How do great nations fail?

FanOreilly 2011/08/06 08:34:56

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  • indycar danjac1263 2011/08/08 17:53:54
    thats the same attitude that got our country into this mess ignore the problems of this country and pretend they don't happen, you my friend are one of the many examples of how this country has gone down hill
  • danjac1263 indycar 2011/08/08 17:55:39
    I already know the liberal jibberish, probably even better than you who worships at its alter. Get well.
  • indycar danjac1263 2011/08/08 23:13:20
    Hahaha going away without one comment backing up your claim,now trying to blame it on me being a liberal maybe you should research the subject before you make claims that are easily shut down
  • danjac1263 indycar 2011/08/09 04:01:25
    Going away, lol. I learned long ago not to play the dueling link game with libtards. Only there links are ever valid, and they have no interest in truth.
  • Defend ... indycar 2011/08/07 08:58:48
    Defend Western Civlization
    You mean the same "uperclass" that is donating billions of dollars to Comrade Obama
  • Lady Wh... indycar 2011/08/07 09:22:34
    Lady Whitewolf
    B I N G O !!!!
  • Kingpin 2011/08/07 05:10:02
    Mayans, Egyptians, Romans, Aztecs, so many others fell. They all started out with a common ideal , then diversity divided, deluded the ideal.
  • maggied45 2011/08/07 05:07:46
    Not with a bang... but a whisper.
  • cathy 2011/08/07 04:38:04 (edited)
    Under poor leadership (obama and co.)
  • McCate 2011/08/07 04:33:16
    we are about to find out, YIKES!
  • Mike W 2011/08/07 04:28:42
    Mike W
    They elect idiots like this... elect idiots Obama pelosi reid
    And encourage a population to rely on the government instead of on themselves.
  • Defend ... Mike W 2011/08/07 09:00:07
    Defend Western Civlization
    Very Well Said
  • Radical 1s1am1st 2011/08/07 04:16:20
    Radical 1s1am1st
    Everything eventually dies, people, ideas, the earth, our sun and nations. Whatever the reason or reasons, it is an inevitability. Unless you are perceptionally five years old then I guess you can ask this question and others like it, if it rains here is it raining every where? If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it does make any noise? ect.

    guess rains raining tree falls woods hears noise ect simpsons ha ha
  • Jaxxi 2011/08/07 04:10:00
    They become arrogant, self-centered, and lose their integrity. They care only about themselves, greed, and money and forget to thank the people who helped them get to where they are. They feel entitled, and lose their spiritual side, and sell out for money. They lose the values that made them great to begin with.
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2011/08/07 04:09:35 (edited)
    You will love THIS then my friend...seem there are folks here on SH (and evidently this thread even) saying it's the fault of the republicans for S and P's downgrading of our credit rating..and the ONLY and i mean ONLY recourse in their tiny little minds are to TAX TAX and TAX and Spend 5 times more

    recourse tiny minds tax tax tax spend 5 times
  • david 2011/08/07 04:04:57
    They elect people like George Bush and Sarah Palin.. Thats how you destroy the United States
  • Defend ... david 2011/08/07 09:02:05
    Defend Western Civlization
    GW and Palin do not back gun control/socialism and Hate Israel try again
    gw palin gun controlsocialism hate israel
  • Chelsea 2011/08/07 03:49:59
    When they abandon their values and lower their standards in the hopes they will be "liked". What other reason could there possibly be to explain the insanity that has invaded our government?
  • Brian 2011/08/07 03:33:03
    When people become apathetic and do nothing.
  • MegaFortunateSon 2011/08/07 03:20:54
    Greed will be the downfall of mankind. All the problems that exist today are a direct result of it.
  • KFOR777 2011/08/07 03:06:40
    Allow the government to take over the schools, kick out God, the Bible and anything to do with morality, dumb down the curriculum and teach the students a biased view of historical events.
    After 40 years of that, the people will be so stupid that they'll elect anyone that promises them a free ride and has a catchy three word slogan.
  • Lady Wh... KFOR777 2011/08/07 09:24:31
    Lady Whitewolf
    "kick out God, the Bible"

    Sorry, but that DOES NOT belong in school. Want that? go to church.

  • Irish little 2011/08/07 03:00:55
    Irish little
    They get great leaders like the great BHO.
  • eagle8 2011/08/07 03:00:25
    I’m not clear on the paths of other great nations but here in the U.S.A…
    Because we allowed our sovereign states and their once strong constitutional republic to become victim of its own bloated centralized federal government by ignoring the checks and balances and furthering the right of democracy away from the people of this great nation. It’s easy folks; we want longevity and prosperity as a nation than we need to cut the size of the federal government and hold our own states more accountable to take care of the people that reside in them.
  • Azrael-In GOD we trust 2011/08/07 02:51:23
    Azrael-In GOD we trust
    They fail by adopting PC, because when this happens, the laws, constitution and everything our country stands for, goes down the sewer.
  • Aidoff Obama 2011/08/07 02:33:52
    Aidoff Obama
    By going over limits. America is spending too much.
  • Delapruch 2011/08/07 02:28:26
    The concept of the "nation state" has been dead for years. Multinational corporations fund the campaigns of politicians who run the world's policeman---the US acts in their favor alone. The people living within the borders of the US are consistently being strangled with everything from a lack of universal health care and increasing unemployment to cuts in education, mass layoffs of teachers, etc. Like in Rome, the money spent to expand the Empire and control every facet of the world is being drained from within the "state" responsible for the expansion. The difference being that the wealthy in Rome may not of had business partners in China, Mexico, etc. who operated in tandem with them to perpetuate this reality. It took 300 years or so for barbarians to destroy Rome, who had to numb its populace with carnage in the Colosseum. How long before organized groups who do not like the empire acquire nuclear weapons and use them? What will the people living in the US do then? Imagine an ant farm being shaken in the air relentlessly.
  • jgh57 2011/08/07 02:25:24
    They become proud, vain and forget where they came from.
  • ncc3865 2011/08/07 01:53:34
    They stop doing the work that made them great, and give up on the values that helped them stay there.
  • jay 2011/08/07 01:29:01
    As I historian I can say there are a variety. The main ones you will hear of are attacks from outside forces, diseases, or internal and moral decay.

    I think the united states had dealt with two of the three, but I think the enemy within in the worst. We have bowedto the false God of multi-cutralism and the more multi-cultural the country has gotte the worse it has gotten. Some say that is racist and if so then so be it, but I have frieds of every color who agree and see that being a problem. Illegal vermin sneaking across our border and raping our countries resources combined with all the muslims ( the radical ones which seems like most) coming here will be the undoing of our country. The worst enemy of the united states though is the liberal white.
  • Franklin 2011/08/07 01:22:13
    Its an old story / Rome stood for a thousand years and made 2 simple changes just before it crumbled 1st citizenship was granted and no longer had to be earned 2nd De- privatization of “vital services “ (they nationalized everything from Banks to food)
    Sound familiar anyone LOL
  • jay Franklin 2011/08/07 01:30:12
    I agree with you and the illegal invaders are one reason we are doomed. it might take a generation and I will probably be gone, but it will happen
  • Franklin jay 2011/08/07 02:22:32
    ...I predicted 3 years ago what the next 10 years will bring / America will break into 3 nations and fight each other for all that we once had as a single nation .
    Funny thing is its not that immigrants are "bad" its that anyone who comes here but keeps their heart back there IS BAD ! Those who come here to be a part of America make us stronger / those who come here just to get a piece of what we have but keep thinking of themselves as not a part of this nation , not vested in its future , not worried about what is GOOD for this nation .....
  • jay Franklin 2011/08/07 17:23:13
    i agree with your about immigrants, but many of the illegal and radical muslim ones will destroy us.
  • Franklin jay 2011/08/08 13:05:55
    our founding fathers where clear on this and in short knew that "A man can have only one master" in short if you hold another nation in your heart you can not be good for this one -
  • jay Franklin 2011/08/10 00:16:17
    True. I do have an affinity for dixie, but I hope these united states can get it together. Obama makes secession look more like the white thing to do
  • Ryan Hayes Franklin 2011/08/07 02:01:57
    Ryan Hayes
    LOL, yea tots followed this. In actuality, Rome granted citizenship to its conquered peoples, which was part of the reason it lasted so long. It crumbled when it started undermining outsiders as barbarians, people who should not be granted citizenship or be trusted. Second, while the government did promote the privatization, rome had a more mixed market economy. Many poor people made their livelihood working on government owned land. This created a stable economy which was eventually undermined by corruption by different wealthy nobles competing for power aka the seat of the Emperor (similar to PAC's) which eventually lead to the stoping of government help and the exploitation of the poor
  • Franklin Ryan Hayes 2011/08/07 02:33:27
    WRONG ! You lie often but not well - Citizenship was not given it was earned ! Every one could earn citizenship NO ONE got it for free or as a “birth right. Rome was undermined by its senate not by outside- private industry interests / Rome contracted out to private industry all of its services until its last 20+- years and it was food riots and famine that destroyed the empire , it is a fact that 10 years before the fall of Rome it had “nationalized” ALL food production and it was mismanagement by the senate that caused the famines ...governments exploit people and there is no one to turn to for redress . Blaming “industry” is the battle cry of the liberal-loser and has no foundation in fact ...name 10 nations that fell in the past 100 years , now tell me what “private company” destroyed them ? Now kiss my ass Re-Tard !
  • Ryan Hayes Franklin 2011/08/09 00:41:47
    Ryan Hayes
    I did not blame privatization for the fall of rome that is what made Rome great. Rome had a mixed market economy allowing a safety net fot the destitute poor but still allowed individuals to succeed. Rome's Senate was a corrupt institution indeed. The Senate by the time of the the Roman Empire had next to no power and te power it did have could have been undermined by the Emperor himself. I personally have found no article saying that rome had nationalized its food production and I would be grateful if you could kindly point me to an article that says so I believe that you are thinking of the Lex Sempronia agraria which was a law passed by the Roman senate (passed not during the time of the emperor but still during the Republic) that set a spark to a pile of dry wood known as politics and soon enough Cesar was killing Pompii. As for nations that have fallen as the result of a corporate influence lets see...... the 1954 coup in Guatemala because the government wanted to get the United Fruit out of the country as they should have and how could you forget the "business plot" in which corporations were planning to take over the United States itself.
  • Franklin Ryan Hayes 2011/08/09 00:55:54
    will look for the link when i am on my home PC can't find it here from a quick net run ...but I will speak to your examples . I asked about nations that fell because of private industry / you posted acts of OUR government alleged to have been taken against other governments -
    What I am saying and it is true , is that a free society can only come from people conducting FREE trade and using government to address abuse (real abuse not what passes for abuse in liberal world) as the government replaces private industry we have no one to go to when there is abuse ...and people always wind up abusing others as soon as they can get away with it ...when the government takes over private industry the people are soon to suffer and will have no way of addressing their issues .

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