How Did Ben Carson, Who Came From Poverty, Pay for Yale and Medical School? Did He Get Taxpayer Funded Pell Grants? Government Backed Student Loans? Help From Affirmative Action?

illinoyed 2013/03/22 02:54:53
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Carson's biography says he went to Yale on summer jobs and scholarships, but his bio is very short on details. What kind of scholarships did Carson get? Did those scholarships give him a "free ride" or did he have to fund the difference? And if so, where did he get the money to make up the difference, given that he came from poverty? Keep in mind that Yale is an Ivy League school with the price tag that goes with it, Ivy Leagues are among the most expensive schools in the U.S.! So where did the money come from?

Did Carson benefit from taxpayer funded Pell Grants which he did not have to pay back? Did he get government backed student loans, which is also funded with taxpayer money? Did Affirmative Action help Carson gain admission to Yale, and did his ethnicity allow him to qualify for financial aid that wasn't available to other students?

How does a kid with self-professed anger issues and not a dime to his name pay for a Yale University education and University of Michigan Medical School?

What do you think?
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  • zbacku 2013/03/22 03:56:56
    How can you tell Liberals are afraid of someone??? They start trashing his life in any way possible. Liberals cannot except the fact that there men and women out there with SMARTS, INTEGRITY, and HONOR that dare to stand up against them.

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  • Demforlife 2015/05/06 14:17:59
    There have been several right wing leaning politicians who benefited from welfare and government programs, and now run on positions seeking to end such for others.It is absolutely proper to question the past of Ben Carson, to determine the facts of his life. He seeks the highest office in our land, he cannot expect to escape questions about his consistency on such issues...If he took benefits, he needs to admit it, and explain why it was good for him,and not others..If he is self made, then he can be proud of it, if he was helped by the government, he needs to admit it
  • Concerned Citizen 2015/05/05 16:47:00
    I have no idea how Carson paid for his education, I just know he didn't take ...
    Concerned Citizen
    And you know that for fact? How? show me proof that he paid for his education totally on his own. He is as a brilliant doctor, but his forthcoming has a lot to be desired. like all republican politicians he circumnavigates answering any questions like this. Either that, they just lie outright because they know their base will believe them or just go along with him because it suits their purpose.
  • damian-the omen 2013/11/18 22:45:55
  • illinoyed damian-... 2013/11/19 05:48:57
    Republicans who don't believe government should be running those social programs to begin with will care very much.
  • digitusmedius 2013/11/18 18:02:45
    As we look more into Carson's life, I believe we will discover that he is the...
    Somebody called this a smear job. Why would it be a smear to know that a talented kid from poverty was helped to reach his full potential because he took advantage of some help. Why must rightwingers insist on this ideologic purity that the government never does anything good for people? It's they who would demean someone like Carson for benefitting from affirmative action.
  • illinoyed digitus... 2013/11/18 22:24:26
    Yes they would. It would be a lot of fun if Carson did decide to run, every single dime of government assistance his family took to survive would be paraded before the American voting public, every penny of government grants and loans Carson used to pay for college would be on display. Carson would become the poster child for the success of government safety net programs and government student aid programs.

    A dream come true for Democrats.
  • Grandpa illinoyed 2015/03/28 13:36:37 (edited)
    To BAD THE MEDIA AND PRESS DIDN'T COVER Barry hussian obamas Raise to fame >> Schooling as a FOREIGN STUDENT , RECORDS SEALED , BIRTH RECORDS ALONG WITH HIS SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ARE IN QUESTION >> BUT THEN THEY WOULDN'T BE P.C. as you never question a person of color as then your a RACIST >>> Guess you just have to be a DEMOC-RAT to have the media and press cover up and make excuses for your actions >>
  • illinoyed Grandpa 2015/03/28 19:05:09
    Too bad everything you list is UNPROVED CONSPIRACY THEORY, not fact. The media DID cover Obama's raise to fame, you just didn't like the report.

    Now that the shoe is on the other foot, we're going to have one HELL of a good time. Carson, here we come! LOL
  • Grandpa illinoyed 2015/03/28 20:21:53
  • illinoyed Grandpa 2015/03/29 18:00:36 (edited)
    And you belong at Flat Earth Society meetings with the other knuckle draggers.
  • Grandpa illinoyed 2015/03/30 14:45:46
    Better than some stupid BROAD LIKE YOU SWEETIE
  • illinoyed Grandpa 2015/03/30 16:33:26
  • ☆thehappyconservative☆ 2013/04/06 21:57:34
    well he is rather wealthy now.. isn't that how most students pay on loans? earn the bulk of the balance after you graduate?

    kinda a silly question.
  • littlebuffalo55TBA 2013/04/02 09:47:14
    Ah the typical smear again at work!

    As an independant I for sure would end Pell Grants for the daughters of multi-millionaires such as this woman's

    nancy pelosi

    Look it up Buttercup!
  • illinoyed littleb... 2013/04/03 05:12:30
    I did, I found absolutely NOTHING on it.

    Pell Grants are need based aid, multi-millionaires can't demonstrate financial need, so it's bullsh*t.
  • littleb... illinoyed 2013/04/03 05:21:13
    Ah NOT if the person is over 18 that applies for them! as an adult your parents do not have to provide support! That's how they weasel around it! But hey your the EXPERT as you accuse those YOU want to discredit with NO facts! ;-)

    I know LOT's about the Pelosi's! I know people who have sold millions of dollars in tuna to them fresh off the boats my friends OWN! And I have other lifelong frineds who buy grapes from THEiR vineyard!
  • illinoyed littleb... 2013/04/03 05:34:04 (edited)
    WRONG! The parent's income is counted when the student files a FAFSA--Federal Application for Student Aid--which is necessary to get a Pell Grant. I know, I just spent the last three years filing a FAFSA every first week of January for our daughter in college. She never qualified for any need-based Pell Grants.

    The only way the parents income is not counted on a FAFSA is if the child/student is legally emancipated from their parents, is homeless, is a ward of the state, or is an orphan. If the parents are in the picture at all, they are expected to contribute to their child's education or show on the FAFSA why they cannot.

    Anything else would be committing fraud. I seriously doubt Nancy Pelosi facilitated her daughter in committing fraud to get a Pell Grant they didn't need.

    All this bullsh*t comes from idiots who never went to college or had any interest in going to college. Those of us who did know how Pell Grants work and know this is BS when we see it.
  • littleb... illinoyed 2013/04/03 05:36:40
    I seriously doubt you know how regal this family actually thinks it is!

    But please continue your bulls***!
  • illinoyed littleb... 2013/04/03 05:40:02
  • littleb... illinoyed 2013/04/03 05:43:37
    Ah huh! I know what I know! Like I said! ;-)

    You're no more than a cheap huckster! You tried this crap before it's SO typical and Disingenuous! I wouldn't believe a freakin word you say!

    Oh and it's well known fraud has kept Kenyan relatives here! So actually you don't know!
  • illinoyed littleb... 2013/04/03 05:45:04
    Don't waste my time with your bullsh*t. You're BUSTED!
  • littleb... illinoyed 2013/04/03 05:46:53
    Then don't waste our time with your obvious slander of those you do not agree with politically!
  • illinoyed littleb... 2013/04/03 05:50:28 (edited)
    Only in conservative world is vetting considered slander.

    Perhaps you should look for better candidates.
  • littleb... illinoyed 2013/04/03 05:57:42
    Like the one who has his Kenyan family here living off the dole?

    More regal bulls***!

    Oh and who has picked Ben Carson as the nominee? He openly says he's NOT a registered republican and that he was a former democrat!
  • illinoyed littleb... 2013/04/03 06:15:52
    Don't try to change the subject.

    Just about all SodaHead conservatives have nominated Carson. And he is an Independent, not a Republican. I didn't know he was formerly a democrat.

    This is how Republicans always end up with RINOs. You jump to promote the first black or brown face that says conservative sounding stuff.
  • littleb... illinoyed 2013/04/03 06:18:45
    Really now? I'd vote for either Colin Powell or Condi Rice in a heartbeat! Now please tell me where Barack Obama had anything like those two's resume's?

    So look at the hypocrites the dems are!
  • illinoyed littleb... 2013/04/03 06:29:18
    Like I said, you promote any black or brown face willing to say conservative stuff.
  • littleb... illinoyed 2013/04/03 06:48:19
    Again refute that both there actual resumes FAR beyond the Black mans chosen by the democrats?

    I said nothing of what they speak about I said their ACTUAL resumes!

    You're really a self absorbed little Pr*** aren't ya!

    So far you ignore what's obvious and continue your little slanderous agenda!
  • illinoyed littleb... 2013/04/03 16:23:17
    "Again refute that both there actual resumes FAR beyond the Black mans chosen by the democrats?"

  • littleb... illinoyed 2013/04/03 18:24:11
    You made the assertion that republicans only pick Blacks for high office because of their race.

    I have privided two examples of Black Americans who's resume's (no matter their politics) FAR exceed what Barack Obamas was when he accepted the nomination of his party!

    Refute it or wanker off!
  • illinoyed littleb... 2013/04/03 21:10:17 (edited)
    So what? That doesn't prove they weren't promoted because of their race.

    If anything, it proves how black conservatives need to be twice as good as white conservatives to get half as far in the Republican party.
  • littleb... illinoyed 2013/04/03 21:11:59
    You're very deluded!

    Face it you so one sided you've lost all real perspective!
  • illinoyed littleb... 2013/04/03 21:13:09
  • littleb... illinoyed 2013/04/03 21:19:05
    You jump in and immediately post slander against anyone you perceive as a threat to your politics! Then when shown real viable cases of corruption by those YOU support you deflect!

    You're a myopic fool and no more!
  • illinoyed littleb... 2013/04/03 21:21:11
    Since when is asking questions considered slander?

    Since conservatives like you got so thin-skinned?
  • littleb... illinoyed 2013/04/03 21:24:31
    How cute! More deflection of your true motives!
  • illinoyed littleb... 2013/11/19 05:51:26
    I guess you should know.

    Have fun with that.
  • littleb... illinoyed 2013/11/19 06:18:09
    You don't "ask questions". You make assertions you can't back up!

    Like the "Marco Rubio home thing". Which you never could prove with any fact! I.E. Slander!

    Let me know when you have proof of who killed Kennedy....;-)

  • illinoyed littleb... 2013/11/19 07:38:26
    Sounds like I'm getting on your nerves. Which means I'm doing something right!

    What is this "Marco Rubio home thing" you're stuck on? A $700,000 home is not a "middle class" home, not in any state in the U.S. Get over it, it simply isn't.
  • littleb... illinoyed 2013/11/19 08:04:04 (edited)
    Lol....You couldn't get on my nerves if you tried! I just call you out for the slandering fool you are!

    Many middle class homes are $700,000 where I live. And you never once have substantiated this was done illegally! PROVE it!


    Again you have NO clue what you are talking about!
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