High gas prices: How much can Obama (or could Gingrich) do? Well, we won't know what Gingrich can do, unless he gets elected. We already know what Obama has failed to do don't we?

Patriot Unit 2012/03/13 23:05:31
Rising gas prices have put a damper on President Obama's political
fortunes—54 percent of the respondents to a new CBS-New York Times poll
said they believe the president can do a lot to control prices at the pump. And nearly two-thirds of the respondents to an ABC-Washington Post poll said they disapprove of how Obama is handling the issue. It's perhaps not surprising that Obama saw sharp drops in his overall approval rating in both polls.


The problem is that Obama does not want to do anything, he has already made it plan that he would like to see gas at the same or higher level as Europe, to force the rest of us to stop driving. He wants everything to fit into his idea of Green Energy, or should I say within the ideology of the ECO-Terrorists. You can't just stop using what we have now, and start new. That is illogical, and plan out stupid.
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  • VoteOut 2012/03/13 23:39:37
    The one that says King Dollar is the way to that the guy who understands
  • RicardoCabeza 2012/03/13 23:24:34 (edited)
    They can do nothing, either one of them so wise up... Drilling more holes and capping them is not the answer as there are more than 500 capped oil wells within 50 miles of my house, some of them are actually leaking to the surface... There is nothing they will do either except play upon the gullible nature of the voters.... Hey Newt really likes the people!, or Golly gee! Obama has a handful of change me!
  • Patriot... Ricardo... 2012/03/14 03:28:34
    Patriot Unit
    And what government has kept them capped? And your tell others to wise up.
  • Ricardo... Patriot... 2012/03/15 23:38:39
    Yes millions of capped oil wells all over the country, some leak around the well casing and create oil seeps on the surface. North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming has a reserve that would provide for current world demand for an estimated 300 years, The USA produces almost as much oil as the Saudii's, and is a net exporter of oil and gasoline, Meaning that we produce more than we use. So when you think that drilling is the answer to the price of gasoline just remember the horizon oil spill last year, or was it 2 years ago?, there was so much well pressure they could not keep the oil in the ground, (this is how most drilling holes are) and it was when they were in the process of shutting down the well (who knows why) the disaster happened... for what reason?, the well obviously had millions of barrels remaining in the reserve. Oil is plentiful, and should be at about $14.00 a barrel, and the only problem we have right now is a financial scale of economies problem that is in motion for an unknown reason. Yes, wise up, Obama can do nothing and Newt will only do what he did the first go around with GATT, NAFTA, and the repeal of financial rules that allowed for lax banking and investment enforcement.
  • Ricardo... Patriot... 2012/03/15 23:52:42
    Yes hundreds of thousands of capped oil wells with plenty of reserves, some with so much pressure that they leak around the well casing and create oil seeps on the surface. Think about the Deep Horizon oil spill two years ago in the Gulf of Mexico, The well pressure was so great they could not keep it in the ground, as there is obviously millions upon millions of barrels remaining in the reserve, another fact of the North Dakota , South Dakota, Wyoming reserve that contains enough oil to supply current world demand for 300 years... WISE UP, the price of oil and gasoline is tied up in economies of scale in the financial markets, and if President Obama is too oblivious (or powerless) to address it, Newt on the inverse is want to exacerbate the problem as can be discovered in his efforts in sculpting the GATT, NAFTA, and deregulation effort that gave us the current Banking fiasco... Give Newt the boot... and get somebody that does not have the industry in his pocket, if you can find one. oil wells
  • lonewolf 2012/03/13 23:12:58
    if he can get the kick backs he will be like the rest
  • Ricardo... lonewolf 2012/03/15 23:53:06
    More like if they can stick it in our backs.
  • lonewolf Ricardo... 2012/03/15 23:54:40
    which they do. they know we need it and we will pay the price. what ever it is
  • Ricardo... lonewolf 2012/03/16 00:13:43
    I think there is something else going on that makes little sense to most of us until the entire world political dynamic is known, and even then it becomes foggy, but they really want to break it off after they stick it in there...
  • lonewolf Ricardo... 2012/03/16 22:34:20

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