High Blood Pressure and Heart Attack Caused by This Common Chemical

Autarchic 2012/09/22 12:35:25
No wonder Westerners are dropping dead left and right from things like type 2 diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

Numbers indicate that 90% of Americans have traces of a chemical that the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has for years claimed is completely safe. They base its ‘safety’ on two studies conducted by the companies in chemical industries.

That’s despite the fact that hundreds of studies all over the world have linked this chemical to everything from cancer and anxiety to ED. Only recently has the FDA raised any concerns, but no ban is yet in sight.

Since this chemical is all over and there is no label requirement, you’re extremely vulnerable to it. That’s why in today’s feature article I’m going to tell you more about this chemical and how you can avoid it.

Lets begin with a study example. British researchers followed 1600 individuals for ten years. Subjects had no sign of heart problems at the beginning of the study. However, at the end of the study, those who had higher levels of this chemical had significantly higher risk of developing heart disease.

The chemical is called Bisphenol A (or BPA) and you may have heard about the debate of its use in food packaging.

The usage is, however, nowhere close to being limited to food. Because the chemical is extremely effective in the hardening process of plastic, it can be found almost anywhere plastic is found. It’s in everything from dental sealants to store receipts and even money.

So completely avoiding BPA is almost impossible. That’s why it’s so import to focus strongly on the areas where you can avoid this deadly chemical. There is no labeling requirement for BPA. So just begin assuming that any food stored in plastic includes BPA unless it’s clearly marked “BPA-free.”

Now why is BPA so dangerous, you may ask?

You see, BPA acts similar to many human hormones; most closely to the hormone estrogen.

This is, of course, even more serious for men than women since a high level of estrogen has been linked to both men’s abnormal breast mass and sexual dysfunctions, such as erectile dysfunction.

But imbalance in estrogen hormones is dangerous to both sexes and can contribute to high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, worsened menopause symptoms and many other health problems.

Not all manufacturers mark their packaging “BPA-free” even if it is. Some manufactures have only part of their line BPA-free. Usually, however, if you visit the manufacture’s website, you’ll find some reference to BPA. If you don’t find it, avoid that product.

Authorities all over the world are realizing the danger of BPA. Therefore, I would not be surprised if soon, manufacturers will be required to label their products if they INCLUDE BPA. That will make the task of avoiding it much easier.

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But first, what are your thoughts on this subject? Please leave your comments below.
FDA = lol
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  • Gregaj7 2012/09/22 22:54:57
    The documentary "Tapped" covers all of this in strong detail, including the Corpus Christi-TX plastics plant that use the chemical, and the health-impact of the community.
  • John "By God" American 2012/09/22 14:45:25
    John "By God" American
    Oh, I thought is was W+I(F)=E that caused all that, >:-)...
  • Tasine 2012/09/22 13:16:08
    Being older, my thinking is very different from when I was younger. I quit worrying about all the things that could kill me or make me sick. I avoid obvious dangers, but just because some "scientist" makes a pronouncement does not prove his theories. Besides that, I've had a good life and don't fear death. I know I cannot live forever, and besides that I don't WANT to live forever. We can remove some things we know are unhealthy, but there will always be others to take up that space. There is no way to be totally safe, and death is in everyone's future, regardless how he lives or how he believes.

    Who wants to lie in a hospital bed at age 105, dying from........living?

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