Hooray for Florida ! Only 49 more states to go!!!!!!!

Welshtaff 2012/06/21 01:12:03

Only 49 more states to go!!!!!!!

Hooray for Florida !

I-95 and I-75 will be jammed for the next month or so with druggies and deadbeats heading North out of Florida, because this is the first state in the union to require drug testing to receive welfare!

Hooray for Florida ! In signing the new law, Republican Gov. Rick Scott said, "If Floridians want welfare, they better make sure they are drug-free."

Applicants must pay for the drug test, but are reimbursed if they test drug-free. Applicants who test positive for illicit substances won't be eligible for the funds for a year, or until they undergo treatment. Those who fail a second time will be banned from receiving funds for three years!

Naturally, a few people are crying this is unconstitutional.
How is this unconstitutional? It's a legal requirement that every person applying for a job has to pass drug tests in order to get the job, why not those who receive welfare?

Let's get welfare back to the ones who need it, not to those who won't get a job.

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  • the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA 2012/06/21 02:29:14
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
    Yep.I would do I ain't hiding no drug habit.Come on Texas
  • RobHom 2012/06/21 02:24:36
    You are way behind the curve..... The program in FL is a bad joke and a sham. It was concocted by the bald POS that the tea party supported fro Governor.... It, the scam, was made to run all the tests through a lab he owned....and so far only 2% of the people tested failed....but if the people passed the test the STATE has to refund the cost of the test.... Scott was a crook/criminal before he was elected....and he hasn't changed his stripes.... I project that he will be drawing unemployment after the next election.
  • Gordon RobHom 2012/06/21 03:26:27
    We don't like Scott either because he is a crook. I did not know about his lab getting the testing rights. That needs to be stopped, but the testing should be done elsewhere.
  • redhorse29 2012/06/21 02:21:19
    It will be interesting to monitor their progress over the next year. Hope the plan works.
  • apachehellfire65 2012/06/21 02:18:08
    SWEET! now what we need to do is have more and more states pass laws like this till we drive their asses all the way to California!
  • wtw 2012/06/21 02:17:44
    Good move! Fair move!
  • kevjon 2012/06/21 02:15:57
    Hell yes I agree, maybe now they will sober up and realize that it is more fun to work and make a decent living.
  • Always Right 2012/06/21 02:09:41
    Always Right
    Right on, Florida! People have to pass drug test to keep their jobs, why not for free money?
  • lark 2012/06/21 02:06:49
    every State needs to do this finally a Governor that knows what he is doing & he is cleaning the voter rolls as well Good going Governor
  • MarinerFH 2012/06/21 02:03:46
  • sockpuppet 2012/06/21 01:59:48
    Absolutely! But the ACLU will have a field day down there, regardless.
  • SK-pro impeachment 2012/06/21 01:55:53
  • beachbum 2012/06/21 01:55:16
    Good for them - hope more states will do this.
  • Scaldari Anitoba 2012/06/21 01:50:00 (edited)
    Scaldari Anitoba
    It has never been a legal requirement to get drug tested for a job. many companies do it due to the tax break they get from the government. I will consider this fair when they figure out a way to test for tobacco and alcohol also, which i think are a MUCH larger issue in the welfare caste. As far as clogged highways? I doubt considering only 2% fail and another 2% refuse to take the test. reff : http://www2.tbo.com/news/poli...
  • Always ... Scaldar... 2012/06/21 02:13:09
    Always Right
    Try the transportation industry. Truck drivers, forklift operators, air traffic controllers to name a few!
  • Scaldar... Always ... 2012/06/21 13:29:59
    Scaldari Anitoba
    So the correction would be some jobs, not a blanket statement.
  • Always ... Scaldar... 2012/06/21 17:15:32
    Always Right
    So your point is people NOT WORKING and getting paid shouldn't be drug tested, when some people WORKING and getting paid should be drug tested?
  • Scaldar... Always ... 2012/06/21 22:28:35
    Scaldari Anitoba
    nope, my point was in the OP it stated "How is this unconstitutional? It's a legal requirement that every person applying for a job has to pass drug tests in order to get the job" I was just pointing out that the blanket statement was not true.
  • Franklin Scaldar... 2012/06/21 02:15:57
    yea we all saw the rigging the liberals did in the test run - but saying 2% when its 4% does not make your case any stronger stoner!
  • Scaldar... Franklin 2012/06/21 13:31:23 (edited)
    Scaldari Anitoba
    You assume a lot there friend with your final statement. As far as percentages making my case? All I commented on using those figures was the traffic issue.
  • apacheh... Scaldar... 2012/06/21 02:22:18 (edited)
    i believe the 4% figure that opponents love to throw out there is false. they have no figures to measure the people that never applied because of drug testing or those who willingly dropped out before the drug testing started.
  • Scaldar... apacheh... 2012/06/21 13:34:46
    Scaldari Anitoba
    I believe it may be more accurate then you might think, everyone always seems to think that they are the exception and wont get caught. In the end its pointless anyway. you can always beat a drug test.
  • JackSchitt apacheh... 2012/06/21 13:36:13 (edited)
    I found some data. Apparently there has been a 48% drop in approvals since the program was started. If there has only been 4% test failure/refusal, then the rest of the people were smart enough to realize that the drug test would disqualify them, so they NEVER APPLIED. The 4% they always talk about were the ones that were both high AND stupid.

  • teigan Scaldar... 2012/06/21 02:38:19
    That's 4 % not getting welfare. That's good.
  • sbtbill teigan 2012/06/21 05:40:14
    That's 96% having their test paid for by Florida tax payers.
  • Scaldar... teigan 2012/06/21 13:37:56
    Scaldari Anitoba
    the 96% getting it payed for is my issue. cant find the figures but I have to wonder if the drug testing costs more then the payments NOT going out. The it becomes a case of punishment rather then cost saving as it was intended.
  • JackSchitt Scaldar... 2012/06/21 12:21:34
    So you're accounting for the 4% who are so dumb as to apply when they KNOW that they've been using. What about the ones who are smart enough to realize that they WILL get caught, so they don't even apply?

    What your link doesn't mention is the fact that APPLICATIONS are way down. This is saving Florida a ton of bucks.

  • Scaldar... JackSchitt 2012/06/21 13:43:24
    Scaldari Anitoba
    If applications are way down that would be interesting and would love to see information on that and will follow up on your link. There are ways to beat a drug test quite easily so in the end i see it as nothing more then a feel good measure that is making a testing company quite rich. My only point with the statistic was the traffic jam was unlikely.

    My main issue is that tobacco and alcohol are not being targeted, which i believe is a much larger problem in our welfare caste as well as the extremely hard core drugs that leave your system in a matter of hours to days.
  • Birthpangs 2012/06/21 01:46:53
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/06/21 01:44:53
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    Cool can we have it, It would go well with our voter ID law.
  • tncdel 2012/06/21 01:42:35
    Good! And also check ID's for citizenship as well!!
  • debrara... tncdel 2012/06/21 02:27:37
    debrarae POTL _ PWCM
    I agree with that 1000%
  • Dudd tncdel 2012/06/21 16:57:53
    Swell! They can come to mass where It's not illegal to be an illegal...
    F me runnin
  • COCO tncdel 2012/06/22 03:39:36
  • Che Guevara - Hero 2012/06/21 01:37:28 (edited)
    Che Guevara - Hero
    When is Governor Rick Scott and all the State Senators and Representatives going to be drug tested ?

    This has already been played out in other states and the poor are actually found to use fewer drugs than the general population so the drug testing ends up as an additional expense on top of welfare payments.

    The only people who make out are the ones doing the drug testing. And in a state as corrupt as Florida you can bet your bottom dollars some politician is getting a kickback from the drug testing corporation contracted to do the tests.

    Welcome to reality. lol
  • exhon2009 Che Gue... 2012/06/21 01:48:15
    Buy stock in Quest Diagnostics.
  • Brendan... Che Gue... 2012/06/21 02:12:39
    Brendan Mcdonald
    I see you point they recieve money by the government from the tax payers.....so then any person in Florida who gets paid by the government should also be required to be drug tested. Whats fair is fair.
  • Franklin Brendan... 2012/06/21 02:19:23
    I know facts bother your libtarded point of view but I will try anyway, state employees are tested in Florida and only school teachers thanks to the efforts of union goons are exempt from testing ...nice try but you tripped up when you agreed with the loser Che ...don't follow his lead it does not end well for anyone El Che dead
  • Brendan... Franklin 2012/06/21 02:27:13
  • Che Gue... Brendan... 2012/06/21 02:38:28
    Che Guevara - Hero
    Che was murdered by the CIA. Christ was also murdered by a terrorist regime.
    christ dead christ dead

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