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**Bessie** 2012/08/17 14:27:30
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So, if some one asks you what the main difference is between most of the Obama/Biden supporters, and Romney/Ryan supporters, instead of stammering, and stuttering, and looking for an answer, just tell them that the Romney/Ryan supporters sign their checks on the front, and the Obama/Biden supporters sign their checks on the back.
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  • Cookielane 2012/08/21 19:40:27
    I don't get it.
  • dick 2012/08/19 17:42:57
    So true! laughing mouse
  • SJG 2012/08/18 11:58:25
  • ed 2012/08/18 11:21:50
    Great post my friend
  • Dar 2012/08/18 10:55:57
    LMAO! How true! Good one Bessie!
  • Birthpangs 2012/08/18 05:37:05
  • NOT14U2 2012/08/18 02:03:25
    I say the difference is about one IQ point
  • Adakin Valorem~PWCM~JLA 2012/08/18 01:20:56 (edited)
    Adakin Valorem~PWCM~JLA
    Wow, I like that Bessie! Lord knows, I've sure signed more paychecks on the front than I ever have on the back.

  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2012/08/18 00:38:30
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    Best answer it. I agree with you. Welcome back Bessie.
  • cancled 2012/08/18 00:33:17
    All those Americans Romney put out of work because he outsourced their jobs overseas??????
    He signed their check on the back, now didn't he ??????
  • biggerman cancled 2012/08/18 01:31:44
    Poppycock, load of crap, BS, balderdash, nonsense, hooey, garbage, drivel, gobbledygook, baloney, gibberish, claptrap, twaddle, rubbish, babble or whatever way you want to say it - that is a lie.
  • cancled biggerman 2012/08/18 05:30:16
    Well I see he's got you fooled, so he's doing a good job of deceiving you.
    Just don't forget all those nouns you used when Romney decides to garbage your life.
  • biggerman cancled 2012/08/18 22:20:05
    The Liar in Chief is the real deceiver. Romney's far froma perfect candidate but the way that the DNC, Obama PACs, the Obama capaign itself has trashed Romney is criminal. It seems that you are one being fooled. Romney is not the ruthless, uncaring "Simon LeGree' that he is being made out to be.
  • cancled biggerman 2012/08/18 22:32:45
    While I agree with what you said about Obama, electing Romney is not the solution for a positive America.
    And I have never been fooled by either party, because i've never voted for either of those crooks.
    I vote for The Green Party, the "Only" party that is total Pro-America, not like democrats and republicans who are pro-foreign nations !
  • biggerman cancled 2012/08/19 03:01:01
    The Green Party are a bunch of whack jobs who have no hope of being elected to any political office. I live in California at present and environmentalism is killing that state. Come on, man!
  • cancled biggerman 2012/08/19 04:35:55
    There are already 289 Green members in our political system now moron.
    Obviously you don't have a clue as to what's happening in your own country, so you cover your ignorance with rage, and sarcasm???
    Eco terrorists and alot of environmentalists are not the Green Party pal, your ignorance is confusing your logic.
    According to your logic, James Holmes, the movie theater shooter was a democrat, so all democrats must be killers, that's they way your brain thinks??????
    Come on, man!
  • biggerman cancled 2012/08/19 18:13:04
    289 out how many? If that includes local, State, and Federal posts, 289 is a pittance. The Green Party does include a bunch of tree-hugging nuts even though they all might not merit that description. I appreciate the work of some of the Green Party officials on their efforts to affect environmental awareness but, when the votes are counted up in this next election, the Green Party candidates will be, by and large, nothing but "also-rans." You know that.
  • cancled biggerman 2012/08/19 18:39:54
    Well were gonna find out, now arn't we???
    And one of us is gonna feel pretty stupid, won't you?????
  • biggerman cancled 2012/08/19 19:43:01
    So the Green Party is going to make a big "splash" this year, huh ?
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2012/08/17 22:54:22
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Great Anwer !!!!Romney/Ryan supporters sign their checks on the front, and the Obama/Biden supporters sign their checks on the back.
  • Lanikai 2012/08/17 22:43:13
    LOL, EXACTLY!!!!!!!
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2012/08/17 22:37:51
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    And it is a true description
  • jerry 2012/08/17 22:01:55
    Or paychecks vs. pickpockets !
  • DP 2012/08/17 21:15:44
    How clever! I laughed so hard! This site is clearly for conservatives while the other sites I frequent are full of psychopathic (but lovable) liberals who are out for blood. I prefer the other sites as they are active in their hate. They ruin people's lives by hacking their crap for voicing their support for Romney/Ryan. It's funny.
  • MR. 2012/08/17 21:11:26
  • angelbaby 2012/08/17 20:42:19
    Let the truth be told!! LOL
  • frank drebin 2012/08/17 19:47:48
  • Scott frank d... 2012/08/17 20:20:04
    Hey frank - you sound like a fun guy! Wanna go downtown this weekend and watch homeless people suffer?
  • Diane S... Scott 2012/08/17 22:56:23
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    What I believe is happening is that the left is reading the handwriting on the wall and resigning itself to the harsh reality [that] the man they trusted to "fundamentally transform America" is on the verge of being unelected.
  • Scott Diane S... 2012/08/20 17:49:43
    I think you are correct Diane. Have you heard about this weeks Newsweek? Yup, the liberal rag Newsweek; they have an article this week all about Obama's broken promises.

    Maybe, just maybe, the rest are waking up!
  • Diane S... Scott 2012/08/20 19:15:05
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Always hope !!!!!
  • frank d... Scott 2012/08/19 05:15:08
    frank drebin
    actually i was downtown the other day, handing out coats to the homeless. but apparently thats illegal in this country without a permit. like i said, i dont associate with parties, but i appreciate you being offended. the country in general is lacking in too many ways. thanks for allowing me to bring about an example
  • Scott frank d... 2012/08/20 18:08:43
    Ahhh, can't make a commitment to any one, eh? Well, don't feel bad, the world needs mediocre people too. It helps make the rest of us, you know with a little hair on our gnads, look a little better! So, thanks for that Frank.

    Sorry about your run in with the law enforcement. You need a permit to hand out coats? Hurumph. I usually volunteer with the experts, city mission especially. No problems then. I can see how some one that doesn't participate in charitable stuff could make a rookie mistake.

    See ya at the polls!
  • biggerman frank d... 2012/08/18 01:37:58 (edited)
  • Deputy Chief 2012/08/17 19:03:55 (edited)
    Deputy Chief
    Good response. I like it!!!

    welfare moochers welfare moochers
  • **Bessie** Deputy ... 2012/08/17 19:04:32
    Me too!
  • ☆WillThompson☆ 2012/08/17 19:00:34
    How true....
  • **Bessie** ☆WillTh... 2012/08/17 19:03:06
    Yes it is!
  • kevjon 2012/08/17 18:58:01
    Hey Bess now that is one of the most clever things I have heard yet, that's great.
  • **Bessie** kevjon 2012/08/17 19:00:19
    Great! Glad you liked it kev!

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