Chi~Cat 2012/03/06 12:07:32
Yeah, ManI!

Right on! The G8 SUMMIT HAS BEEN MOVED FROM CHICAGO TO CAMP DAVID. (we still have to deal with the Nobel last week of April and NATO...our LE will be just fine.)

There were reports of mega "T" threats, the business community and residents were/are not happy at all with all the international summits and spotlight/call of mega protesting to occur here in the last week of April-May: with the the call last November for massive amounts of protesters to create havoc...finally, a good move.

Guess Rahmbo was the one that got strong-armed this time! This is far beyond egos...this is not only a relief for businesses (too bad for the restaurant/hotel industry...we do have rocking weather/summers/festivals...who needs diplomats and entourages? Not US...the UN are bad enough in NYC), this is a relief and victory for Chicagoans who work hard and we want to play hard on our beautiful lakefront and city. It took a nation of fools to elect POTUS...not just Chitown...thank goodness, we can enjoy our Memorial Day weekend and summer. WE don't want "IT" here anymore. Word.

Myself? Back to volleyball/softball/concerts/dancing on the beach sans mega trashy protesters. Right on. Finally...one decent move~ That's as far as I will go. I still say: ABO!




Yes, there will be Naysayers...bring it...truth hurts


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  • Chi~Cat Muver 2012/03/06 17:37:40 (edited)
    I thank YOU, Muver...I love my city~

    And, the business owners on Michigan Avenue are still calling businesses that board, and having same on-site...What the heck was Rahmbo thinking? Oh, I know...he has his eyes on the White House....yep...that's a no brainer, there, eh? Yes, our harbors rock! Our city rocks, our lakefront rocks, our pollies.......someone wanna fill in the blanks? _ _ _ _ _ !

    Thanks, for your comment~

    navy pier

    chicago lakefront


  • Viet Er... Chi~Cat 2012/03/06 18:01:49
    Viet Era medic
    yeah I guess you can't hate a city for its politicians...
    It is beautiful but its been crooked for a long time. And you poor thing, you had to deal with oscumbo when he was senator...
  • Chi~Cat Viet Er... 2012/03/06 23:58:28 (edited)
  • Viet Er... Chi~Cat 2012/03/07 02:09:52
    Viet Era medic
    Agreed. Can't blame the city or the state for such a colossal idiot.. But I have to admit sweetie, I've done it. I'm sorry. Thanks for enlightening me.
    NOPE, I didn't vote for him last time and I'm certainly not voting for him this time around either.. They should do their homework, you're right. Problem is, the bulk don't bother and just vote for him because of color. Their more racist than you or I could be.
    Agreed, let's take our country back sister.. And I promise to keep an open mind about "where" a person comes from. I have been so wrong in the past, lumping people together. Apology accepted?
  • Chi~Cat Viet Er... 2012/03/07 10:40:54
    Agreed. So wrong...here dead people come alive during elections!
  • Muver Chi~Cat 2012/03/06 18:19:38
    It's a great city, and personally it made me sick to see Rahm become mayor...people can.say what they want about Daley, but he did put the city and tourism in the forefront for the good of the city....it is a beautiful and fun place....Have lived there off and on
    over the years, and in the west suburbs...we still keep a condo there with another couple who now live in Florida, and a boat in DuSable Harbor...We get back there for most of the summer each year, as do our friends who come for the cool lake breeze when Florida gets unbearable in July and August. Love Michigan Ave. and the 900 N. Michigan Ave shops...Rush Street and one of my fav. crazy place to eat, Wishbone!!
  • Texas Johnny 2012/03/06 17:10:44 (edited)
    Texas Johnny
    He did it to give the OWS idiots some credibility. They have become new members of his ever growing cadre of blackshirts.

    mussolini obama
  • Chi~Cat Texas J... 2012/03/06 17:14:14
    Oh, you are spot on, there Texas Jonny...For, they are hired guns courtesy of unions...SEIU!

    seiu thugs
  • whitewu... Chi~Cat 2012/03/06 19:55:51 (edited)
  • Texas J... Chi~Cat 2012/03/06 20:07:49
    Texas Johnny
  • Old Salt Texas J... 2012/03/06 17:50:33
  • Texas J... Old Salt 2012/03/06 20:08:45
    Texas Johnny
    Some people have a low learning curve, salt!
  • Old Salt Texas J... 2012/03/06 21:44:47
  • Texas J... Old Salt 2012/03/07 03:59:38
    Texas Johnny
  • mich52 2012/03/06 16:21:22 (edited)
  • BrianD3 mich52 2012/03/06 16:47:51
    yea, usually because he is off making trips elsewhere
  • Chi~Cat BrianD3 2012/03/06 17:17:10 (edited)
    Got that right~

    obama wasted in hawaii
    obama wasted in hawaii
    obama surfing hawaii
  • whitewu... BrianD3 2012/03/06 19:57:02
  • Chi~Cat mich52 2012/03/06 17:15:03 (edited)
    Hey, long time no see! How are you this morn? Good to see ya...thanks so much for dropping by~

    obama planet
  • mich52 Chi~Cat 2012/03/06 19:26:07
  • Chi~Cat mich52 2012/03/06 19:32:09
    I just love your pleasantries! Megas!

    sexy wink gif
  • whitewu... Chi~Cat 2012/03/06 19:59:06
  • Chi~Cat whitewu... 2012/03/07 10:42:19
  • whitewu... Chi~Cat 2012/03/06 19:57:57
  • Chi~Cat whitewu... 2012/03/07 10:42:33
    LOL!!!!! clackety clack!
  • doreen.k.gray 2012/03/06 16:03:29
    It will be interesting come November
  • Chi~Cat doreen.... 2012/03/06 17:18:30
    It will be very interesting as soon as GOP is announced, and then the REAL shenanigans begin~ thanks for stopping by doreen. megas~
  • hari 2012/03/06 15:58:15
    Good its moved from Chicago - less problems to natives at the cost of government chaos . What the hell they will be doing in Meetings ? Its meant for to meet in other meeting without deciding anything
  • Chi~Cat hari 2012/03/06 17:12:46
    They have a mighty fine golf course, there! Talk about mitigation! yikes!
  • hari Chi~Cat 2012/03/07 02:27:28
    Aye - they are lucky to get all those by virtue of their fate ? I envy some time
  • whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2012/03/06 15:53:47
  • Chi~Cat whitewu... 2012/03/06 15:58:05 (edited)
  • whitewu... Chi~Cat 2012/03/06 19:51:03
  • Chi~Cat whitewu... 2012/03/06 19:57:13
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT~!!!! RIGHT ON! the rest can go down, down, down! LMAO! love ya, man~

    cicero chicago
  • Cricket 2012/03/06 15:35:01
    That's good news! As busy as Chicago is, I couldn't imagine all of that taking place there anyway. What madness and chaos it would be, not to mention all the clean-up that it would cost the city, the headaches, the traffic jams, the hassles all and all.
  • CUDDLY BUT STILL CRABBY 2012/03/06 15:32:55
    Don't celebrate just yet. You Chicagoans and other big city residents like in Philly will still have to take on the growing phenomenon of the black flash mobs. You Chicagoans are at a disadvantage because of the lack of concealed carry laws. The flash mobs can do anything to you and you will not be able to respond in kind. That is NOT a comforting feeling IMHO.

  • whitewu... CUDDLY ... 2012/03/06 15:57:05
  • CUDDLY ... whitewu... 2012/03/06 15:58:39
    Actions speak louder than words. I hope for your sake you are right. We'll see.........
  • Chi~Cat CUDDLY ... 2012/03/06 19:43:02
    He is fine.

    MY ACTIONS ARE TRUE. For, I know way more than all of you. fact.
  • Chi~Cat CUDDLY ... 2012/03/06 20:03:17 (edited)
    You are right with the gun laws here. You cannot own a handgun in city proper, but you can own a shotgun.

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