Honorably Discharged For Rape?

Trish 2012/07/11 20:47:41
This is Important, I'll Sign!!
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A Lance Corporal for three years has made a petition to stop sexual offenders in the military. I myself did not know that a woman's chance of getting raped doubles in service. Here is what she wrote...

I joined the military because I wanted to serve my country. I served as a Lance Corporal in the Marines for over three years. In that time I was raped twice and sexually assaulted another two times.

The first time it happened I was serving abroad in Afghanistan. After that first incident I was assaulted three other times over the course of three years. It came to happen so often that I assumed it was normal and that it must happen to everyone. I never received any training on how to deal with sexual assault in the military- I didnt even know how to report it.

When I finally decided to report the sexual assaults I was led through a maze of questions and excuses and I was even discouraged from reporting the crimes. In the end, instead of getting justice I was ostracized and humiliated.

I learned that there is currently no national military sex offender registry and that offenders are not required to disclose their crimes on their discharge papers. A sex offender registration for convicted for military personal would help to address the impunity that surrounds rape within rape the military. Most veterans are honorable men and women who have served our country, but there are some who have committed serious crimes like rape and sexual assault during their service and the military has a responsibility to disclose that information for the sake of the public good.

When asked why sex offenders do not have to disclose on their discharge papers, some of the responses I was given were 1) It will take too long to create a national database or 2) the military is going green and it takes too much paper to add an extra check box to discharge papers.

This is part of a larger issue of rape within the military. Some estimates reveal that more than 1/3 of women in the armed services are raped during their service. If you serve in the US military and you rape or sexually assault a fellow service member you have an 86.5% chance of keeping the crime a secret and a 92% chance of avoiding court martial.

Join her in asking the Department of Defense to create a national database for sex offenders.

Read More: http://www.change.org/petitions/secretary-of-defen...

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  • Jack 2012/07/22 02:13:27
    So what question are we answering? Am I supposed to believe that a woman got raped countless times, but was so stupid that she never reported it? I've served 9 years in the forces, and I've never heard of that kind of culture. If anything, the forces have had so much political correctness forced on them that they're nowadays biased in favour of women. If this woman really exists, then she is a complete imbecile.
  • Yutt 2012/07/11 20:57:03
    This is Important, I'll Sign!!
    If you must know there are actually more cases of male on male offensese made and guys are way more scarce in reporting them. It's a sad truth about the military I get a sexual assault class every month now it seems. The Commandant of the Marine Corps has put his foot down on the subject to eliminate it from happening in the Corps I dont know what the other branches are doing.
  • NPC 2012/07/11 20:53:06
    This is Important, I'll Sign!!
    I cannot condone this however men and women that choose to volunteer for the military know the risks. If you think you are immune to crime, injury and death in the Armed Forces then don't join. Defending our country is risky enough in combat and you have to be mature to stand the pressures at all times.
  • J Tig NPC 2012/07/11 22:44:48
    J Tig
    So, what you're saying is... if you don't want to chance being raped, you should just not serve because you should "know the risks?" Well, PROBLEM SOLVED!

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