**Bessie** 2011/09/13 13:45:28

ONE Flag, ONE Language, ONE Nation Under God!


A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!

I'M 100% for PASSING THIS ON!!!

Let’s Take a Stand!!!

Borders: Closed!

Language: English only!

Culture: Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!

Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!

NO freebies to: Non-Citizens!

We the people are coming!!!!!!!

Only 86% will send this on…should be 100%!

What will you do?

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  • Larry 2011/10/04 20:23:11
    Sounds good to me.
  • **Bessie** Larry 2011/10/04 22:50:09
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2011/09/22 02:24:24
    I am 100% with You!!!
  • **Bessie** ☆stillt... 2011/09/22 14:13:57
  • Marie-Jacqueline 2011/09/19 22:56:49
    English as the binding factor, yes:
    “Our common language is English.
    And our common task is to ensure that our non-English-speaking children learn this common language.”
    William Bennett (American Author and Politician, b.1943)

    Constitution, yes, but always remember:
    “Words mean more than what is set down on paper.
    It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.”
    Maya Angelou (American Poet, b.1928)

    Mandatory drugscreening before welfare, no?
    Innocent until proven guilty? Where did you hide that than?.
    Or is just the fact enough that somebody needs , is being equa lwith breaking the law in the U.S.
    Or is it the fact that in general Americans think people on welfare are betraying the American Dream, and therefore should be punished for it by assuming that they all abuse welfare and the should be treated as paternalistic as possible.
  • birthofgenesis 2011/09/15 17:00:08 (edited)
    Racist and bias. Nice job promoting yet more reasons for people to become violent and offensive. I'm American born which makes me a citizen. I pay taxes. I have no criminal background. Educated. Drug-free. My ethnic is Hispanic. So what are you saying? It's redundant and fragmented. My family are foreign and they came here. They had me and I didn't end up like the stereotype you insinuated. Try something that is not counter-productive? Oh wait hold on, let me use your theory. That's right, I bet your family were immigrants too generations ago? Maybe the United States should close borders on you since hey, it sounds logical to you.

    Oh yeah, and while are you at it, go ahead and bar the Nation with one religion too because that is what you just did right now. One nation under God. Ok, I can live with that but that insults everyone else that may have their own views. What if someone in your family doesn't believe in God? United States should throw them out, too, because hey your theory continues to be 'logical'.

    You seem to forget that the United States is NOT an Empire. You are promoting Imperialism, Communism, and Socialism. Nice work. When will you be conquering your next country, Crusader?
  • Jeh 2011/09/15 09:40:34
  • Steve 2011/09/15 09:07:07
    "ONE Flag, ONE Language, ONE Nation"
    flag language nation
  • william farrell 2011/09/15 08:21:39
    william farrell
    good comment elsie. but, do you mean borders controlled, not closed? english is the sole official language of the united states. we want the constitution honored not twisted by some conniving politician or public servant. good comment. william
  • The Berserker 2011/09/15 07:14:28
  • meatloaf 2011/09/15 06:06:36
    i do not agree to this. at all. not even a little bit .
    we should all be free to have whatever language we want not eryone knows and wantgs to learn english. we all have different cultures thats the point of being free , thats what we faught and are fighting for in the first place.
  • Col. Klink's Ugly Little Br... 2011/09/15 05:35:36
    Col. Klink's Ugly Little Brother
    It sounds like pre-60's America. When America was second to none in education, When children obeyed their parents, When sodomites were in the closet, When you were little and lost you could go to any adult for direction, without fearing being kidnapped, raped, or killed, Police were respected, a government for the people, When America was the envy of all nations. I remember those times and I miss them.
  • **Bessie** Col. Kl... 2011/09/15 14:56:10
    I hear ya, and agree.
  • reaper Col. Kl... 2011/09/16 23:30:34
    and a time of great racism, McCarthyism, and some way uptight people
  • Marie-J... Col. Kl... 2011/09/19 23:00:43
    There was also much wrong in the U.S. in that time

    It is human nature to look back and only want to see that what they think was right then.
  • Col. Kl... Marie-J... 2011/09/20 05:00:55
    Col. Klink's Ugly Little Brother
    There is no time in our history when things were perfect, I understand that. I believe we have been moving in the wrong direction. We have made tremendous strides in technology, however morally our society has become more and more depraved. Prior to the sixties people from other countries coming here wanted to learn English and become Americans, not so today. It use to be people came to work live the American dream, not so today, they want a free ride. What is so wrong with entering the country legally and securing our borders?, is that the right of a sovern nation?.
  • Marie-J... Col. Kl... 2011/09/20 12:24:04
    I agree with you that if somebody emigrates to the U.S. you may expect that they learn the language.
    It is a tool to find your place in American society.

    There is nothing wrong with entering a country legally. Securing your borders, yes.
    Not closing the borders for everybody as the post implies.

    The problem in the U.S. is that due to its size and landscape it is a near impossible task to secure your borders completely.
    How to solve that problem? Resorting to illegal actions as some SH's propose is no solution.
  • richie 2011/09/15 03:25:44
  • Chris 2011/09/15 02:07:07 (edited)
    I want the borders SECURE but not closed off to everyone.
  • lisaokapi 2011/09/15 01:50:04
    Vote these Wolves out!!!!! Fight for our freedoms and our GOD given rights!!!!
  • Old Nellie Bones 2011/09/15 01:33:22
    Old Nellie Bones
    Im with You on that.
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2011/09/15 01:31:16
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    I agree.
  • Keen Tojones 2011/09/15 00:30:26 (edited)
    Keen Tojones
    Close the borders to Islam and Mexico. Put a time constraint on Mexican immigration. Make it twenty years.

    Quit handing out degrees to crude morons.

    And culture? Oh, well, thanks to the Constitution, if I want to sit out on my back porch, sip Irish coffee and play the violin, I can. If I want to teach my child French and speak it, I can.
  • ScottyG - Faqueue 2011/09/14 23:57:21
    ScottyG - Faqueue
    I'm 100% with you!
  • Azrael-In GOD we trust 2011/09/14 23:52:27
    Azrael-In GOD we trust
    I'll pass it on to everyone I know. Thanx Bessie!
  • jdemme 2011/09/14 22:33:28
  • DavE 2011/09/14 19:38:41
    America first
    I'm 100 percent with you Bessie.
    Unfortunately Obama's One-World Socialists throughout our government are diametrically opposed to our values.
    Anything that speaks of national sovereignty they rabidly fight, trying to kill America.
    Well past time for them to be gone at all levels of government.
  • MAMMY51♥POTL~PWCM~JLA♥ 2011/09/14 18:36:06
  • POPEYE 2011/09/14 18:32:58
  • jabroniman 2011/09/14 17:35:36
    I see nothing wrong with anything you've suggested. Cheers! We do afford people freedom of speech, I in turn am afforded the freedom to not hire or consort with people who call themselves American citizens but can't speek English. Some don't even attempt to learn and it's nothing but lazy and pathetic.
  • **Bessie** jabroniman 2011/09/14 18:08:53
    I agree. "In the day" immigrants wanted to learn English...first and foremost!
  • jabroniman **Bessie** 2011/09/14 18:35:15
    Wasn't it a requirement at one point?
  • rawrbuddie 2011/09/14 17:15:44
    i agree
  • KIA 2011/09/14 15:38:02
    I will be passing this on as ALL Americans should. Our Nation is being INTENTIONALLY DESTROYED. Obama has had an agenda since day one and that was to FUNDAMENTALLY "TRANSFORM" America into a Socialist Country. Sadly he has succeeded. So if you LOVE AMERICA pass this on. If you don't pass it on than you should pack your bags and move somewhere else. Do what is RIGHT. PASS this ON!!!!!!!!!

    sadly succeeded love america pass pass pack bags pass Waving American Flag GIF
  • **Bessie** KIA 2011/09/14 18:09:15
  • Comment... KIA 2011/09/14 18:09:30
    Comment Removed
    He did warn us, yet the PC sheeple voted for him anyway.
  • cupcake 2011/09/14 15:15:09
    Why do you want all this "one" only? When this nation started it was multi-language, English was demanded, but non-the less languages from all over the world was spoken, many people of different religions were here and are still here. So where are we? We should all speak english but allowed to speak other languages too. It is very difficult to learn to speak any other language after the age of 9. Our language center in the brain closes down to what ever is already known. One God, well my name for God is God. Other's are Allah, Budda... We have one flag and it should stay that way, unless we get other states (lol).
  • KIA cupcake 2011/09/14 15:46:21 (edited)
    Why should anyone have to press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish? What about others who come to America who speak GERMAN, RUSSIAN, JAPANESE, CHINESE, PORTUGUESE etc. ? English is our Language and those who come here "LEGALLY" will learn it and will embrace our American way of Life and respect our flag because they want to and desire to be apart of the best country in the world! be. Those who come here ILLEGALLY should not be rewarded. It may be harder to learn a language after age 9 but with hard work and perseverance it can be done. We are ONE NATION under GOD and should always remain so.
  • cupcake KIA 2011/09/14 16:19:28
    We are saying for the same thing but differently.
    Adults have a very difficult time learning a new language. I am not saying they shouldn't learn how to speak English but it will take time. Our grammar is different, for example we say "that is a beautiful red shoe", in spanish they would say "que es un zapato rojo muy bonito" - what is the shoe red very pretty. So do you see how learning a new language could be difficult? The only way I have heard of any success is with Rosetta Stone. The reason we have push 1 for English and 2 for Spanish is because the people who's 1st language is Spanish is because the adults who are calling are having a difficult time understanding this new language, English, they need whatever they need and listening in English will not work for them yet. Should they learn English, hell yes, but until they know it, serving those who speak Spanish isn't a big deal. I would assume that they do embrace our American way of life, that is why they are here. Illegal entry into the USA should not be tolerated, they should be deported. Sorry but we are not the worlds big brother, do it legally or don't do it at all.
  • POPEYE cupcake 2011/09/14 18:38:51
    Then tell them to go back where they do understand the language and have to fight to stay alive !
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