**Bessie** 2011/09/13 13:45:28

ONE Flag, ONE Language, ONE Nation Under God!


A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!

I'M 100% for PASSING THIS ON!!!

Let’s Take a Stand!!!

Borders: Closed!

Language: English only!

Culture: Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!

Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!

NO freebies to: Non-Citizens!

We the people are coming!!!!!!!

Only 86% will send this on…should be 100%!

What will you do?

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  • GregGar... rielyn.... 2011/09/15 02:40:31
    I would have sent my kids to bible school if they asked for it too. Honestly I am just against the Under God in the pledge because it was brought about 70+ years after it was first written by a bunch of Christian activists. You honestly did pretty much everything I would have done for my kid. Good job, great parenting.
  • rielyn.... GregGar... 2011/09/15 02:46:05
    I do try. ^^ And I understand your sentiment, but don't worry that it's going to mess up your kids. Their dad seems to have a pretty good handle on his beliefs, after all.
  • GregGar... rielyn.... 2011/09/15 03:01:14
  • rk GregGar... 2011/09/16 00:16:40
    Incorrect there is no clause nor reference of Separation of Church and State
    That comes from Thomas Jefferson To a Baptist in Connecticut

    There is freedom OF religion not Freedom From religion
  • **Bessie** GregGar... 2011/09/14 18:21:30
    Just take it out before you forward it.
  • kevjon 2011/09/14 01:53:10
    Bess...you are an all American girl, I'm with you. America was American when we started and needs to be American for ever.
    We are not Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Cuba, Nicaragua, Salvador. Those people moved here because we are the best and by turning us into an extension of Mexico would be like moving the Border line into the USA and we all know what that would do.
    people moved turning extension mexico moving border line usa mexican border
    Is this what we want for our country to be?
  • Scalded... kevjon 2011/09/14 06:54:05
    Scalded Eagle
    This is why obama told you: "What you need to do, is teach your kids spannish"
  • kevjon Scalded... 2011/09/14 09:28:38
    You are right but unfortunately he is not the first to promote this concept. Both parties are guilty of using illegals to their advantage. Arizona is the only state that had the balls to stop it, what other state has followed ?
  • **Bessie** kevjon 2011/09/14 18:23:56
    Thanks for your comment.

    Did you go on your trip yet kevjon??
  • kevjon **Bessie** 2011/09/15 01:06:36
    Not till the end of this month, just found out that Rio de Janeiro is having a huge rock fest during our visit. We are trying to find tickets to some of the concerts.
  • **Bessie** kevjon 2011/09/15 15:00:42
    Cool! Hope you get them!
  • Justin Tomczyk 2011/09/14 01:33:26
    Justin Tomczyk
    "Close the border!"
    And outsource more labor.
    "Culture: Constitution and Bill of Rights!"
    And ignore centuries of foreign traditions and ethnic diversity.

    Take your theocratic, uniform, police-state back to the colonial era, you closed-minded bigot.
  • Flaming... Justin ... 2011/09/14 03:44:45
    Flamingo Flame Gem *AFCL*
    Jobs have already been outsourced in the U.S. so the U.S. is in a mess....What do you expect ?
  • JustinTK03 Flaming... 2011/09/14 04:03:26
    For you to get an education and get America back into the competition. Nearly all of the jobs exported are unskilled labor, become skilled and there are still good jobs out there.
  • Flaming... JustinTK03 2011/09/14 04:08:48
    Flamingo Flame Gem *AFCL*
    Little boy, i'm college educated and in the professional field.Tax paying hard working American. Grow up little boy.
  • JustinTK03 Flaming... 2011/09/14 04:36:16
    Little boy? How sad...stay in school.
  • Flaming... JustinTK03 2011/09/14 05:05:23
    Flamingo Flame Gem *AFCL*
    Oh you make me feel so young again......LOL little boy.
  • JustinTK03 Flaming... 2011/09/14 05:15:32
    Are you going to insult me or keep making yourself look fickle.
  • JustinTK03 Justin ... 2011/09/14 04:05:45
    I agree with you totally brother, how do this many dumbsh!ts have a computer?
  • rk Justin ... 2011/09/14 04:24:40
    Your progressive and socialist beliefs are what has brought us to the place that we are now. It was not the conservative truth, honesty, industry and faith that brought the country down but the radicals for the 60's with the deranged " If it feels Good Do it " attitude , free love and drug use that was supported by and directed by Russian Communists in an effort to divide the country form the inside. These are facts.
    in the 50's and early 60's you could leave your car unlocked with the keys inside and your car would always be there. You did not lock your door and if you ran our of sugar for a cake you would go to your neighbors and if they weren't there you would leave a note and borrow the sugar. It is the Left that has and is destroying the country.
  • JustinTK03 rk 2011/09/14 04:40:39
    Errr. Wrong. Just because you say they are facts doesn't mean they are. I know the computer sometimes feels like make believe but you are talking with real-live people. Your facts are completely false and any possible so-called proof you may have is fabricated and you should stop getting current event support from the 50's and 60's.
  • rk JustinTK03 2011/09/14 04:56:52
    Sorry but I have lived it and it is fact. The worst disobedience in school in the 50's was chewing gum in class. Now... Murder. A total breakdown of society
    look and what we were taught back then. Take care of others. A Conservative Democrate Value

  • JustinTK03 rk 2011/09/14 05:08:32
    Oh goodness. Here I thought you were stupid, now I see, you're old...and stupid. Your views are the product of fear-mongering, outrageous, claims by the ultra-conservative elderly crowd. I would post the facts that prove that your wrong but it would be easier to just say read or google all factual reference literature made after 1990.
  • rielyn.... JustinTK03 2011/09/15 00:56:35
    Right, because google and books are so much more factual than real life experiences. *rolls eyes* And THIS is what we have to look forward to. Honestly, some peoples kids.
  • rk JustinTK03 2011/09/16 00:20:40
    Well young sometimes never have the ability to understand that failed history repeated is idiocy. I can see that you can be rude and since someone that has lived the experience is better able to understand. oh by the way Google is a fun tool but you must know how to use the tool. the only way to verify what is stated on the web is from other sources or experience of which you have neither.
  • rielyn.... JustinTK03 2011/09/14 07:28:20
    Kid, I'm only in my 40s but I can remember when I was little in the 70s it was vastly different. He's right. That was pretty much what happened.
  • Child o... Justin ... 2011/09/14 04:29:00
    Child of light
    We need more American CITIZENS to be working jobs in the US, not any illegal immigrants. If not American citizens, then people who are here on a valid Work Visa.

    "Culture" means that we should only embrace the laws of the United States and the Constition of the United States and its Bill of Rights. If people want to celebrate their own culture and traditions, then fine. So be it. But don't force it on our people and don't attempt to put it on our calendar.
  • JustinTK03 Child o... 2011/09/14 04:44:53
    Do you even understand how big of a contradiction to American ideals you are? Were you hit in the head with a hammer? Companies make calenders, not America. The calender companies put other dates in their calenders to sell more calenders, if you want calenders with only the dates that you want in them you need to look in the bigoted, close-minded, and inbred section at your local bookstore.
  • Child o... JustinTK03 2011/09/14 05:54:24
    Child of light
    When I said not to put it on our calendar, I meant don't make it national holiday. If you want it on the calendar, then fine. Go ahead.
  • JustinTK03 Child o... 2011/09/14 06:02:01
    What do I want on my calender? You gotta work on saying what you mean. What should our national holidays be? If you say Christmas I'm going to die laughing.
  • Child o... JustinTK03 2011/09/15 01:51:51
    Child of light
    What I mean to say is that immigrants who come to the US, legally or otherwise, shouldn't make the holidays that their particular culture observes a national holiday that everyone in the US observes.
  • RayG 2011/09/14 01:32:30
    That's a solid BINGO! You nailed it
  • Gregaj7 2011/09/14 01:18:01
    And I'm not passing this on. Too many people trust a machine to tabulate a "vote" that won't be counted, as the results were decided before the "election" took place.
  • **Bessie** Gregaj7 2011/09/14 18:30:45
    Ok. Whatever.
  • SK-pro impeachment 2011/09/14 01:07:57
    SK-pro impeachment
    works for me!
  • keeper 2011/09/14 00:29:17
    I am in your corner!!
  • Roblem BN-0 2011/09/14 00:26:06
    Roblem BN-0
    Yes... 2012 is around the corner. Our country (and the world) is evolvoing.

    This nation is and has always been a "melting pot". This is a nation of many different races, nationalities, and religious beliefs (or none). Some are growing faster than others.

    Isn't it time we opened our hearts, minds, and our borders and stopped with the selfish and self centered America can only be my version. We have a world of people we must live with.

    And... the term "under God" was added in 1954... I think it is past time to remove it.
  • davidl Roblem ... 2011/09/14 00:30:48 (edited)
    Remove Under God? Not going to happen. The vast majority of the country is enlightened enough to believe in God, and will never allow the removal of the phrase.
  • Roblem ... davidl 2011/09/14 00:32:56
    Roblem BN-0
    That is certainly up for debate... and hopefully our country will become enlightened enough (again) to realize it is not necessary to include that phrase in our pledge.
  • Flaming... Roblem ... 2011/09/14 03:48:06
    Flamingo Flame Gem *AFCL*
    Opening South of the Border ....All hell will break loose.

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