. They'll still think they are in hog heaven.....................It's so historical
  • Al C. Radlad 2009/04/01 10:42:46
    Al C.
    They may be in hog heaven but it won't be long before they realize they're being porked up the cazzoo!
  • Radlad Al C. 2009/04/02 09:37:42
    I didn't say they were in hog heaven. Because berry's the prez they would think they are. Assuming they figure out they're in a world of excrement. At that point they'll blame it on dubya and the republicans............
  • Mark P. 2009/03/29 03:43:54 (edited)
    Pelosi and Reid will rule Obama!
    Mark P.
    They got his ass elected. ass elected ass elected
  • Vnvet 2009/02/19 19:15:16
    Pelosi and Reid have Obie by the short hair's and they like it that way.No way are they going to let him grow any ball's now while they have him under their thumb.You alway's know who's pulling the strings now cause they're using the line you owe me now.Won't be long before the house of card's start's coming down and guess who will be holding the bag!Obie will be lucky to get out of office with a shirt on his back.He will find out just how in charge he really is and live to regret it if only for a little while.Maybe he can join his buddy the biggest coward in office Eric,and they can hold each other's hand on the way out the door.
  • Cat 2009/02/19 17:35:38
    Obama doesn't have the balls!
  • mick 2009/01/30 02:19:33
    He better do it soon before they ruin his presidency!
    Barry better remind Nancy and Harry of what he told the American people during his
    inaugural address. Do you think they listened to him? Or maybe Barry really needs to start thinking about replacing the house speaker?, and seriously consider replacing the senate majority leader?. Maybe by clearing the deadwood out, that would truly send a signal of a new beginning***
  • Al C. mick 2009/02/01 16:57:47
    Al C.
    Before that were to happen Pelosi and Reid would have him impeached for not being a citizen. Obama, Pelosi , and Reid are the Three Stooges of politics, its going to be funny to watch but sad to see!
  • mick Al C. 2009/04/01 00:37:05
    I here ya, I'm just wondering when those blue dogs are going to start barking?
    Or has the entire democrat party completely sold out to the extreme left? ***
  • Radlad mick 2009/03/29 11:09:40
    The president doesn't have the power or the authority to remove the speaker or majority leader or any other elected official. Then again he could declare a state of emergency, suspend the constitution, and invoke martial law, and disband the congress. Taking out the trash we call our elected representatives lol . Is the job of "We the People". The problem there is we are too lazy to do it...................
  • Al C. Radlad 2009/03/29 11:19:15
    Al C.
    Don't give him any ideas, he wants to change this country from top to bottom and he's pulling out all stops; it's time we the people take our country back before he destroys it!
  • mick Radlad 2009/04/01 00:50:14
    I agree, there is a lot deadwood in the house and senate from both parties, too many to name. But having Barry pull an Adolf is not a good idea neither. The people need to vote these idiots out, and soon! 2010***

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