How do I remove Farmville updates on Facebook?

Bill O'Reilly ~In Satan I trust~ 2009/09/08 19:56:35
I don't have it, I can't stand it and 40% of my contacts play it, sending constant requests to me and choking my newsfeed with updates. Is there any way to remove it or even them from my newsfeed until the fad blows over? If so, how?
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  • Matt 2009/12/29 14:13:28
    Thank you so much. All the farmfishmafiavillewars crap has irritated me long enough. Now I no longer have to sort through it.

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  • Claudette Yurko 2011/05/19 03:08:57
    Claudette Yurko
    Farmville is driving me CRAZY - all the notifications come on my Blackberry but they do not show up on my wall so I can block it?? Any suggestions on how to stop it from coming to my bb? Thanks!!
  • Brent 2010/02/01 15:01:27
    Facebook updated the Hide link so you can now select the application instead of the user.

    Step by step:
  • Matt 2009/12/29 14:13:28
    Thank you so much. All the farmfishmafiavillewars crap has irritated me long enough. Now I no longer have to sort through it.
  • RamonZ. 2009/10/04 15:22:26
    Thank You!!!! Rot in Hell Farmville!!!!
  • Manuel Jinesta 2009/09/10 00:48:51
    Manuel Jinesta
    This is the best that has happened to me. So long farmville, fortune cookies, and all the stuff that people that has noting to do, get into.
  • Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    When someone sends you another request from that application go click on it. Underneath where it says accept it says in small letters Block this Application. It'll block people from sending you requests from it.

    You can also hide Farmville from your newsfeed and that should take care of friends posting their updates. Just put the arrow over on the left side of the name(when they post an update) and the hide box should show up. It will give you the option to hide the application or the person
  • Susan F Lady Ju... 2010/01/31 01:21:56
    Susan F
    I have tried to hide Farmville from my News Feed, but the Hide function only gives me the option to hide the person, not the application. I don't want to block other posts from some of the Farmville users, just Farmville. I have blocked other applications using the method you suggested. How do I get around whatever Farmville has done to keep people from blocking it?
  • Lady Ju... Susan F 2010/01/31 01:59:22
    Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    Not sure on that one. Sorry
  • Susan F Lady Ju... 2010/01/31 22:01:22
    Susan F
    As I look at the posts very closely, I think the problem is that Farmville-obsessed friends sometimes send Farmville-related content via other applications, such as a "Farmville photo" that apparently was posted as a regular photo. Another post about a lost virtual animal came from an application called "Hug Me" and might have been derivative of Farmville rather than something from it directly. Don't we all have enough to deal with in real gardens and live pets without getting messages about virtual ones?
  • Laura♥TH&HP *The Great Esca... 2009/09/08 20:00:24 (edited)
    Laura♥TH&HP *The Great Escape* 〶
    I have tried to get rid of farmville notifications but have been unsucsessful so far. As far as I know there is no way to stop them, you can only prevent your updates from going on the newsfeed.

    EDIT: hover over a farmville notification, a hide button will pop up, click on it and select hide farmville
  • Bill O'... Laura♥T... 2009/09/08 20:03:41
    Bill O'Reilly ~In Satan I trust~
    Thank you so much.
  • Laura♥T... Bill O'... 2009/09/08 20:04:22
    Laura♥TH&HP *The Great Escape* 〶
    Your welcome
  • cappsy has a barcode ~_~ 2009/09/08 20:00:23
    cappsy has a barcode ~_~
    I believe underneath one of the requests you can see in really tiny print block requests from this site.

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