Hey all you idiots who voted for higher taxes more spending destruction of jobs.. deal with it

iamnothere 2013/01/02 16:12:10

As President Barack Obama heads into his second term, he faces a pessimistic and weary public, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll released late Tuesday.

The percentage of Americans satisfied with the direction of the country stands at a paltry 23 percent in a poll taken Dec. 14-17. By a margin of 50 to 47 percent, respondents said the country's best years are over.

Fifty percent of respondents said it is somewhat or very unlikely that today's youth will have a better life than their parents.

That pessimism and negativity extends to the president, according to the poll.

When respondents were asked to choose adjectives to describe their feelings about the president's re-election, the poll showed the excitement and pride many Americans felt about the president's first term has diminished.

Sixty-seven percent of respondents in November 2008 said they felt optimistic about the president's election and the same percentage said it made them feel proud. Last month those numbers fell to 52 percent for optimistic and 48 percent for proud. Forty-three percent of Americans surveyed also said they feel pessimistic about the president's re-election and 36 percent said it made them feel afraid—both increases from 2008.

The president's approval rating, however, hovered at the 50 percent threshold in the USA Today/Gallup survey. This is 1 percentage point above George W. Bush as he headed into his second term, but below the 58 percent rating held by Bill Clinton and 59 percent held by Ronald Reagan.

The poll's margin of error was plus or minus 4 percentage points.

In my view the best days of this country are done the republic is toast

the citizens have decided some by staying home from the polls many believing the sound bites put up by those who promise them everything

Sp here we are another giant tax .. piled on another giant tax ... piled upon another giant Obama tax With each tax it removes capital that people use to hire new employees.

Obama pushed thru his tax increase.. enough to actually run the government for about 8 and a half days.. BFD because they added enough spending to kill that in a matter of hours

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  • betz 2013/01/02 16:27:34 (edited)
    The man is clueless as to what makes this nation tick. He really is. I too agree that my child will definitely not be better off then my husband and I are and it breaks my heart. His antics have convinced me he cares nothing about his own children. How sad is that.
    Enjoy your vacation "0" while so many of those who voted for you continue to suffer.

    Oh yeah that's right they'll continue to get their handouts won't they? I am so disgusted.

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  • wtw 2013/01/03 02:58:41
    Indeed the fools!
  • Aurora 2013/01/03 00:04:42
    Fasten your seat belts it's gonna get ugly
  • Richie Rich 2013/01/02 23:30:37
  • snipe 2013/01/02 23:15:12
    Looks as if everything is going as planned!
  • MW121 2013/01/02 23:11:56
    It seems as if we live in a world of mediocrity.. if you're successful you're screwed and if you're not, that's great because the government will support you.. So why even work. Businesses are getting taxed to death and this administration doesn't understand why companies won't hire.. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that taxes and overhead eat into the bottom line. All this overhead gets passed down to the employees, pay reduction, benefit reduction, higher prices, lower employees, etc.. I think people think businesses and corporations will just suck up the cost.. Give me a break.
  • Thisism... MW121 2013/01/03 01:48:33
  • iamnothere Thisism... 2013/01/03 12:30:16
    for most people they are but obama is going to change that this year i a big big hurry
  • lee 2013/01/02 22:58:08
    get your digs in now... before the next poll comes out.

    smart move.
  • AL 2013/01/02 22:46:25
    Just goes to show you,you just can't trust anything a share the poverty Marxist tells you after all!
  • Cher 2013/01/02 20:58:50
  • macbeth 2013/01/02 20:52:19
    The trick with market research, and I know whereof I speak, is that the answers you get are very much dependent on the questions you ask, and who you ask them of.
    Asking respondents to identify with adjectives is one of the oldest tricks in the book.
    Sadly Gallup's reputation has been going down the toilet in the industry for years.
  • Roger47 2013/01/02 20:12:14
    Another giant tax? Surely you jest! For a family with a taxable income of $500,000 per year, it adds all of $2,300 to their taxes. If we overstate their tax rate and assume they have no deductions at all on $500,000 in income, and say they pay 40% on it all, that would still leave them $300,000 of income to keep and spend each year. They would somehow have to find a way to get by on $200 a month less, when the income they keep is about $25,000 every month. IIF you had $25,000 to spend every month, would you feel the pain of $200 less?
    And for what it is worth, even after this giant tax increase, our revenues will still be far too low to bring the deficit under control, no matter how much we shrink Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the military, and welfare. Our nation collects as revenue less than 27% of GDP. Germany, with the strongest economy in the world, collects at a 50% higher rate, over 40%. Every developed nation in the world collects taxes at a far higher rate than we do. And we spend far more on medical care and the military than they do. The fact of the matter is, our taxes will have to go way up for all of us if we are ever to get the deficit under control.
  • snipe Roger47 2013/01/02 23:25:47
    So, are you saying that you Lefties got your tax increase on the wealthy (of course it wasn't enough and it won't do any good, so it was really just a feel good thing, right?) and now, since you got the wealthy taxed a little more, you're yelling for a tax increase on everyone else? I guess what I heard about you Lefties is true after all: you guys can never be satisfied!
  • iamnothere Roger47 2013/01/03 00:12:02 (edited)
    ss tax up cap gains up death taxes up ovomit care 53 various new taxes from selling property to buying gold then there are lots of states like ca and Il that are also raising taxes on those in the state..
  • iamnothere Roger47 2013/01/03 12:32:22
    so you are jumping up and down and cheering because of class warfare..

    If you are so stupid as to think it is not going to trickle down effecting earnings of those in the middle class you are a bigger fool than obama
  • Roger47 iamnothere 2013/01/03 18:31:34
    Reagan's budget Director, David Stockman, admits "trickle down" does not work. Why do you still believe it?
  • iamnothere Roger47 2013/01/04 00:16:55
    the problem is not increasing revenue .. the problem then as now.. pay attention.. because you seem incapable.. the word is SPENDING debtocraps have to give away lots more than comes in.. that is how they work.. go back and look be a smart guy and pay attention do your own leg work and you will discover..
  • jimmie 2013/01/02 19:34:24
  • Tuna 2013/01/02 19:29:09 (edited)
    Just wait'll all the freebies stop !! The Yankee Dollar is about to tank. The progressives are finally out of "somebody else's money". obama money
  • hatter Tuna 2013/01/03 13:16:40
    Nein dollars
  • Tuna hatter 2013/01/03 13:36:09
    necht dollars
  • hatter Tuna 2013/01/03 15:06:02
    Nein nein nein
  • dave b 2013/01/02 19:06:03
    dave b
    The Obots couldnt care less. They only care that they "won", not what happens to America.
  • Tuna dave b 2013/01/02 19:32:34
    They didn't win anything; $600B in new taxes, $600B in new spending. Even the Obots know that isn't right.
  • iamnothere Tuna 2013/01/02 19:39:36
    actually I am not sure they have a clue
  • Tuna iamnothere 2013/01/02 19:42:57
    Not the way Obama and his stalinist press LIE to the minions; they don't have a clue.
  • dave b Tuna 2013/01/02 22:34:50
    dave b
    You know what I mean, Tuna.
  • Tuna dave b 2013/01/02 22:39:10
    Yep; it's over the cliff; whatever Obama says or does, they buy it.
  • shuturpiehole 2013/01/02 18:49:15
  • dave b shuturp... 2013/01/02 19:03:06
    dave b
    And you got your "information" from....let me guess.....Obama's Media Politburo, right?
  • shuturp... dave b 2013/01/02 19:37:08
  • tdterry... shuturp... 2013/01/02 19:19:17
    unemployment was 7.9 when Obama took office.
  • shuturp... tdterry... 2013/01/02 19:36:13
  • tdterry... shuturp... 2013/01/02 20:48:36
    But the bottom line is OBAMA HAS NOT LOWER THE NUMBERS .I know the old blame Bush works on some.But get real man it's been 4 years.
  • dave b shuturp... 2013/01/02 21:39:56
    dave b
    Bush's policies didnt cause the housing market to collapse. You need to go back to the Dems brainchild of giving home loans to people who never should have received them, but the Dems thought it wasnt "fair" for people who worked hard and built their credit and saved for down payments to be able to own a home and the others couldnt.
    They even made a law about it!
  • hatter shuturp... 2013/01/03 13:21:09
    Obama policies discouraged business investment. That's why the unemployment rows. Ten years of bush policies killed obama if that is even true.
  • Tuna tdterry... 2013/01/02 19:36:17
    It was 4.5% on Bush's watch when the millions and millions of foreclosures flooded the R.E. market, killed the market, and our economy with it. The whole thing (last five years) could have been avoided
  • shuturp... Tuna 2013/01/02 20:02:12
  • Tuna shuturp... 2013/01/02 20:57:50
    5%, boo-hoo. The foreclosures killed the housing market, that killed the economy; it could have been avoided. The Tea Party is only 87 out of 535; we were formed to STOP this dereliction. Damn good thing the Tea Party IS there or we would already be Greece. Why even have a debt ceiling if it is raised once a year?? To keep spending down, huh???
  • tdterry... Tuna 2013/01/02 20:53:48
    What is your point?

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