How cold does it get in Alaska?

This cold!


As you can see, this animal was frozen upright and remained that way. This is a sobering reminder of just how treacherous our home planet can be when we don't respect nature's ability to snuff us out.
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  • Mr. Basket 2009/07/09 16:53:22
    Mr. Basket
    Oh, i was expecting a palin joke.

    I'll go for it anyway.

    Cold enough to wear a bearskin bikini?

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  • BJet 2009/07/15 17:49:57
    I was told by one of my children who were there for a 3-day basketball game conference in 3 years ago that was below zero temperature.

    Now, I see this picture which is worse than my child's time.
  • Christina 2009/07/13 18:09:24
    Wow. Thats weird!!
  • Elizabeth 2009/07/13 03:13:26
    Are you saying the animal didn't respect nature? I suspect it was sick and died. These creatures are made to withstand sub zero weather, so to say it just froze doesn't make sense.
  • PootiesMom...Holy is the Ki... 2009/07/11 15:09:40
    PootiesMom...Holy is the King of Kings
    My husband works in the oilfield and he has had jobs in the Tundra of Alaska, he has been there 8 times....one time the wind chill was -75 degrees on the rig floor...most of the time it has been -40 below...the men live in c-cans and once they got on top of them an tinkled, it froze in a stream before it hit the ground...LOL What a bunch of dorks LOL. Yea its cold enough in the North slopes of Alaska to freeze an animal like that...my husband seen this kind of stuff there.
  • ruthie 2009/07/11 03:08:13
    no way somebody stood it up. Right?
  • Rubyzandra 2009/07/10 20:27:24
    People, like nature, can get pretty cold and snuff us out as well. Right now, it is cold as hell here in the Desert.
  • ruthie Rubyzandra 2009/07/11 03:09:12
    what desert?
  • Rubyzandra ruthie 2009/07/11 22:19:37
    Las Vegas, NV. Home of Senator John Ensign who is getting a real cold shoulder Not cold enough to leave yet, though.
  • ruthie Rubyzandra 2009/07/12 03:42:02
    oh, ok
  • Congrats Obama! 2009/07/10 14:15:58
    Congrats Obama!
    Bob, the Union Ironworker, covered it best for us guys.
  • the Griffin 2009/07/10 06:14:53
    the Griffin
    It was NOT cold enough to freeze Sarah Palin's mouth shut!
  • Rubyzandra the Gri... 2009/07/10 20:31:00
    It was cold enough, but Barack was so HOT it thawed out!!
  • KissKiss 2009/07/10 02:40:07
    is that picture real picture real
  • Extremist Soldier of Christ 2009/07/10 00:47:33
    Extremist Soldier of Christ
    To be honest- these type of creatures are use to the snow and even below 0- I believe he got caught in some trap and couldn't get out and froze to death, Peter. Wait until the snow melts and you will find the reason. These animals are fromt the ice age- they are use to these weathers. peter wait snow melts reason animals fromt ice age- weathers
  • mb20fan 2009/07/10 00:39:45
    That's cold... Now you know how the mailman feels... (Just keep moving)... Where's the beef???
  • butterfly224 2009/07/09 22:39:04
  • Sketch Flygirl 2009/07/09 21:48:06
    Sketch Flygirl
    If u went out naked in Alaska...duh, it is cold, that is why we invented clothes
  • mb20fan Sketch ... 2009/07/10 00:38:41
    Hey, that old Buck isn't naked!!!
  • jackolantyrn356 2009/07/09 21:12:53
    Good point! The trick is that the politicial=ns of America have not gotten foolish enough to believe in their own Global Warming foolishness.
  • Johnny 2009/07/09 21:12:03
    is that image real? O.o

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