Hillary supporter's untold Obama horror stories by Jerome Corsi

Yo'Adrienne..AFCL 2012/04/06 16:05:28

HERE's the YOUTUBE VIDEO: http://youtu.be/B7RDqKmUcx0

Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign violated Democratic Party rules and engaged in improper and possibly illegal actions to steal the 2008 Democratic Party presidential nomination from Hillary Clinton, according to a worker for Hillary’s campaign.

Michele Thomas, a professional photographer in Hollywood, told WND in an exclusive interview that her resistance to the Obama campaign made her a target of intimidation.

“I have received death threats from Obama’s people,” she said. “I think I was called a ‘racist’ a thousand times. If you didn’t stand for Obama, you were a racist. It was a way to intimidate you.

Thomas’ charges were affirmed by a Hollywood producer who spoke to WND, Bettina Viviano, who claims that it was a common belief inside Hillary Clinton’s campaign that Obama was not eligible to be president and that she heard Bill Clinton say it in a telephone conference call.

Thomas started out as a volunteer for Hillary in Los Angeles, making thousands of phone calls from the local campaign office.

What she witnessed while volunteering for Hillary in the Nevada Democratic Party caucuses eventually turned her into an activist.

“The Obama campaign people were stealing the caucuses – throwing away votes, intimidating people from entering the caucus locations,” she said. “It was very systematic. The Obama supporters got control over the caucus packages and they manipulated the vote.”

She said she was astounded that the media was not interested in covering the alleged abuses.
Everyone knew the Obama people were stealing the election,” she charged.

Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee at time, and then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi changed the rules in Obama’s favor as the primaries went on, Thomas said.

“The leadership of the Democratic Party were not going to let Hillary win the nomination; it didn’t matter what Democratic voters wanted,” she said.

By June 2008, Thomas said, the Democratic Party and the media declared Obama the winner of the Democratic Party presidential nomination even though Obama did not have the necessary number of delegates and Clinton, at most, was only a few behind Obama in the delegate count.

At that point, Thomas formulated a plan to make sure Clinton’s name was placed in nomination and her committed delegates were counted in the first ballot at the Democratic National Convention in August 2008.

The plan develops

Thomas found out that the rules of the Democratic National Convention provided that if 300 delegates for a particular candidate signed a petition – with not more than 50 from one state – the candidate’s delegates would have to be counted on the first ballot.

She quit her job for three months and dedicated herself to collecting petitions from Hillary delegates across the country. Each of the 398 petitions she eventually acquired was notarized to make it virtually impossible to disqualify them in a challenge.

The petition called for a floor nomination of Hillary Clinton that would force a count of the delegates for each candidate.

“There was no way the Democratic National Committee could knock the signatures off this petition,” she said. “The next step was to get a super-delegate to introduce these petitions from the convention floor.”

Thomas turned to Bill Gwatney, the chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party and a close personal friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, to pick a super-delegate from the Arkansas delegation to introduce her petition at the convention.

On Aug. 13, 2008, a gunman entered the Arkansas Democratic Party headquarters, walked down the hallway to Gwatney’s office and fired several shots at him, killing him instantly. The assailant, identified as Timothy D. Johnson, was fatally wounded by the police after a long car chase.

The Democratic National Convention began in Denver less than two weeks later.

Thomas said she also had approached former U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones from Ohio, “an African-American woman who had been campaigning for Hillary from the beginning to the end, and who never wavered in her support even though she had major threats from the Obama campaign and from the black community that she had better change her support.”

“Unfortunately, Stephanie Tubbs Jones died of a supposed brain aneurysm just before the Democratic National Convention,” Thomas recalled.

...............There is a video. click on the link.....the story goes on and on.....but just listen or follow the link and read the entire story for yourself. It is UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! and worth your time if you want the truth. WND.com.


As WND reported yesterday, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has expanded the scope of his law enforcement investigation into President Obama’s presidential eligibility to include evidence of criminal activity by the Obama campaign in the 2008 Democratic Party primary race.

Read More: http://www.wnd.com/2012/04/hillary-supporters-unto...

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  • ☆ QueenAline 2012/04/07 01:23:10
    ☆ QueenAline
    This is so credible, scary, disgusting, and frustrating....I believe every word of this woman...He and his party will stop at nothing...It's so sad that this nation has been degraded to this
  • CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2012/04/06 19:02:15
    CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    Time will tell of the exact body count of anti-Obama and anyone else who could stop him from winning. http://fellowshipofminds.word...
  • AdLib 2012/04/06 17:23:06
    Nonsense. Moveon.org played a huge roll in the primary race. MoveOn took a vote from its millions of members, Hillary or Obama. They put together the largest and most successful ground campaign in political history.
  • Yo'Adri... AdLib 2012/04/06 22:27:08
    yeah yeah yeah!
  • AdLib Yo'Adri... 2012/04/07 00:05:45
    It worked. HA HA HA!
  • CAPISCE 2012/04/06 17:13:21
    Obama's presidency is a horror story
  • darcie lamar 2012/04/06 17:08:05
    darcie lamar
    This woman sounds credible. She better be careful, along with Sheriff Joe. This makes me wonder about the fate of Andrew Breitbart.
  • Yo'Adri... darcie ... 2012/04/06 22:28:38
    BOOM. Darcie. I was thinking the exact thought as I listened to the video.....
    Brietbart's death might just be another notch on their "weapon of destruction" of anyone who doesn't go along with the lies.! BOOM!
  • Studied 2012/04/06 17:07:24
    None of this surprises me at all. I pray he does not win re-election, but they will stop at nothing so be very careful. I expect the worst with threats, dead voters, throwing out votes, and so on.
  • Zippcodey 2012/04/06 16:36:28
    Sure because there are too many cowards that don't want to stand up for truth.
  • Yo'Adri... Zippcodey 2012/04/06 22:29:41
    Absolutely true........!!! It's like we are a game....alll running around on a game board, waiting for thenext MOVE!
  • Zippcodey Yo'Adri... 2012/04/06 23:21:51
    Your right because there's an agenda, which is what makes it a game playing and using the people.
  • BrianD3 2012/04/06 16:35:11
    interesting reading. I believe it in general but would like to see more to back up its specific allegations
  • Yo'Adri... BrianD3 2012/04/06 22:30:59
    Have at it....and please share it with us.....the more information....the better informed....the better prepared...and the better to realize what we can do to change things.! Dig Brian.....
  • S and S 2012/04/06 16:25:30
  • Yo'Adri... S and S 2012/04/06 22:31:31
    Very familiar.
    and very scary for sure.

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