How long until we are a full blow Police State? Or will the people win back freedom before it is lost forever?

CIT-ZEN-7381 2013/08/24 00:26:30
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  • mllefifihouseofdesign 2013/08/24 04:27:54 (edited)
    It's coming and sooner rather than later. Check out the documentary of the G20 Summit in Canada. I think it's called Into the Fire on Youtube. http://youtu.be/zejD0UkMGGY It's a chilling sign of what's to come. Look in Madison, WI how the capital police were telling observers of protests that they were subject to arrest if they didn't move along! Some of the observers threatened were capital workers on a break, some were out-of-state tourists. Apparently, there can be no witnesses to police illegally arresting people for peacefully protesting during the lunch hour. http://youtu.be/8c1iqUCHXEE
  • mllefif... mllefif... 2013/08/24 06:34:34 (edited)
    and this too....Mercenary-style guards now stationed at Wisconsin iron mine drilling site
    http://www.bluecheddar.net/?p... So to recap, it's illegal to sing and watch people singing in Wisconsin but OK to bring in an unlicensed,out-of-state militia to "protect" against protesters. What the heck??
  • MaryOz 2013/08/24 01:53:08
  • Thor American EXPAT n New G... 2013/08/24 01:24:58
    Thor American EXPAT n New Guinea
    It doesn't take a massive attack. Selected killing of the enforcement. Make it very unpopular to be a cop. When they start dying on their front lawns being killed at a place and time of their VICTIMS choosing. Then they will change their attitudes.
  • Aurora 2013/08/24 00:43:46
    What police state, people are killing people all over the place, where have you been. I am kinda tired of this stuff.
  • CIT-ZEN... Aurora 2013/08/28 15:49:23
    You do not see a growing police state in america?
  • Billy M 2013/08/24 00:33:51
    Billy M
    With what?
  • CIT-ZEN... Billy M 2013/08/24 00:39:57
    That is the question....but I think it could be had with help from some of those that would turn away from the state. It is not like we are not an armed nations but all that would mean some civil war and I just have little hope.
  • Billy M CIT-ZEN... 2013/08/24 00:47:18 (edited)
    Billy M
    Like the Wausa ghetto.
  • MaryOz Billy M 2013/08/24 01:53:49
  • CIT-ZEN... MaryOz 2013/08/24 19:23:31
    When you outlaw guns only outlaws and the police have guns...and the police start to turn in to outlaws too. sososo....yeah
  • MaryOz CIT-ZEN... 2013/08/25 04:01:20

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