How does Obama get away with it?

Tasine 2012/03/07 15:44:02

How does Barack Obama’s administration get away with it?

How does it systematically redistribute billions in taxpayer money to sham companies, take political contributions from those companies, watch the government subsidies squandered, and pay no political price with voters?


The secret to their success is being involved in corruption that is audacious and beyond the imaginations of most Americans, who simply cannot believe anyone would or could attempt to get away with such schemes.

The secret to their success is being involved in corruption that is audacious and beyond the imaginations of most Americans, who simply cannot believe anyone would or could attempt to get away with such schemes.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

On Oct. 27, 2009, Vice President Joe Biden announced with great fanfare that Fisker Automotive would produce plug-in hybrid electric vehicles at a former General Motors plant in Wilmington, Del. Here’s what he said: “While some wanted to write off America’s auto industry, we said no. We knew that we needed to do something different – in Delaware and all across the nation. We understood a new chapter had to be written, a new chapter in which we strengthen American manufacturing by investing in innovation. Thanks to a real commitment by this administration, loans from the Department of Energy, the creativity of U.S. companies and the tenacity of great state partners like Delaware – we’re on our way to helping America’s auto industry reclaim its top position in the global market.” Since then, U.S. taxpayers have provided $529 million in federal loan guarantees. No vehicles were produced, but the staff was laid off last month. The company is going back to the Department of Energy for more federal help.
The author describes two more instances, in detail, just like this one, then he goes on to list nine additional boondoggles that got taxpayer money to "special" people.

The author ends the article thusly:
Some of the companies are still around. Some have actually produced something. But at least a dozen “green energy” stimulus projects have suffered layoffs, plant shutdowns or bankruptcies over the past two years.

Who pays? Taxpayers.

Who loses? Taxpayers and workers

Who benefits? The politically connected pseudo-entrepreneurs and Obama and other Democrats who benefited from the kickbacks to their campaigns.
wake up  America wake up  America
wake up  America

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  • dispatcher 2012/03/07 17:33:39
    Because NO ONE IN THE LIBERAL MEDIA WILL REPORT ANYTHING HE IS DOING BEHIND CLOSED DOORS & THE BRAINLESS IDIOTS WHO SUPPORT THIS NO GOOD SOCIALIST THUG PIG thinks he is the answer to our problems. He is a THEIF, LIAR and a CON ARTIST that needs to be removed. What a scum bag he has turned out to be for AMERICA. OMG = OBAMA MUST GO !!!!

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  • Michael 2012/03/09 16:00:10
    It is just plain money laundering. The government promises to support (and actually has a record of supporting) the left agenda at taxpayers expense, and the left provides $ in the form of mandated extracted union dues used for campaigns, or voting for new environmental laws that bleed the economy, etc., by contributing to their campaigns.
  • Tasine Michael 2012/03/09 16:28:58
    I hadn't thought in terms of actual money laundering, but you're right! That's what it is!! It's time we start really calling out the left for what they are! Thanks!!
  • joe ramirez 2012/03/09 00:30:14
    joe ramirez
    Our Represenatives are in it with him together and not willing to stand up to him and put him on the hot seat and investigate him!
  • Freedom4 2012/03/09 00:15:04
    Compliment corrupt media and idiot sheeple followers
  • prosperhappily 2012/03/08 21:43:30
    Because that's how far we've fallen.
  • MR. 2012/03/08 17:57:23
    LAST GUYS DON'T FINISH NICE. (SAUL ALINKSY) [playbook for radicals quote # 98]
  • Tasine MR. 2012/03/09 13:27:46
    I think Obama must sleep with that bible!
  • MR. Tasine 2012/03/09 20:21:19
    He's got it memorized!
  • Old Timer 2012/03/08 17:53:36
    Old Timer
    None of the GIMMEE VOTERS are aware of these situations and DON'T CARE as long as they KEEP BEING SUPPORTED BY THE DEMOCRATS. THIS IS TOTALLY TRUE. .

    "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Give a man a welfare check, a forty ounce malt liquor, a crack pipe and some Air Jordan's and he votes Democrat for a lifetime."
  • Evan 2012/03/08 16:53:44
    Because liberal media sees to it that he gets away with it, and the Congress of the United States is in on the lies and coverups. Remember, he could not sign any bills into law unless Congress first puts them on his desk.
  • Maria 2012/03/08 15:16:07
    simple Obama were an attorney and got what he want....Media didn't do their job for America people heck We the People pay the cable,dish etc Media don't give a hoots about We the people.....seemly Media doing Obama a favor...
  • Tasine Maria 2012/03/08 15:30:53
    Yep, you're right! ;-)
  • Mickey 2012/03/08 15:00:04
    I wish I understood why people are Ok with this crap....
  • Tasine Mickey 2012/03/08 15:30:36
    They are as craven as he is I suppose. Either than or they have a "thing" about his color. Either one is a lousy reason to be OK with selling out the country.
  • ☆ QueenAline 2012/03/08 14:42:42
    ☆ QueenAline
  • Bevos 2012/03/08 14:21:15
    They get away with it because there are not enough people in Congress with the balls to stop it. And most are probably involved themselves. And the people that keep voting them in, just keep saying, Well, Politics as usual.
    I googled Congress one time and checked out the amount of Senators that have been in for over thirty yrs. It was mind boggling. It is time to get rid of old baggage and bring in some new. We did it last election, now we need to keep up the pace.
  • Tasine Bevos 2012/03/08 14:27:11
    Let's assume that half of Congress knows he should be kicked out of office. How many of them openly voice their distaste of his coup? 2-3 maybe? What might be reasons to keep their mouths shut? Bribes? Threats? Do you believe either of those crimes is above an Administration that runs rough-shod over the entire nation and its Constition?
  • Bevos Tasine 2012/03/09 12:56:00 (edited)
    J Edgar Hoover did it in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. He had enough on people in Politics that they didn't mess with him.
    Look at the ones that have backed down and bowed out in the last say, five yrs. Mostly because of a smear campaign against them. For whatever reason, they can commit adultery, bribe voters, promote their own agenda, enstead of their constituents, but they don't want their families drug through the mud. Whatever their crime, they cannot stand the shame when it comes to public veiwing, or don't want their families involved in the shame.
    I believe the CROOKED SLIMEBALLS running our country, know enough about "human behavior", to know how to handle anyone that opposes them.
    And it is human nature for them to want to KEEP their cushy jobs. So they GO ALONG TO GET ALONG!!!
  • alex 2012/03/08 13:44:47
    Because were letting him. The govt is supposed to work FOR us, not the other way around. people have forgotten that.
  • Tasine alex 2012/03/08 14:02:36
    True, but it's more than that. We have tried every legal way - to no avail. All that is left to oust him before the election is illegal.
  • ☆ Queen... alex 2012/03/08 14:43:16
    ☆ QueenAline
  • Tasine ☆ Queen... 2012/03/08 14:51:42
    Good idea, but I believe the public has already vetted him and found him unfit for public office. ;-)
  • Rabbit ☆ Queen... 2012/03/09 03:58:58
    I could not agree more.
  • USAF Vet 2012/03/08 08:44:19
    USAF Vet
    He's Black, off limits to any form of rational, constructive criticism. Say anything in the negative about his policies, executive orders, mandates and regulations and you ARE a RACIST. The left will marginalize you to the point of irrelevance; they will spare no expense, destroy your credibility and the IRS will audit and eventually ruin you; and the MSN is scared $hitless of this man.
  • Tasine USAF Vet 2012/03/08 13:37:30
    I think you have the left well pegged. And now that they are out of the closet and socialism is deemed good by them, they cannot afford to fail in their ratty little coup. They just may have to face the music of a failed coup.
  • Bevos USAF Vet 2012/03/08 14:36:56 (edited)
  • Evan USAF Vet 2012/03/08 16:56:56
    I'm a black American, (not necessarily in that order), and the guy is the biggest jerk, disgrace, shame and blot on our judgment, that we've ever had in the White House. (Not that I voted for him, nor did anyone I know that has any sense. The others won't admit they voted for him.)
  • Bevos Evan 2012/03/09 13:21:49
    Please tell me why their are so many that do vote for him? Where I live, it is primarily black, and most that live here, do not support Obama, but I read so much on here of blacks supporting him just because he is Black for one and Democrat for another. I read an article on here where Samuel L. Jackson said he voted for Obama just because he was black. He said also he will vote for him again, just because he is black, even though he is worthless as a POTUS.
    I felt that, when Obama got in, He has the opportunity to be a really great man! He could have done SO MUCH for black Americans and for relations between Blacks and Whites. But he did just the opposite. He started right off screaming "RACIST" to anybody that disagreed with his policies.
  • Someone Else 2012/03/08 04:25:36
    Someone Else
    I think i'll buy another new truck this weekend
  • Dave 2012/03/08 04:22:34
    It's not just the press protecting his sorry ass; it's also our PC society that is so afraid of being called "racist" because that's what Liberals do when their sorry little leader is criticized .Pointing out Obama's shortcomings (and there are SO MANY of them) is not racist, but too many of us are scare of being labeled "racist" so we are afraid to speak candidly.

    The most ironic thing is that Black Americans are suffering just as much OR MORE than white Americans under this regime.
  • Tasine Dave 2012/03/08 13:43:01
    True. I have quit accepting racism. It's way past time to quit cringing at being called racist and ridicule any unfounded name-calling. If they want to call me racist, let 'em go for it. If I want to call them something equally ridiculous I will. If they are laughed at and ridiculed everytime they shout "racist", they'll eventually go away.
  • FairLady 2012/03/08 04:15:35
    He gets away because because it's his socialistic government that plays his tune, because main stream media covers him up, and because the US Congress lets him get away with everything.
  • Tasine FairLady 2012/03/08 13:45:04
    And don't forget the courts that have also accommodated him. But in part it is understandable in that he surrounds himself with thugs who no one in his right mind should trust to be anything but thugs.
  • FairLady Tasine 2012/03/08 19:06:50
    Yep. Very true!
  • SteveMarine- JLA 2012/03/08 03:59:03
    SteveMarine- JLA
    Talk is cheap. I'm waiting for action... Obama must go...by force or by what ever means possible.... He is a threat to us all.
  • FairLady SteveMa... 2012/03/08 19:19:33
    You got that right. Newt said right "BO is the most dangerous prez in the US history".
  • Steve J~PWCM~JLA 2012/03/08 03:43:29
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    Bribes, deceit, owning the biggest network.

    bribes deceit owning network
  • FairLady Steve J... 2012/03/08 19:20:15
    OMG = Obama Must Go.
  • Rabbit 2012/03/08 03:39:20
    It's just hope and change. Be happy we have some change left over when he's done ripping America-off.

    hope and change
  • Mike 2012/03/08 02:57:51
    He has the wingnut media on his side socialist media

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