Hillary Clinton, Obama's running mate in 2012

Welshtaff 2012/05/24 21:47:26
What next ! desperation for Obama so he will get the 2nd 4 years.
How long will it take for Hillary to push Obama right out of the picture and take over the Whitehouse all for herself.
She has that talent to do it and how will the security feel about having three nasty people telling them what too do?
Well lets hope for the best and it doesn't happen. America still needs a wake up call and get back to what it was and move ahead.
Guarantee the economy won't improve any and will an open door be open for al-Qaeda to be open to complete the Obama plan.
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  • maggiemay 2012/05/25 16:58:09
    Why would she want to tie herself anymore then she already is to this loser. Besides Obama says he is sticking with Joe. Joe has enough dirt to sink this whole administration, and letting him run loose would be a disaster in the making. Flappy lips can't keep his mouth shut without a muzzle.
  • Ken 2012/05/25 02:21:40
    Hillary's career would be over.
  • Cal 2012/05/24 23:08:55
    Doubt it. Clinton has already said she doesn't want the VP position. Besides...Clinton doesn't believe in Obama. Even she must realize he wont be around after November.
  • Kate 2012/05/24 23:02:12
    For the Dems that would make perfect sense (if ANYTHING they do makes sense) Hilary would bring back some of the drifting votes and as VP, she would be the logical candidate for the Dem ticket in '16 and those who voted for Obama so they could say they voted for the first "black" president would vote for he so they could say they voted for the first "woman" poresident. However, if that happens, Obama better quadruple his protection detail because people who get in Billary's way have a habit of turning up dead.
  • Gracie - Proud Conservative 2012/05/24 22:46:47
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    I don't think they trust each other enough but you can't blame him for dumping Biden, the idiot, can you?
  • jgh57 2012/05/24 22:41:41
    Never happen. Biden will still be there.
  • Schläue~© 2012/05/24 21:56:46
    Not a chance. The last thing she & Bill want is to be subjected to the scrutiny established when the media vilified Palin.
    Whitewater worms, Vince Foster, Jim McDougal, Ron Brown, Osama bin laden..... all of the above.

    They will both be happy hitting the speaking circuit and scribbling a few fiction novels.
  • Fef 2012/05/24 21:52:43
    won't happen. Secretary Hillary Clinton has too much baggage / skeletons in her closet. Also, Bill Clinton hates Barack Obama.
  • Gracie ... Fef 2012/05/24 22:47:23
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    Michelle Obama hates both Clintons.
  • Fef Gracie ... 2012/05/24 23:28:02
    I think Michelle O hates everyone
    michelle o hater
  • Gracie ... Fef 2012/05/25 01:55:12
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    I'm reading "The Amateur" and apparently that's the truth!
  • selgo451 Fef 2012/05/25 03:52:43

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