Hit The Road, Barack

Alexander 2012/08/20 19:21:59
August 20, 2012 By

At the beginning of 2012, Newsweek asked “Why are Obama’s critics so dumb?”

This was par for the course, as with the rest of the mainstream media, they had joined in the hagiography of Obama when he was dutifully crowned with divinity:

I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above the world, he’s sort of God.”

Oh how the mighty are fallen!

Sunday morning conservatives were knocked out of their chairs with the just-released Newsweek with the magazine’s cover of a photo of Barack Obama, suit jacket swung over his shoulder, and looking arrogantly into the camera. The caption: “Hit the Road, Barack. Why We Need a New President.”

Inside is a 3000-word article by economist Niall Ferguson, excoriating Barack Hussein Obama for gutting the economy and putting us on a road to financial ruin. In slick magazine fashion, there are charts of the economy’s unemployment rate, sluggish growth, and skyrocketing debt.

It also delves into the fact that Obama’s lack of experience in either business or management has equated into a man that is clearly over his head; in which Niall Ferguson quotes Ron Suskind’s book, Confidence Men, of Larry Summers and Peter Orzag (Obama’s economic team) in conversation:

You know, Peter, we’re really home alone…I mean it. We’re home alone. There’s no adult in charge.

A home where the children are left without adult supervision is problematic. But a country, the sole superpower in the world, without adult supervision is a recipe for disaster, as Niall Ferguson shows with Obama’s disastrous foreign policy leading to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and the country’s path to financial ruin.

Is this the beginning of the end of the mainstream media’s love affair with Barack Hussein Obama? Will they send him packing? Will they tell him to “Hit the Road, Barack. And don’t you come back no more, no more…”

Let us hope so.

Read More: http://www.westernjournalism.com/hit-the-road-barack/

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  • burningsnowman 2012/08/31 17:37:46 (edited)
    I hate Obama but a lot of his opponents are either neocons (no better) or ridiculous birthers. Talk about damned if you do damned if you don't.
  • Wesloco 2012/08/22 02:04:11
    President Obama has single handedly held this nation together in spite of the republicans attempt to bring him down even if it means bringing down the nation. Look what the GOP did to our credit rating!
  • Alexander Wesloco 2012/08/22 14:35:13
    Typical Liberal Delusion. Do you even realize that what you posted makes no sense whatsoever.
  • Wesloco Alexander 2012/08/23 01:48:40
    Typical RWNJ post! Care to elaborate on which part of my delusion you disagree with?
  • WinterLynn Wesloco 2012/08/31 20:11:47
  • Wesloco WinterLynn 2012/09/01 06:02:10
    Winter, you offered to oblige so can you explain to me exactly how Medicare has been raided for $780 billion?
  • WinterLynn Wesloco 2012/09/03 02:26:25
  • Wesloco WinterLynn 2012/09/03 04:49:21 (edited)
    See and that's what I thought you would say but the truth of the matter is that president Obama is reining in Medicare where it should be on the backs of greedy healthcare providers who routinely administer unwarranted and intrusive services to the elderly in order to pad their bills. Even on TV you see commercials where wheel chair providers guarantee to get senior citizens electric scooters and Medicare will pay for it. These service providers are working the system and costing the taxpayer and Obama is going after them as opposed to what Ryan and Romney want to do by ending Medicare and giving the elderly a voucher to buy insurance. People better wake up and get over their hate of Obama and recognize that he is the only one looking out for the little guy.
  • WinterLynn Wesloco 2012/09/03 15:31:02
  • Wesloco WinterLynn 2012/09/03 23:37:42
    Winter, I don't understand how so many people who like you seem to be reasonable and rational just totally disregard the fact that were it not for president Obama our nation would be in a depression today. What do you believe Romney will do to get unemployment under 8%? Lower tax rates? Do you really think that lowering tax rates on the rich will bring jobs?
  • WinterLynn Wesloco 2012/09/03 23:55:52 (edited)
  • Wesloco WinterLynn 2012/09/04 00:27:13
    Winter, everything you are saying is just wrong, jobs are created by demand. I don't know what business you're in but you're in business not because rich people keep you there but because of your customers who I would wager are regular joes. The rich, like Romney pay a minimal tax and companies like Walmart are subsidized by the government. Walmart compensates it's workers so poorly that even working full time a family is eligible for food stamps. Is Walmart so at risk of going bankrupt if it paid a wage that people could survive on? You know I hear so many people tell me that I have bought into the hype and drank the Kool aid but really I think it's those who accuse me of being a blind follower who are actually refusing to see reality.
  • WinterLynn Wesloco 2012/09/04 00:39:33 (edited)
  • Wesloco WinterLynn 2012/09/04 02:07:39
    Winter as I said, I don't know what type of business you're in that caters solely to the rich but most businesses, mine included (I have 7 indoor swap meets where I rent booths to small entrepreneurs) cater to regular joes. The rich, and I guess I can include myself among them since I am into seven figures, don't do anything for me, as a matter of fact they wouldn't even lend me money when I was getting started back in 1992 so I had to get a loan through the federal government's SBA. I pay my taxes, and I tell you it's at a lot higher rater than the 13% Mitt pays, and I don't look at what the government does as a redistribution of wealth because I think as a people we have to look after each other. I have more than enough, even if I stopped working today I couldn't spend all I have so what's the big deal of paying 36% instead of 32% (and I actually pay less than both those rates but not at the 13% that Mitt pays.) I don't know, maybe I too should cut out my heart and put a stone in its place.
  • Alexander Wesloco 2012/09/03 09:19:49
    It does one no good to argue with Delusional people, because all you do is wind up chasing your own tail.
  • Wesloco Alexander 2012/09/03 11:23:21
    Delusional? To believe that Romney's "voodoo economics" will not bring us back to where we were 2008 and bring that scenario to its disastrous end (an end that Obama saved us from) is to chase your tail back to the bad ole days. But as you said, what's the use of pointing out realities to people blinded by hate for a man to the point of not seeing what is in the best interest of the nation.
  • WinterLynn Wesloco 2012/09/03 15:31:44
  • Wesloco WinterLynn 2012/09/03 23:40:06
    This must be a very old picture because it does not acknowledge that we are out of Iran and Osama Bin Laden is dead.
  • WinterLynn Wesloco 2012/09/04 00:05:40
  • Wesloco WinterLynn 2012/09/04 00:30:16
    Winter I don't know who has turned you so against president Obama that you fail to acknowledge even his most obvious accomplishments. Why do you hate this man so much?
  • Alexander Wesloco 2012/09/04 00:09:44
    Out with Obama it is time for a new direction under Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.
  • Wesloco Alexander 2012/09/04 00:31:51
    What are the top 3 things you expect the Ryan/Romney team will do?
  • WinterLynn Wesloco 2012/08/31 20:03:19
  • RayG 2012/08/21 04:03:00
    'Bout time at least one element of the MSM has awakened from the DNC induced Obama mantra
  • Ms. Texas 2012/08/21 03:33:07
    Ms. Texas
    So I guess everyone at Newsweek is now an idiot? I've thought for years that everyone at Newsweek is an idiot.
  • ChrisHollyMusic 2012/08/20 23:18:40
    Huckabee and Congressman Tim Scot jamming "Hit The Road Barack" w/ me in SC (video) http://youtu.be/OrR6tvo8b7w

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