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All American 2012/02/08 17:27:41
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If a person works hard, works smart, takes some risks and is successful, even an millionaire, and there are no liberals around, is it still unfair?
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  • FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2012/02/08 18:47:11 (edited)
    As long as the tax structure is the way it is, YES.

    I have to pay 20% .. then YOU have to pay 20%. Anything different is unfair.

    Why is it you RWNJ's never suggest to lower the earned income tax to the same level as capital gains tax? Why not just call it all INCOME instead of Earned Income vs Investment Income? Oh yeah.. I remember.. because THAT would be fair.
  • All Ame... FAWKES'... 2012/02/08 23:22:49
    All American
    First of all, the question was posed as a joke. Remember the tree falling in the forest and no one is around, did it make a noise? Or, If a husband expresses an opinion and his wife is not around, is he still wrong?

    I'm not talking about taxes, I'm talking about success and wealth.
  • BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET) 2012/02/08 17:28:50
    BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET)
    Again, why should liberals be excluded?

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