How do we prevent another mass shooting like the one in Connecticut?

Heptarch 2012/12/16 12:51:46
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  • Heptarch 2012/12/16 12:52:50
    Less media coverage of shootings
    I believe that there's no one answer, but that the media sensationalizing these events encourages others to commit them.

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  • Dave In Cali 2013/04/18 23:01:02
    Dave In Cali
    Arm and train the masses. One would be a hell of a lot less likely to draw their gun, when everyone else has one, too.
  • Heptarch Dave In... 2013/04/18 23:52:35
    Judging by people's decreasing ability to deal with their problems rationally, I think arming everyone would just end up causing massive amounts of gunfights.
  • Dave In... Heptarch 2013/04/20 09:46:11
    Dave In Cali
    That is a possibility, naturally. However, the overwhelming majority of armed citizens - myself, my parents, and my sister included - have never used a firearm to even threaten anyone over a problem. While I love my family, I'm not arrogant enough to think that we're "special"... Indeed, I'd wager that 90% of the gun owners in the US have never fired a shot in anger, nor do they intend to.
  • Heptarch Dave In... 2013/04/20 17:44:32
    It only takes a fraction of 1% of people to cause mass homicide.
  • Dave In... Heptarch 2013/05/09 23:02:45
    Dave In Cali
    Hiya Hep. This is the same logic that people use when they blame video games for violence... or rap... or Rock&Roll before that. It's a known fact that murder (including mass murder) predates firearms. And yes, a tiny percentage of humans will always be a pain in the majority's ass...
  • Heptarch Dave In... 2013/05/10 23:38:51 (edited)
    Oh, yes, murder existed before guns. Guns just make murder easier and more efficient. You didn't see a ton of spree killers before the advent of firearms.

    For the record, I am not advocating banning guns. I advocate for doing everything we can to keep them ONLY in the hands of responsible people.
  • Bibliophilic 2013/03/27 20:34:53
    Honestly, I do not think that there's a way to prevent these occurrences, but we CAN be better prepared. Doors to schools should not be open to the public, armed security professionals, installing metal detectors...

    Most importantly it should be known who or what is happening on public school grounds. Amping up security systems and installing cameras wouldn't hurt.
  • Heptarch Bibliop... 2013/03/27 20:41:50
    I think they would happen less often if the shooters got less air time.

    But I agree with you that there is no easy fix. I also agree that there are things we can do with school security that could help. I think having a "Panic Room", perhaps as a basement with secured access in each classroom. Perhaps with limiting access to the public. Perhaps with an "emergency button" in the office that an administrator could press to close off all class room doors and call the police. Certainly bulletproof windows and doors.
  • METALheadMom 2013/03/23 03:08:12
    Less media coverage of shootings
    AND, MUCH easier and less costly mental help. Obama should be working on THAT instead of gun control. SANE people DO NOT do this kind of crap. It's the nut behind the gun, not the gun.
  • OPen Minded 2013/02/18 05:17:49
    OPen Minded
    One person in that school with a firearm could have prevented or at least reduced the death toll.

    Taking firearms away from law-abiding citizens will not stop the violence. This has been proven.
  • Heptarch OPen Mi... 2013/03/23 22:39:46
    Allowing guns in schools will only mean that regular fights that might not have escalated into gunfire might do so.

    No thanks.
  • OPen Mi... Heptarch 2013/03/24 02:37:40
    OPen Minded

    A teacher or two with a weapon at Sandy Hook would have made a pretty big difference.
  • Heptarch OPen Mi... 2013/03/26 21:55:13
    And how many instances would we have of those weapons being used to escalate a confrontation that would otherwise never have involved a gun? How many teachers shouldn't have them to begin with? What happens if a student disarms the teacher and uses the gun?

    No. The idea that the best way of stopping gun violence is to have MORE guns is absolutely ludicrous.
  • OPen Mi... Heptarch 2013/03/27 03:15:32
    OPen Minded
    You think it makes less sense than taking guns away from the good guys and telling the bad guys "HEY! THERE ARE NO GUNS HERE!" ??
  • Heptarch OPen Mi... 2013/03/27 20:21:09
    Who said anything about taking guns away from people? Not me. I firmly believe that Americans have every right to own firearms for their protection and the protection of their family and property.

    That doesn't mean I support having teachers carry guns in school. That's just an asinine idea. Like teachers don't have enough to deal with already without adding guns into the mix.
  • OPen Mi... Heptarch 2013/03/28 04:01:29
    OPen Minded
    They should be able to make that choice on their own.
  • Heptarch OPen Mi... 2013/03/28 19:51:18
    Not a chance in hell. I don't want armed teachers around my kids. There are places that people shouldn't have guns and school is one of them.
  • always ... Heptarch 2013/04/18 17:25:00 (edited)
    always in trouble
    If this were a perfect world? Jesus would not have to die for our sins. If this were a perfect world we would not be having this discussion. Besides,If I had kids going to school? Put in that scenario? I would want them protected.
  • Heptarch always ... 2013/04/18 19:17:15
    My point is that I think having guns in schools would be MORE dangerous to our children than not having them there.
  • always ... Heptarch 2013/04/18 20:08:01
    always in trouble
    Were you in the corp like your profile suggests, and if you were? Are you taking it from personal experience?
  • Heptarch always ... 2013/04/18 20:13:53
    Yes, I was in the Corps.

    To answer your question, no. It's not personal experience. It's my belief that having guns in school will lead to more deadly violence, not less.
  • always ... Heptarch 2013/04/18 20:22:21
    always in trouble
    Thank You for serving this great country. Your probably right. But I would rather my loved one was protected.
  • Heptarch always ... 2013/04/18 20:27:02
    You're welcome. Thank you for the show of respect.

    I want my loved ones protected, too, believe me. I just think that having guns in school (on teachers, for instance) would basically give students relatively easy access to guns. Confrontations between students and teachers, students and students would be in more danger of escalating to gunfights because of that.

    Besides, I think there are other things we can do to secure schools without introducing weapons into them.
  • always ... Heptarch 2013/04/18 22:58:32
    always in trouble
    This will be a little far fetched. I go to M.CR.D. Paris Island or San Diego. I never signed on the dotted line, but I did everything you do in training. I came out still didn't sign on the dotted. Am I a Marine?
  • Heptarch always ... 2013/04/18 23:54:03 (edited)
    No, you're not. But I give you a tremendous amount of credit for having gone through Marine Corps boot camp, either way.

    Being a Marine isn't just about the hard work, it's about the commitment to the Corps.

    If you were willing to do all the hard work, why didn't you "sign on the dotted line"?
  • OPen Mi... Heptarch 2013/05/02 02:04:31
    OPen Minded

    That worked out REALLY well, didn't it?
  • Heptarch OPen Mi... 2013/05/02 02:07:43
    Not sure what you're responding to here...
  • always in trouble 2013/02/03 00:21:41
    always in trouble
    Bring back the bible and the fear of God. Allow all to protect their family.
  • Heptarch always ... 2013/02/03 03:28:32
    Funny... the shooter in Aurora was a devout Christian.

    What else you got for me?
  • OPen Mi... Heptarch 2013/03/24 02:39:06
    OPen Minded
    Funny. You've already made up your mind.

    I've got nothing for you.
  • Heptarch OPen Mi... 2013/03/26 21:56:19 (edited)
    Yeah, I've made up my mind. That's the consequence of having the facts.

    The idea that somehow it's a lack of religion that leads to spree shooters is asinine.
  • OPen Mi... Heptarch 2013/03/27 03:20:41
    OPen Minded
    Check your facts again, I think you are missing some data.
  • Heptarch OPen Mi... 2013/03/27 20:24:05 (edited)
    Such as? Are you disputing that James Holmes was a devout Christian? He was deeply involved in his Presbyterian church.

    But hey, you're the one making unsubstantiated claims (i.e. that the decline of religion in this country has led directly to the rise in spree shootings). How about you start proving your OWN claims.
  • OPen Mi... Heptarch 2013/03/28 04:05:31
    OPen Minded
    The man was a psycho. Or can you not see that?
  • Heptarch OPen Mi... 2013/03/28 19:52:04
    Oh, yes, he clearly was. He was also a staunch Presbyterian.

    Your argument was that reconnecting with god would prevent such tragedies. I was merely showing you that you were wrong.
  • always ... Heptarch 2013/04/18 20:16:49
    always in trouble
    If he was a Christian? Which I know he wasn't. He wouldn't have done that. His punishment right now is more than he can bare. It will be much worse, after the Great WhiteThrown of Judgement. Everyone will be there(the Saved and nonsaved.)to give an account to God about our lives. The unsaved will disappear, never to be heard of again,
  • Heptarch always ... 2013/04/18 20:22:28 (edited)
    "Which I know he wasn't. "

    You're wrong. He is a Presbyterian, active in his church.
  • OPen Mi... Heptarch 2013/05/02 02:05:56
    OPen Minded
    Presbyterian are psycho.
  • Heptarch OPen Mi... 2013/05/02 02:07:58
    And Christian.
  • always ... Heptarch 2013/03/28 18:23:48
    always in trouble
    You can't prove it. Just because he said it, doesn't mean it's so.
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