Hillary Clinton Promises $100 Billion to Poor Regimes to Fight Global Warming Junk Science (Video)

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told the junk scientists
in Copenhagen that the U.S. would join others in raising $100 billion a
year by 2020 to help poorer nations cope with global warming junk

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at the climate summit in
Copenhagen Wednesday, saying all nations must come together and deliver
a climate treaty.

Related… The British media is now reporting that the entire global temperature record used by the IPCC to inform world government policy is a total crock.

Read more: http://gatewaypundit.firstthings.com/2009/12/hilla...

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  • AV 2009/12/17 17:04:02 (edited)
    Just Say NO! To the Global Warming Hoax!!
    Refuse and Resist!

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  • Conservative in California 2009/12/20 00:08:29
    Conservative in California
    Liberals sure are generous...with other people's money.
  • mustang 2009/12/18 14:33:21
    were in deficit---and thy're promising our tax payers money to these countries that sit back and want hand-outs!!!!
  • Ripped1... mustang 2009/12/19 22:33:28
    We already donate 26 billion a year and these morons want to add at a minimum another 20 billion to it. Tar and feather these losers.
  • Conserv... mustang 2009/12/20 00:09:01
    Conservative in California
    GW is communism by other means...simple as that.
  • wtw 2009/12/18 05:18:03
    How can she promise our money when congress has not appropiated dime number one?
  • Ripped1... wtw 2009/12/19 22:34:03
    because she's a liar that's what liars do.
  • 000 2009/12/18 03:56:39
  • luigi1- in god we trust 2009/12/17 21:32:05 (edited)
    luigi1- in god we trust
    many of these countries & their corrupt dictators would just take our money & buy more arms to kill us with like they been doing with our foreign aid.

    anyone that thinks this money will go to stop global warming instead of going into the pockets of dictators are living in the same fantacy world al gore & nancy pelosi lives in.
  • Billyk75 2009/12/17 20:16:42 (edited)
    Why doesn't someone put this misguided twit out of her misery or our misery?
  • luigi1-... Billyk75 2009/12/17 21:32:37
    luigi1- in god we trust
    she thinks like a liberal.
  • Kane Fernau 2009/12/17 19:58:14 (edited)
    Kane Fernau
    How much do give them annually, already???
  • luigi1-... Kane Fe... 2009/12/18 15:35:05 (edited)
    luigi1- in god we trust
    not counting un dues, iraq & afghanistan around $800 billion. this will be another $100 billion above what we already give. also obama pledged another $100 billion to the un general fund. all total another half $trillion dollars the taxpayers or china loan sharks must cough up.

    we'll soon see how many fiends this buys us in the muslim world.
  • Ripped1... Kane Fe... 2009/12/19 22:36:25
    26 BILLION and at a minimum this will add another 20 BILLION this will probably double what we spend in foreign aid. I say F@$K em and feed em fish heads.
  • Kane Fe... Ripped1... 2009/12/19 23:53:30
    Kane Fernau
    Fish heads are to good for them. Have you priced sushi lately?
  • Ripped1... Kane Fe... 2009/12/20 00:04:51
    Carp is cheap.
  • Kane Fe... Ripped1... 2009/12/20 00:08:33
    Kane Fernau
    Mmmmmm Carp.
  • brandi_wine112 2009/12/17 19:26:28
    Hilary is a sell out!!! If there is going to be such a surplus of cash , put it into OUR economy and help out "Americans poor regime"
    hilary sell surplus cash economy americans poor regime
  • jimmy brandi_... 2009/12/17 19:30:48
    hillary clinton is nothing but a stupid bitch like her boss, i guess she thinks money grows on trees.
  • luigi1-... brandi_... 2009/12/20 02:37:52 (edited)
    luigi1- in god we trust
    the obama administration with pelosi's recommendation still has yet to nationalize our 401k.
    after that, there will be plenty to dole out to the 3rd world.
    your money is not your money untill they say it's yours.
  • brandi_... luigi1-... 2009/12/20 06:02:23
    Thats the next slush fund, Our 4o1K's will end up like the Social Security that millions have paid into that wont see that money. This is theft of American dollars.

    What do you think about reverse mortages? curious....

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