House Takes Up Waiver Of Border Environmental Laws?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/06/21 03:35:47
The Republican-controlled House moved toward approval Tuesday of a bill that would allow the Border Patrol to circumvent more than a dozen environmental laws on all federally managed lands within 100 miles of the borders with Mexico and Canada.

Supporters say the measure is needed to give border agents unfettered access to rugged lands now controlled by the Interior Department and Forest Service. Laws such as the Wilderness Act and Endangered Species Act often prevent agents from driving vehicles on huge swaths of land, leaving it to wildlife, illegal immigrants and smugglers who can walk through the territory undisturbed, they said.

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  • Schläue~© 2012/06/21 04:32:18
    I asked Ken Salazar about this almost two years ago when I ran into him at an airport.
    We spoke for about 10 minutes and he said he would "Pass it on to the boss".

    Buenos Aries National Wildlife Refuge has been an open highway for yeas and how the 0bozo administration is allowing illegals to pass at free will, even driving pick-ups right across the border and up through the Brawley Wash. I's just West of Nogales, AZ., about 10 feet lower than surrounding terrain and they cruise on over, completely undetected.

    The area is off limits to Border Patrol unless they secure an escort from Dept. of Interior first. There's a few lizards and about billion Saguaro cacti sprouts that need protection more than American citizens.
  • abubincrazy 2012/06/21 03:45:57 (edited)
    San is sand.

    The crazy-assed Obi regime are crazy-assed Marxists.

    They probably have buds working the drug traffic.

    Marxists have been drug and arms smugglers for as long as the Cold War has been going on.

    And it IS NOT over.
  • abubinc... abubinc... 2012/06/22 02:46:16
    The Eurocommies(East Germany, Hungary, etc.) and the muslims used drugs and arms smuggling for hard currency during the Cold War.
    Castro is a known drug and arms smuggling middleman, as well as a sponsor of crazy commie militias.
    It is no doubt still going on.
  • ~ The Rebel ~ 2012/06/21 03:37:00
    ~ The Rebel ~
    Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, said the restrictions have turned wilderness areas into highways for criminals, who not only bring in drugs but also abuse and rape women and leave behind thousands of tons of trash.


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