Homeland Security Issues Zombie Alert: Cool or Corny?

News 2012/09/09 17:46:51
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The United States Department of Homeland Security has a new marketing campaign and it is a bit out of the box. According to the Associated Press, Homeland Security has issued a "zombie warning," which is really a funky way of telling Americans to stock up on plenty of food, water, batteries, flashlights, etc. In other words, be ready for anything--even zombies.

Officials behind the zombie alert hope that the campaign will lead to better preparedness for more typical disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. Apparently, the zombie approach is not that unconventional, as the Centers of Disease Control did a similar campaign last year. The zombie campaign has gotten attention, but it has been more humorous than anything.

Any Homeland Security threat should be taken seriously but the zombie alert while unique, might be too corny for some to listen to intently. There may or may not be real zombies out there, but like Homeland Security says, it's best to be prepared for anything.

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  • Pronatalist Pronatalist 2012/09/09 18:53:39 (edited)
    Pronatalist Pronatalist
    Ironic when you consider that Obama and the Obamatons, are probably the zombies which are usually talked about, in any reference to Zombie Invasion or The Zombie Apocalypse.

    zombie apocalypse liberals

    zombie apocalypse liberals

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  • Emily Barrington 2012/09/10 07:07:13
    Emily Barrington
  • Jensenmk 2012/09/10 06:57:29
    Have you been paying attention? There are plenty of (intellectual) zombies within the sheeple that are part of the obamanation cult and/or occutards.
  • Alexander T Steward 2012/09/10 06:54:09
  • MiMi 2012/09/10 06:51:08
  • TheTruth1313 2012/09/10 06:09:21
    Actually, it makes me a little nervous about what exactly is going on at the CDC.
  • Torchy 2012/09/10 05:46:50
    At the rate things are going, and the synthetic drug cocktails people seem all too keen on consuming, I don't think it's wrong to be prepared for such an event. Besides, what's on that list isn't much more than what you should have around for any sort of disaster. Just be prepared; quit counting on the government to bail you out at a moment's notice, because they'll be too busy taking complaints from everyone else who can't take care of themselves.
  • PaulBot415 2012/09/10 05:37:45
    Its a scam lobbied by private munitions companies and gun companies. its a hoax, but it is working.
  • cmdrbnd007 2012/09/10 05:32:13
    If it's zombies it's got to be cool! Hey it at least shows there is someone with a sense of humor at the DHS.
  • tina 2012/09/10 05:24:18
    Love zombies
  • Marlene Wilkins 2012/09/10 05:17:49
    Marlene Wilkins
    Bring it on!!
    I'd rather wage ware vs. the slavering undead than deal with PolCorr any longer. :-)
  • Cat 2012/09/10 04:36:03
    Our borrowed Red Chinese money at work.
  • W W Woodward 2012/09/10 04:15:20
    W W Woodward
    So ... now the very people who were damning preppers just a few weeks ago are preaching the prepper gospel. Who'd a thunk it?
  • Timothy Sweet 2012/09/10 04:15:16
    Timothy Sweet
    If it helps people,I think its kinda clever.
  • sgerschefske 2012/09/10 04:13:16
    Well what do you expect? I believe we have a zombie government. They obviously walk around stare and just mumble, don't get anything done [to better our problems] and just keep taking from all around them. They just consume whatever resourcers that are available even when the public says no. They don't listen!!! Perhaps they really are the living dead?
  • Robin 2012/09/10 04:03:46
    My 3 year old daughter, Cricket knows that zombies are not real. How much faith can we have in a US Agency, as important as Homeland Security except us to believe that there are zombies? It is no wonder we are targets of terrorists. we looks like a bunch of friggin' idiots. If this were made into a story line of movie. it would be funny.
  • Any Robin 2012/09/10 19:46:42
    No one actually wants us to believe there are zombies. It's just a funny way to get people's attention and make them think about preparing for a (more realistic) bad situation.
  • scurvison 2012/09/10 03:54:44
  • BobStrauss 2012/09/10 03:51:41
    Ammunition manufacturers must be taking it seriously as they are packaging and marketing real live ammo with names such as Hornaday ZOMBIE MAX hollow points.
  • Jensenmk BobStrauss 2012/09/10 06:55:22
    No. its just a marketing ploy for those having fun and for the ignorant.
  • BobStrauss Jensenmk 2012/09/12 19:54:57
    No, its an explicit collective euphemism for Islamists who dream of chopping off your head and feasting on your brain, ad nauseam.
  • Jensenmk BobStrauss 2012/09/13 11:14:04
    Same could be said of the progressives and occutards.
  • BobStrauss Jensenmk 2012/09/13 23:41:31
    So, it was OK that our US Ambassador was raped before he was murdered by the raghead hoards who have less right to life than an unviable fetus?
  • Jensenmk BobStrauss 2012/09/14 18:29:09 (edited)
    Absolutely not. It is shameful how the administration has refused to retaliate for not only the deaths of Americans, but also for the multiple incursions onto and destruction of soveriegn US property. Once again the terrorists have been rewarded for their hatred, intolerance and attacks on the US through our inaction and even apologies.

    The issue that concerns me most is the misguided, ignorant Americans that want to blame someone else for the streotypical display of muslim intolerance; as if one could reason with the bigots whose entire existence revolves around the destruction of those infidels who do not renounce their own beliefs in order to willingly accept Islam and convert to the muslim religion/government/lifestyle.
  • Sean McDonald 2012/09/10 03:48:49
  • Joel 2012/09/10 03:27:29
    Clever stuff!
  • firebird 2012/09/10 03:23:42
    Its silly..... HS is really trying to warn us about when Obama decides to declare Martial Law..... everyone had better be stocked up and plan on doing without..
    I expect right before this up coming election there will be something happen. Real OR PHONY...... Better to get prepared just in case.
  • JohnT 2012/09/10 03:22:58 (edited)
    Not even corny just really infantile. TGA typical government action. And the dumb asses that turn everything into politics are just as brain dead as the people that did the ad.
  • SMEAC 2012/09/10 03:20:27
    It is a "funky" way of telling Americans to stock up for anything except the 88% that are uneducated or have common sense
  • sandra.hemmes 2012/09/10 03:16:02
    Homeland Security is a joke in itself, let alone the conversation about zombies.
  • Guru_T_Firefly 2012/09/10 03:15:26
    If it's any consolation, it makes as much sense as their terrorist alerts.
  • Redneck 2012/09/10 03:02:06
    I don't know! did you watch the democrat national convention?
  • avalanche 2012/09/10 02:53:42
    Dont' worry about and EMP or an economic collapse, zombies are the big concern.
  • doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/09/10 02:39:56
  • JackoClubs doctorw... 2012/09/11 09:36:13
    "Dawn of the Dead", 1978. Best zombie movie ever. I like how their faces are purple, but their hands are as pink and healthy as ever, lol
  • Сергей Темноходов 2012/09/10 02:37:25
    Сергей Темноходов
    I think the threat is real and the government knows what to do! We have all ready! Expect the first wave of Zombies. If anything, be ready!
    The rules of survival of the movie Zombieland:
    "Double tap"
    "Ziploc bags"
    "Beware of bathrooms"
    "Cast iron skillet"
    "Travel light"
    "Get a kickass partner"
    "Bounty paper towels"
    "Bowling Ball"
    "Don't be a hero."
    "Limber up"
    "Avoid strip clubs"
    "When in doubt, know your way out"
    "The buddy system"
    "Check the back seat"
    "Enjoy the little things"
    "Swiss army knife"
    "Clean socks"
    "Always have backup"
    May God help us in the fight against these bastards-zombies! The threat is real! Zombieland
  • Raymond Сергей ... 2012/09/18 17:36:33
  • bob h. 2012/09/10 02:26:04
    bob h.
    Homeland Security ARE the zombies.
  • duns 2012/09/10 02:15:38
    Kill all sons of *******. That's my official instruction. :p
  • DeJu 2012/09/10 02:14:54
    I usually like corny. This is not corny, it is dangerous. Zombies are not real, people ,,, would you use devils to indicate danger? All sanity has left the room.
  • barby k... DeJu 2012/09/10 02:49:50 (edited)
    barby karring
    Actually zombies do exist; but its drugs they're after...the drug addicts break into your home, your vehicles and your businesses to steal your stuff and sell it for drugs. They don't eat your brains; but they pick your brains and trick you into having sympathy for them by giving money, not knowing that you just supported their habit for drugs.
    Yes zombies do exist in the form of lost souls walking this earth, hooked on drugs they must have twenty four hours a day to exist on their habits.
    Zombies do exist; you best be prepared for whatever comes your way in these days and times.

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