How does an illegal immigrant like Obamas Uncle who was Arrested get a social security number and drivers license ?

☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾ 2011/09/02 13:54:22
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Obama's uncle arrested on drunken driving charge

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- President Obama's uncle is under arrest and being held by immigration officials. Police in Framingham say he was driving drunk last week and nearly got in an accident with a police officer.

Onyango Obama, 67, allegedly cut off a Framingham police officer in an unmarked cruiser Wednesday night .

“Just because he is related to Obama doesn't mean that he should get away with drinking and driving. What if he hit somebody?” asked Wanda Whitehead.

Court documents say Obama lives in downtown Framingham. Neighbors say lots of relatives apparently live there, but they were not talking.

After being cut off, the officer says he put on his police lights and pulled Obama over. During the police stop the officer reported he smelled alcohol and believed Obama was slurring his words and was unsteady on his feet. According to the report, he also says Obama was argumentative.

According to the police report, Obama told the officer he did not hear his tires screeching and says when offered a call, Obama said, “I think I will call the White House.”

The feds say Obama is an illegal alien and ICE agents took him into custody. He is believed to be the brother of Zeituni Onyango, Obama’s aunt who went through deportation hearings herself but ultimately won the right to stay in this country.

Obama initially denied drinking and then admitted to having one beer and then two. He was arraigned Wednesday and is being held without bail in federal custody.

The White House did not comment.

Illegal Aliens Eligible for Social Security Benefits

Annie was an ethnic Chinese born in Malaysia who had legally emigrated to the U.S. decades ago. She entered my law office with her mother, who clutched a well-worn copy of a Chinese language book called What You Need to Know About Life in America that is eventually encountered by most immigration lawyers.

Annie knew her mother had no legal basis to remain in the U.S. She had overstayed her tourist visa and had never applied for any type of immigration benefit beyond that, though she had managed to remain for years, working off the books and going undetected by the INS.

Annie had brought her mother to my office not for an immigration matter, but for retirement planning. She had one question, "What do I have to do to qualify her for SSI?"

SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, is a federal cash benefit program for persons 65 or older, or those who are blind or have a disability. SSI payments are generally unavailable to most people already receiving Social Security benefits, though an individual may be able to receive both if combined household income and resources fall within the SSI limits. Besides cash payments, persons who are eligible for SSI are automatically eligible for most state-administered Medicaid programs.

SSI is funded through the payroll taxes of Americans. But you don't have to be an American to receive SSI payments. Like food stamps, Medicaid and almost every other form of social insurance that America has developed to help its citizens, SSI is targeted by people from other countries as a tool to materially improve their lives without work.

The 1996 Welfare Reform Act may have erected barriers to a non-citizen's eligibility for SSI, but it did not come close to ending it. The very group Congress sought to make ineligible for SSI, people who may have entered the U.S. illegally but through a series of happy accidents permanently reside here under color of law ("PRUCOL" aliens), has been able to hold on to SSI eligibility through a combination of lawyering and lobbying.

What You Need to Know About Life in America was first published in Taiwan in the late 1980s. It provided readers with a step-by-step guide on how to come to the U.S. and apply for public assistance, including SSI. It figured prominently in the debate that led up to the 1996 Welfare Reform Act, and most thought that the book, and what it stood for, would go away with the act's restrictions on public assistance for non-citizens.

The book, however, is still around, frequently in photocopied form, and has been edited to reflect the new realities of public assistance for non-citizens. Like its readers, What You Need to Know About Life in America hasn't gone away; it has just changed its tactics.

"PRUCOL" aliens are people who have either entered the U.S. illegally or who have overstayed their visa, but who the INS has decided not to remove from the U.S. One may wonder how it is possible for the INS to know that an alien is in the U.S. illegally and make an affirmative decision to not remove that person, but built into the Immigration and Nationality Act is an "escape hatch" that permits any immigration judge to indefinitely withhold an order of removal for any alien whose removal from the U.S. would create great hardship. Though that person will probably never have legal immigration status, he is entitled to several forms of public assistance.

But PRUCOL aliens are not nearly the major threat to social security. The Bush administration has reportedly completed a draft of a treaty between the U.S. and Mexico that will give the Mexican government at least $345 billion in Social Security payments for Mexicans who have worked in the U.S. legally and illegally. The treaty, which is unique in that it provides a foreign government Social Security money even for those of its citizens who have worked illegally in America, may be timed to coincide with the 2004 elections.

If the draft treaty becomes law, it will dismantle the chief provision of the 1996 Welfare Reform Act, a law which has saved U.S. taxpayers $72 billion since inception, because it will give Social Security payments to illegal aliens and legal aliens who have not paid into our payroll tax system for the requisite 10 years.

There are other assaults to Social Security. For years, local Social Security offices have issued Social Security cards to illegal aliens if one was requested in connection with an application for a state driver's license. Social Security Administration employees and supervisors, like Yolanda Vargas in Texas and Andrea Turner in New Jersey, have been caught selling Social Security cards to illegal aliens, who use them later in life to apply for benefits.

Most federal agencies regard a person whose immediate relative has just petitioned her into the country as a PRUCOL alien, and therefore someone potentially eligible for public assistance. So it was that Annie filed a petition for her mother, who had never paid taxes. She was paroled into the U.S., stopped working and started receiving her check about 14 months later.

Read More: http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/local/worcester...

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  • Emanon 2011/09/02 18:02:47
    What I Think is
    Who knows, they have ways of staying under the Radar ...

    What I do love is no matter if he knew him or not they will try and tie him to him. I do not know half of my family, but you better believe if I ever run for office some uncle I have never met and never knew who did something illegal will become "Emanon's favorite" uncle or trying to seem some closeness in no time....

    ... goes back to my cave, I need hookers

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  • Michaelene 2011/09/09 16:38:49
    if illegal immigrants are doing it who knows if Terrorists in sleeper cells ...
    Illegal immigrants are criminals and should be removed at their own country's cost. Deduct the $900 airfare from African Aid.

    Obama's family has sucked at the teat of the American taxpayer for generations.
    Even his campaigning murderous bloody coup leader cousin Odigna has gotten a hand up from the big 0 and a blind eye from our leaders (and the media) when he committed genocide.

    Public employees are obviously conspiring with criminals and wont get fired even though there are RICO charges to be brought by the lamest Department of Justice in the history of the USA!

    This is why I say remove them all, get in line with everyone else. Then we will welcome you.
  • Maleficent 2011/09/05 15:23:46
    What I Think is
    he made himself a citizen to the U.S.
  • Magyarita 2011/09/03 19:43:40
    What I Think is
    They WANT us to think he's an illegal. XD
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Magyarita 2011/09/10 16:11:43
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    HE IS AN ILLEGAL Duh its on the news try watching the news for once
  • Magyarita ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2011/09/10 22:28:10
    I was joking.
  • redneck 2011/09/03 13:21:58
  • ELLIE 2011/09/03 07:45:43
    What I Think is
    Since this Uncle has a famous Nephew with a equally dodgy background there shouldn't have been too much trouble to get the paperwork sorted.
  • HowardFernandez 2011/09/03 05:42:10
    What I Think is
    Nowhere in the story it`s mentioned that the man has a Social Security number or driver`s license. So the premise of the question is false.
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... HowardF... 2011/09/05 16:03:57
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    its on the news in my state okay and he got a social security number and SS number thru illegal methods
  • HowardF... ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2011/09/09 02:04:45
    Like so many others; it is a problem that has existed for years and the fact that he`s Obama`s uncle does not make this case special, except for his relation to POTUS.
  • Michaelene HowardF... 2011/09/09 16:45:23
    Yes, and I am thankful, it is about time these matters get the attention they deserve.
  • HowardF... Michaelene 2011/09/10 04:21:05
    I agree but to some people that`s not what this is about; it`s about bashing Obama.
  • Michaelene HowardF... 2011/09/10 13:50:23
    Of course he is going to get bashed. Every President has had a family member do something "newsworthy", it's just different now because it's Obama? I don't think so.
  • HowardF... Michaelene 2011/10/01 06:44:18
    True enough but I think this President is getting more than prior holders of the office
  • Michaelene HowardF... 2011/10/01 14:44:57
    I remember Billy Beer, Bush's daughters, etc. I really think the difference is the 24/7 news cycle, blogs, and social networking that makes it seem worse only because more people are talking about it and hearing about it..
  • HowardF... Michaelene 2011/10/03 02:33:26
    That`s partly true but I really believe with this POTUS is different because all the other stuff: he`s a Muslim, he was not born here, etc.
  • Michaelene HowardF... 2011/10/03 18:51:16
    The question regarding his religion and his life experiences have already been answered, he was a Muslim who converted to Black Liberation Theology Christianity when he married Michele.
    The questions about his birth are regarding the citizenship of his parents and presidential candidate mandates.

    There were Congressional hearings regarding McCains birth, now that was different, hmmmm?
  • HowardF... Michaelene 2011/10/08 02:19:57
    As far a s I know he was never a Muslim and even if he was at some point, he`s now a christian. As for his citizenship, his parent`s citizenship is irrelevant, he was born in America (Hawaii) , therefore, he`s American. I was not aware of hearings on McCain`s citizenship but I can tell you that if there were any, they constituted a waste of time; McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone which, at the time, was under American jurisdiction, therefore, it was as if he`d been born on the continental US. As for the presidential candidate mandates, the only ones are that he`d be over 35 years old and American; he meets both criteria.
  • Michaelene HowardF... 2011/10/08 21:07:50
    "as far as I know" is not too far.
    Everything I wrote is true, from his citizenship issues to his religion. His life is an open book right? lol
  • HowardF... Michaelene 2011/10/15 02:50:23
    So you say, I wonder, Who or what are your sources? Fox News, maybe? Or, Weirdnetdaily? Even if he was originally a Muslim and then converted to Christianity, So what? it makes no difference and you did not answer my question abut Obama`s alleged lies. so let me ask again: What has POTUS lied about?
  • Michaelene HowardF... 2011/10/15 12:05:02
    How about how many jobs the stimulus would create? I'm sure we can create a whole poll listing his campaign lies.
  • HowardF... Michaelene 2011/10/18 03:05:23
    That was not a lie but an estimate that did not come true. About that list: Why don`t you make one? And while we are on the subject of campaign lies, I clearly remember candidate George W. Bush promising a "humble foreign policy"; remember what happened with that one.
  • Michaelene HowardF... 2011/10/19 15:03:03
    The stimulus was not a campaign promise, it was a flawed domestic policy that he joked about afterward. Most of us do not find it funny, especially when we see our families struggling without jobs.
  • HowardF... Michaelene 2011/10/21 02:13:59
    The policy itself was not flawed, it was the execution that sucked.
  • Michaelene HowardF... 2011/10/21 12:18:36
    If you remember, Bush began the stimulus programs first.
  • HowardF... Michaelene 2011/11/11 03:07:17
    No, what Bush began was the Wall Street and bank bailout. The stimulus was all Obama`s.
  • Michaelene HowardF... 2011/11/11 14:00:25
    I guess you don't remember the extra cash at tax time averaging $600 per family in 2007. Yes, he did.
    Really Congress initiated the TARP program and McCain, Clinton and Obama all voted for TARP.
  • HowardF... Michaelene 2011/11/18 03:23:41
    That was a one-time thing and since it happened before the economic crisis It can`t be properly called stimulus; TARP is what the bailout was called.
  • Michaelene HowardF... 2011/11/18 13:06:29
    Really? Cash for Clunkers was a one time thing but I guess that was not stimulus either.
    Jan 2008 we were already in a serious situation, look at a chart for gold, by summer most of my clients were already "solidifying" their assets, before TARP was signed.
  • HowardF... Michaelene 2011/12/06 03:52:15
    The Cash for Clunkers can be considered stimulus in a broad sense but when most people talk about the stimulus they refer to the stimulus package that the administration pushed through Congress during Obama`s first year; TARP was the bailout of financial institutions the Bush administration pushed through Congress to deal with the crisis in the financial system. TARP and the bailout are two separate initiatives by two different administrations.
  • Michaelene HowardF... 2011/12/06 20:13:52
    TARP was distributed during both administrations. A bipartisan vote that BHO approved, without reading like most bills.

    You said a stimulus cannot be a one time thing, but in fact there were a half dozen stimulus actions that were done along with Stimulus1 and Stimulus 2 (aka Omnibus). Cash for Caulkers is another example of stimulus that failed.

    The economic crisis began in 2007 and is still taking us downhill. Bush did attempt to stimulate the economy repeatedly, just as Obama has done.

    Obama's 2010 "payroll tax cut" aka reduced payments into both your Social Security and Medicare accounts are underfunding an already financially disastrous social safety net. Read your SS statements for their adjustment in the date of SS's insolvency.

    I'm not most people, please don't make assumptions, we both know what that leads to.
  • HowardF... Michaelene 2011/12/10 04:31:18
    TARP was indeed distributed during both administrations but only because it came at the tail end of the Bush term and it cannot be considered stimulus; regarding stimulus generally, it was (and is) the right thing to do because, first it prevented the recession form becoming a depression and second, it`s exactly what the economy needed. As for SS it`s not in a "financially disastrous" situation: as a matter of fact, it has a 2.3 trillion surplus and fully funded until 2036; having said that, I agree with you that the payroll tax holiday is not a smart idea. If you`re worried about the future funding of the social safety net, you should thank republicans for that; they`re the ones trying to kill it. A stimulus can be a one-time event but it won`t work as well as an ongoing program would. Finally, I don`t make assumptions about people because I do know where that leads.
  • ladyjane 2011/09/03 04:25:54
    What I Think is
    Look who he us related to - maybe he made a few calls before?
  • HowardF... ladyjane 2011/09/09 02:06:15 (edited)
    He did not have to, there`s already an illegal business selling fake SS numbers and ids and it has existed for years.
  • Erok 2011/09/03 02:59:33
    What I Think is
    Same way his nephew pulls all the B.S. he does.....know people with money in hi places and you can get away with murder....hell you don't even have to have a clue how to do your job.....
  • mustangluver 2011/09/03 02:44:04
    if illegal immigrants are doing it who knows if Terrorists in sleeper cells ...
    BO has a Connecticut SS...so obviously it is being done by all...
  • calamidad9 2011/09/02 23:27:46
    What I Think is
    Same way BHO got multiple SSNs - fraud
  • Miss UT 2011/09/02 22:25:37
    What I Think is
    Miss UT
    Where in this article does it say that President Obama's uncle has a Social Security Card? It did not say either that he had a drivers' license. But, since he was not charged with driving without a license, he must have one. I would expect that anyone in this country for any length of time, and expects to drive, would be required to have a license in their state of residence. Just a thought...
  • redneck Miss UT 2011/09/03 13:31:50
    Did you watch the vidieos ?????
  • Chukroast 2011/09/02 19:34:54
    if illegal immigrants are doing it who knows if Terrorists in sleeper cells ...
    It pays to have a nephew in high places.

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