How can anyone think that Obama is not destroying America?

mac9 2012/07/12 02:41:45
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How many jobs were lost here? Obama is a THUG and should not only be defeated but he should face impeachment for violating his oath of office over and over. Who does this MORON think he is?
a Keeps Campaign Promise – Patriot Coal Bankrupt
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“So if someone wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them.”

Barack Obama

On Monday Patriot Coal Corp filed for bankruptcy.

Barack Obama kept this promise.

Reuters reported:

Patriot Coal Corp filed for bankruptcy on Monday, the first U.S.
coal producer to seek court protection since prices began to plummet as
electricity producers turned to cheaper natural gas.

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  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/07/12 02:45:17
    Impeach Obama
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    All of the above, never an all of the above. Well, turn off your brain, listen only to left wing propaganda and you can think he's doing a good job. He thinks he's God +.

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  • Don Leuty 2012/07/16 07:42:24
    Defeat Obama
    Don Leuty
    Supports green technology whether it works or not and ships money and jobs to China and Finland

  • JustTheFacts 2012/07/14 19:38:34
    Defeat Obama
    Now that we're this close let's defeat him.

    I raved the post, but wished mac9 would have had a suitable reply for those that could factually defend obama. Oh, my bad, we do not have any people like that on SH or in the voting electorate....my bad!
  • concerned 2012/07/13 19:10:25
    Impeach Obama
    it's mitt that scares the hell out of me ... We love Obama ... and thank him for .. Obama care ...
  • clasact 2012/07/13 00:24:21
    Defeat Obama
    I only checked this to answer the question.......If Patriot coal would have swith over to mineing the smokeless cleanner coal like so many others are doin maybe they wouldnt have gone bankrupt.Obama made it clear he was not in favor of dirty coal so why didnt they heed the warnning.Oh and dont tell me I dont know what im takeing about I live in and near coal country and yes many have turned to the cleaner coal but better yet can you blame the electric companies for turnning to cheeper gas now that we are pulling so much out of the ground or do you just like paying more to keep your lights on
  • Andrew 2012/07/13 00:03:11
    Defeat Obama
    Defeat the traitor in chief.
  • Frank Stephens 2012/07/12 18:46:55
    Defeat Obama
    Frank Stephens
    We can have Obama out of office in 4 months. Impeachment would take years. How do I know Obama is destroying America? Let's consider:

    Why the U.S. was recently downgraded:
    * U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
    * Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
    * New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
    * National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
    * Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000
    Let's now remove 8 zeros and pretend it's a household budget:
    * Annual family income: $21,700
    * Money the family spent: $38,200
    * New debt on the credit card: $16,500
    * Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
    * Total budget cuts: $385
    That's why . . .
  • Red 2012/07/12 18:30:40
  • sammanilla 2012/07/12 17:48:32
    Defeat Obama
    I believe there's been an impeach bill lying fallow in Congress since he was sworn in so I chose Defeat.

    impeach lying fallow congress sworn chose defeat
  • Roger 2012/07/12 15:48:53
    Impeach Obama
    Like this duuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OBAMA! DUMBOCRATS! YAY! uhhhhhhhhhhh
  • mac9 2012/07/12 15:24:26
    Defeat Obama
    With Iran only a couple of years from a ballistic missille capable of reaching the US and Iran still determine to destroy the US Obama is still asleep. The economy and jobs remain in deep trouble and Obama still asleep. Congress has to move to demand changes in the FBI regarding the Hasan murders at Fort Hood Texas because of Obama's unwillingness to put a Muslim on trial....what more do we need?
  • JustThe... mac9 2012/07/14 19:36:13
    How about, maybe, obama's biggest crime? His desire to make Congress irrelevant.

    "The most significant accomplishment of Obama's first term is to make Congress irrelevant. "

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.co...
  • D D 2012/07/12 13:49:14
    Defeat Obama
    D D
    People paying attention. People who supports what he is doing, who are socialist/communists and see him as being "progressive".
  • gr8punkin 2012/07/12 12:20:35
    Defeat Obama
    What no all of the above option.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/07/12 12:02:42
    Defeat Obama
    He'll defeat himself. He still hasn't "broken fifty" in the polls. And the undecideds always break for the challenger.
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2012/07/12 12:01:25
    Defeat Obama
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    EEI has done the same thing laid off 44 and more a comming !!!!!!
  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 2012/07/12 11:54:22
    Impeach Obama
    I would suggest an "All of the Above" line on this question.
  • Mark P. 2012/07/12 11:13:46
  • Patric 2012/07/12 10:06:44
    Defeat Obama
    easy to think that way,,

    one way is to be part of the 47 % that pay no federal tax and get all the free obomma stuff

    the other way is to hide your head in the sand and disregard the 5 trillion ( wow that is a lot of $$$$ ) debt obomma got us into in 3 years..
    for 200 years we got 10 trillion in debt ,, in 3 years obomma added to it by 50 % .. expand that out.. in 5 years obomma could increase the bebt by another 9 trillion ..

    hope your children and grand children are rich , some one is going to pay for this sooner or later... thanks obomma ,,

  • tff~PWCM~JLA 2012/07/12 09:55:35
    Defeat Obama
    Your preaching to the choir.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/07/12 09:53:29
    Impeach Obama
    Lady Whitewolf
    Another bunch of skewed answers, I see....

    "How many jobs were lost here...?" Why don't you ask your little REPUBLICAN buddies that? Seems they can pass some 1,100 bills restricting a woman's reproductive choices but not ONE damn jobs bill!
  • mac9 Lady Wh... 2012/07/12 15:26:28
    You are high.....another Obama minion.
  • mwg0735 2012/07/12 09:39:20
  • AL 2012/07/12 08:47:51
    Impeach Obama
    Obama keeps going out side of our own Constitution to get his own way now! That alone is grounds for impeachment! Yet he might be out of office before that happens anyway!
  • ed 2012/07/12 08:32:31
    Defeat Obama
    he should have been already impeached but our politicans are to scared so we defeat him in the up coming election,lets hope the black voters have had enough of obama's lies.
  • jesus christ 2012/07/12 07:58:02
  • TheTruth1313 2012/07/12 06:59:01
    Defeat Obama
    There are still those deluded JAKAD Obots who still refuse to remove the blinders
  • azuredragon 2012/07/12 06:30:27
    Impeach Obama
    Obama thinks he is King HUssein
  • AL azuredr... 2012/07/12 08:49:26
    King Sh** with a tooth pick in it you mean!
  • airplan... AL 2012/07/12 09:45:22
  • AL airplan... 2012/07/12 21:21:05
    Yet Obamas little useful idiots will never admit it anyway!
  • airplan... AL 2012/07/13 05:43:58 (edited)
  • AL airplan... 2012/07/13 06:01:25
    Just wait until Obama starts helping his Muslim bothers take over this Country-when they're still fast asleep! I wonder if they have any idea why Obama is working so hard with the U.N. for a total gun ban in this Country now as well?
  • none 2012/07/12 05:09:13
  • Ken 2012/07/12 03:52:16
    Defeat Obama
    Then there is no question, we can go back and investigate the corruption that put him in office. Shouldn't be hard to put him away.
  • abubinc... Ken 2012/07/12 04:02:20
    Corruption is the problem.
    If DC wasn't UTTERLY corrupt, you would be right.
  • reaper 2012/07/12 03:40:16
  • rustysh... reaper 2012/07/12 03:47:45
  • Mariann... reaper 2012/07/12 05:08:55
    He has done enough damage while our minds are constantly on him. Think of what it would be like now if we WEREN'T thinking about what he is doing. He would love that. Now we need to stop JUST thinking and get some action going.
  • reaper Mariann... 2012/07/12 05:27:50
    your life must be maaAAADD boring.
  • Mariann... reaper 2012/07/12 07:54:01

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