Hoekstra defends ad against charges of racial insensitivity

JT For Political Reform 2012/02/08 00:14:35

Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.) is defending his first Senate
campaign ad, which slams Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) as "Debbie
Spend-it-now" and plays up fears of owing money to China against charges
of racism.

The ad opens with an Asian woman on a bicycle in what
appears to be a rice paddy. "Thank you, Michigan Sen. Debbie
'Spend-it-now,' " the woman says in accented English. "Debbie spend so
much American money you borrow more and more from us. Your economy get
very weak. Ours get very good. We take your jobs. Thank you, Debbie

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  • BILL 2012/02/16 09:41:31
    Sounds good to me
  • Joey 2012/02/10 15:44:33
    Well the fact that the part of a China that the money is going too looks nothing like that .
    The fact that they girl did not have a Chinese accent but some how spoke in broken English .
    And the the girl was not Chinese should say a lot about the racism of this ad.
  • JT For ... Joey 2012/02/10 15:56:27
    JT For Political Reform
    Oh for godsakes, what a bunch of bullsh*t. There is absolutely no racism involved. The only thing involved about calling it racism is stupidly making it so instead of listening to the message of truth. Progressive liberals hate truth, it f*cks up their agenda.
  • Joey JT For ... 2012/02/10 16:03:54
    I love how you did not address anything in my post. Republicans like to spend last time I checked.
  • JT For ... Joey 2012/02/10 21:50:21
    JT For Political Reform
    I addressed your post as meaningless politcal spin which is typical of a progressive liberal hate monger. If anything, you are the racist.
  • Joey JT For ... 2012/02/10 22:08:09
    Funny you call me a hate monger... when I point out the hateful aspect of an AD and you just close you mind to what is wrong with it. And to top that off you call me a racist lol. Republicans are something else.
  • JT For ... Joey 2012/02/10 22:16:07
    JT For Political Reform
    You are the one with the closed mind, if you can't read that ad for what it's real intentions are, then you are searching for a reason to call out Republicans as racist. There is no hate in that ad. Show the hate you claim to be there. First of all it points out our jobs are going to China where they are making money off of us, our corporations are going to China and selling stuff back to us and we are borrowing money from them to stay afloat. Now who else who you have play the part of a Chinese lady telling us what we are doing, a redneck with a cowboy hat? Oh one other thing, just because you are black you can't be a racist? Damn dude, get your head up in the air and reason instead of looking to pull the race card everytime a white man says something.
  • Joey JT For ... 2012/02/10 22:34:53
    There is not need to hunt for reason to call out Republicans.

    Firs this girl is not Chinese, next this is not the ways a Chinese person would speak. They would have an accent and not just wrong syntax, this is what someone does when they are making fun of someone who speaks a different language . Next our jobs are not going to rice patties any jobs are going to cities .You know they have those in China.

    If you are republican you should not care that our corporations are going to China, free market and all .

    You ask who should black a Chinese girl how about a Chinese girl. And by blackness has nothing to do with why I am not a racist in this situation. It is the fact that I am not supporting trash like this .
  • JT For ... Joey 2012/02/11 03:32:27 (edited)
    JT For Political Reform
    First of all I'm independent, I don't kiss the ass of either party because neither is worth a damn.

    If you cannot see that the ad was about money going to China and the message the girl was saying was thanking us for being stupid enough to make them rich and us poor, than you really need to stop and think about it. Who gives a damn whether she is a real Chinese person, that's really picking at straws and it is racially motivated on your part. Have you ever seen a cowboys and Indian flick? A lot of people that aren't Native Americans play Indians. So What? No difference there.

    Debbie Stabenow has spent a lot of money that we don't have and that is the reason for the ad. I even voted for her twice but will not this coming election because she is my senator and I have seen what she has done, she knows who I am, we speak through letters, phone calls and emails and she went from fair to bad in two terms.

    Corporations are going to China because of NAFTA that was signed by Bill Clinton. I have no clue what you are talking about when you said this: You ask who should black a Chinese girl how about a Chinese girl. And by blackness has nothing to do with why I am not a
    racist in this situation.
  • Joey JT For ... 2012/02/11 06:26:10
    I am upset with red and black face as well. I could also highlighted how there were many black Cowboys but western movies acted like there was none there. Just bc you think all Asian people loo like does not mean that they do

    Sorry for the type-o. I mean you ask who should play a Chinese girl how about a Chinese girl. And the second one was no typo, you said I think because I am black I can not be racist . No I am not racist in this situation since all I am doing is fighting stereotypes that you seem to pay into . Also it was Republicans that open up talks with China, and republican who helped give them tax breaks for going overseas .

    You are listed as other .. has your race ever been targeted like this.
  • JT For ... Joey 2012/02/11 12:45:44 (edited)
    JT For Political Reform
    I'm mixed race in case you are interested. You are trying to find a stereotype in that ad instead of listening to the message. That in my book is racism Joey. You may not think so, but if I had said it the way you did in the beginning, that is what you would be accusing me of.

    I have fought in a war in southeast Asia, I know the difference between Asians, blacks, whites and native Americans. By saying that girl being depicted as Chinese is not Chinese is picking at straws just like I said. She is an Asian woman. What were they supposed to do, put a Native American woman in the ad? Come on! Let's get real! Read the message not kill the messenger.

    As far as Republicans opening up trade with China, that was under Republican President Nixon, who by the way had planned on using that trade to control them, not become beholding to them. It was Clinton a Democrat that signed NAFTA and like Ross Perro said the minute you sign that agreement, you will hear the "sucking sound" of jobs leaving this country. He was 100% correct in that assumption. So you can blame both sides because it took both to agree on it.

    Now we can hammer this all day long and I see that you will not look at the message, just the fact you don't like the ad. That's fine. Do what ever it is you do. I'm not going to waste anymore of my time talking to a brick.
  • mchappell2 2012/02/09 10:03:33
    Good for Mr. Hoekstra
  • 4dc 2012/02/08 23:56:46
    the truth being racist...imagine that
  • iriemon203 2012/02/08 21:25:16
    How dare Pete give a Chinese accent to a Chinese woman in China. Bigot!
  • wicked ... iriemon203 2012/02/08 23:04:05
    wicked soda boy
    Exactly! What a big hoo-hah over nothing!
  • LastRanger 2012/02/08 18:36:24
    If he had not included a minority in the ad, he would be racist.
    If he did include a minority in the ad, he would be racist.
    The only way he could not be racist is to be a democrat.
    Those are the rules.
    Analyst, Ph.D.
  • baboula 2012/02/08 17:34:23
    If those are the facts, how can it be racially insensitive?
  • jay 2012/02/08 15:10:34
    the ad is 100% accurate especially how borrowing hurts our economy and helps china.

    As usual there is a double standard. Now the ad does not have a person in it, but it does use the asian music. Typical double standards of the modern democratic party.

  • JT For ... jay 2012/02/08 16:34:08
    JT For Political Reform
    It's the typical progressive liberal reaction, pull the race card even when it doesn't apply.
  • jay JT For ... 2012/02/09 02:42:56
    I think they also are using the run from the record card.
  • JP 2012/02/08 13:55:31
    Great ad.
  • JT For ... JP 2012/02/08 16:34:37
    JT For Political Reform
    I thought it hit home perfectly.
  • Seonag 2012/02/08 13:39:09
    When the truth hurts, play the race card!
  • John 2012/02/08 13:25:37 (edited)
    Not being Black, Stabenow figures she needs to play somene else's race-card.

    (And just how should one "correctly" portray a Chinese worker in a way that Libs would find okay? Wearing a Prada suit and Gucci shoes, standing next to a Lexus speaking impeccable Cambridge English?)
  • JT For ... John 2012/02/08 16:35:03
  • John JT For ... 2012/02/08 19:13:37 (edited)

    (By the way... Beautiful Corvair in your picture. My best-buddy in high school had a Monza convertible just like it. Amazing we're both still alive I guess, since they were so "unsafe at any speed!" LOL)
  • carlene 2012/02/08 13:24:15
    great ad. I don't think it racially insensitive to point out that our spending policies benefit China. Chinese do speak English with an asian accent don't they?
  • JT For ... carlene 2012/02/08 16:36:22
    JT For Political Reform
    Every chinese person I have talked to that came from China had a Chinese accent when they spoke English, same the the Vietnamese, Koreans and so on. ;-)
  • Someone Else 2012/02/08 13:17:36
    Someone Else
    For now China Owns the US
  • modernminuteman 2012/02/08 13:04:33
    equality also means being attacked equally as well. you can't have it both ways although our president thinks he can. there is racial equality in our country today so racial claims do not carry water as far as i am concerned. i don't care what race you are if i see the person warrants criticism i will give it. no free rides because of race or color. the same goes for praise if warranted.
  • mike 2012/02/08 12:59:01
    The ad s rght on the money, but it seems like some people want to keep their heads in the sand, and make believe the rest of us don't understand what goes on around us.
  • JT For ... mike 2012/02/08 16:37:18
    JT For Political Reform
    Exactly Mike.
  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 2012/02/08 12:15:17
    I thought it was a good add.
  • AB0bama 2012/02/08 10:03:19
    Only an impotent race baiter would be silly enough to claim the ad was racist.

    I think the ad is quite effective, and from her reaction it is clear that Stab-a-cow thinks so too.

    silly claim ad racist ad effective reaction clear stab-a-cow thinks
  • JT For ... AB0bama 2012/02/08 16:38:08
    JT For Political Reform
    I like that....Stab-a-cow....lol.
  • AB0bama JT For ... 2012/02/09 07:30:29
    That is what we Conservatives call her here in Michigan.
  • JT For ... AB0bama 2012/02/09 16:18:52
    JT For Political Reform
    I live in Michigan but we called her Stab-me-now...lol.
  • AB0bama JT For ... 2012/02/10 13:23:57
    JT, you are spot on correct. I only discovered that yesterday. LOL!
  • JT For ... AB0bama 2012/02/10 15:15:54
    JT For Political Reform
    I see Hoekstra has withdrawn that commercial.
  • AB0bama JT For ... 2012/02/10 22:42:59
    Did he? Perhaps he believes enough people have already viewed it.

    He really made a mark with it, and in the end that is all that matters.

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