Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2009/12/04 18:05:40
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  • styphy 2009/12/20 03:52:36
  • Entelechius Maximus 2009/12/13 23:39:00
    Entelechius Maximus
    I like them so many ways... one of my favorites is just how you have them pictured with a gigantic pile of buttered toast to sop up the runny yokes. Unfortunately I have a mild allergy and if I eat them that way I have to pay the price lol... so usually I go with scrambled.
  • jerrbear 2009/12/12 03:55:18 (edited)
    Deviled eggs.
  • allergik2love 2009/12/10 20:11:50
    scrabbled :D!! scrabbled
  • ★Calliope★ 2009/12/09 23:39:39
    Like I like my men.
    No wait that doesn't work.
    Benedict. wait work benedict
  • Silas 2009/12/09 16:16:24
    It like them poached with dip-able yoke. poached dip-able yoke
  • peaceful 2009/12/09 15:17:09
    Scotch Eggs And Salmon! :)

    scotch eggs salmon

    scotch eggs salmon

    Scotch Eggs

    This recipe makes 6 Scotch eggs.

    6 hard-cooked eggs, well chilled
    1 pound breakfast sausage
    1/2 cup flour
    2 eggs, beaten
    3/4 cup fine bread crumbs
    Vegetable oil for frying

    Peel eggs and set aside. Divide sausage into 6 portions. Roll each egg in flour and with hands press a portion of the sausage around each egg.

    Dip sausage-wrapped eggs into beaten eggs and roll in bread crumbs. Heat vegetable oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Cook each egg in oil about 4-5 minutes or until sausage is cooked and browned. Drain on paper toweling. Serve warm.
  • Smartkid1 2009/12/09 11:34:37 (edited)
  • Captain Kirk~POTL 2009/12/09 03:48:30
    Captain Kirk~POTL
    Over easy.
  • jimmy Captain... 2009/12/09 16:07:46
  • brotherplease 2009/12/09 00:43:14
    poached on toast or an English muffin poached toast english muffin
  • Turtle Chell 2009/12/08 19:22:03
    Turtle Chell
    mmm, migas!!!
    mmm migas
  • wolfsan11 2009/12/08 18:01:56
    Scrambled, hard-boiled, or omelet. Or in a cake :D
  • mitch 2009/12/08 17:55:14
    still in the chicken....lol chicken lol
  • jackolantyrn356 2009/12/08 05:48:38
    Join the discussion! Answer here.I like my eggs scrambled using a half cup of whole milk.per every 3 eggs minimum of 6 eggs in all. Seasoned with either a ligtle sprinkle of Cayanne Pepper and a dash or two of "Miricle Whip" over the top or a hard sprinkle of black pepper miz=xed into the f=eggs evenly and a last salt douse.
  • Shay 2009/12/08 04:55:35
    over medium
  • mrosen814 2009/12/08 00:22:35
    scrambled, with the eggs beat very lightly before hitting the pan

    scrambled eggs beat lightly hitting pan
  • Billyk75 2009/12/07 20:16:28
    Over hard.
  • snipe 2009/12/07 19:26:55
    Over easy, but I haven't met a Restaurant cook yet that knows what over easy means. Over easy to them is slimy, so I always order over medium, that way I get em' the way I like em'.
  • Silas snipe 2009/12/09 16:18:14
    I know what you mean. I tell them I WANT THE YOKE RUNNY. Instead I get hardboiled. sigh
  • I am the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT 2009/12/07 18:29:33
  • Leyla 2009/12/07 14:45:18
    i love scrambled with hints of salt. yyuuuummm oh and in between a bagel if possible :)
  • Torchy 2009/12/07 14:30:02
    Deviled with Franks Red Hot added!!

    deviled franks red hot
  • mike 2009/12/07 09:13:11
    omelete meat chess an an more an bacon on side
  • BabyKitten 2009/12/07 05:54:16
    omelete, no meat
  • MaxxaM 2009/12/07 05:08:59
    Scrambled :)
  • Caity 2009/12/07 01:31:48
    Over hard. I would live off deviled eggs if I could, but they're so unhealthy...
    live deviled eggs unhealthy
  • luigi1- in god we trust 2009/12/06 23:36:40
    luigi1- in god we trust
    i'll take the heart attack bomb special. two eggs on buttered toast with four strips of bacon.
  • WILLY 2009/12/06 22:09:46
    Whites cooked not slimy and Yellow runny as hell..MMMMMMMMMMM Goooood.. whites cooked slimy yellow runny mmmmmmmmmmm goooood
  • ☆ K r i s t i n a ☆ 2009/12/06 21:37:32
    ☆ K r i s t i n a ☆
    i hate eggs
  • Kern 2009/12/06 19:56:47 (edited)
    Scrambled and lightly peppered, with just the right touch of spicy Tabasco sauce.

    Add a pair of fluffy pancakes, crispy hashbrowns, and some bacon and sausage on the side, and you've made my morning :D

    tabasco sauce add pair fluffy pancakes crispy hashbrowns bacon sausage
  • Maddie 2009/12/06 19:14:44
    Over easy is how I will eat them but have to have hashbrowns, toast and bacon. If I don't have that I do scrambled.
  • dublin9 2009/12/06 17:50:08 (edited)
    I usually prefer my eggs done outside of the chicken because feathers tickle my nose.
  • guitar kid 2009/12/06 16:15:32
    guitar kid
  • Rick4Ron - Paul☮2012 2009/12/06 08:32:27
    Rick4Ron - Paul☮2012
    Any way, which I can get them!

    I love eggs! But, only from the overpriced, (Truly) free-range, chickens who are allowed to eat bugs and whatever growth they can find.

    Omelets, and over-medium. Scrambled, and raw in the blender with whey protein.
  • BabyKitten Rick4Ro... 2009/12/07 08:51:06
    icky raw eggs baby?? I haven't seen you do that yet!! Let me know before you do so I can leave the house or atleast go to a different room :) everything else sounds dill-cious. Hey when you making dinner now I am hungry?
  • Rick4Ro... BabyKitten 2009/12/07 09:06:06
    Rick4Ron - Paul☮2012
    Straight, or with a Whey protein mix... raw, and in their healthiest form!

    Dinner is a reward for bad behavior, so I will have it served, soon! :)
  • RoryCanadia 2009/12/06 07:54:41
    Poached. Soft yolk. On toast, with as much bacon as I can get away with taking.
  • wedase 2009/12/06 03:36:36
    With the yolk cooked thru.
  • Tommy 2009/12/06 03:27:03
    squashed =P

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