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Jannbana 2010/03/23 00:18:16
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I'm pretty upset about the new health care reform bill. I don't need any stinkin' help with my health care. I don't care if other people don't have health care coverage and that 45,000 of them die each year because they can't afford it. It is not my problem.
I work every day to pay for my families health care (when I can find the work) and it costs me $1453 per month and although sometimes I have to use my charge card to pay Blue Cross/Blue Shield, I know it is worth every penny because they tell me it is. Also, I get the benefit of putting it on my charge card so it is not like even having to pay for it right away. I don't worry about the interest. Maybe I will get a break and get some steady work soon.
Why should the government help the American? I sacrifice and everyone else should too. Last month I just opted to have the family skip one meal a day for the month, I need new glasses and a root canal but I put those off and I was able to come up with the $1493. I know that BC/BS needs the money, or they will cancel my insurance.
I am still paying off the $2000. deductible I incurred last year. I broke an arm and the Dr. bills and x-rays, were just short of $2000. I have a $2000. deductible which is good because BC/BS didn't have to pay anything on my behalf last year and this will hopefully they keep my premium from going up more than 23% next year.
The new insurance plan means that kids can stay on their parents insurance plan until they are 27. Talk about turning kids into sissies.
Now people with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage and there is a ban on being able to drop someone from the plan when they get sick. Why should health insurance plans cover sick people? DUH...their sick. Health insurance companies can't insure that you are healthy if you are sick. God, why doesn't everyone see that?
This scary plan will do away with the donut hole in Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. Another free ride for the sick and elderly.
It gives a 50% tax credit on premiums to small businesses if they offer health insurance. I'm in the business of running a maid service not a benefits factory. Let my employees find their health care elsewhere. Before you know it, I would be hearing stories of how their kids were sick and the insurance won't cover their illness, bah, blah, blah. Not my problem.
The Bill as scored by the CBO will bring down the debt by 1.2 trillion and ultimately pay for itself. At least there is one entity willing to pay for itself.
Millions of dollars are being put toward the training of 1000s more primary care Dr.s so there are always enough to go around. Oh yeah, where is the money for the maids? Where are the subsidies for the cleaning industry? Drs higher maids you know. Where's my money?
Okay let's talk about abortion. No Federal money will pay for abortions and staying with the status quo in keeping with the Hyde Amendment? Come on people.... this is 2010.
The government is telling insurance companies how to spend our money!.... well technically it is their money once we pay our premium but forcing insurance companies to use 80-85% of all the money collected from me on MY health. Who the hell does the government think they are? I am so pissed right now!
Okay, there is the mandate. WTF!!! This will require that all people in the US, who can afford it, will be required to have health insurance. Yeah they are offering subsidies, tax credits and multiple policy options to make the plans affordable but this will mean that even if you are 28 and healthy, you will be required to have health insurance. If you're like a lot of people I know, you would probably prefer to just go to the ER when you need attention. Naturally, because you can't afford to pay the bill, you can easily let the hospital deal with your overdue bill. It only works against your credit score if you don't pay the bill and lots of people don't give a crap about their credit score. You know that the ER's can't refuse you treatment? You can go as many times as you like. The bill ends up getting paid for by the government anyway. Hey, we pay enough in taxes so the government shouldn't complain.
Do you see now why I am so upset about this reform? Before you know it someone might propose "free health care for every American". It will probably be some radical hippie punk jerk. That "one for all, all for one" BS doesn't wash with me.
Dying in America
-"And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."
-The Declaration of Independence
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  • mae 2010/03/24 03:57:58
    You may have to emigrate to hell. You will love it there because you will be all by yourself enjoying your agony.
  • Jannbana mae 2010/03/24 14:40:55 (edited)
    You obviously didn't read my post because I am THRILLED with the new health care reform bill! I was using sarcasm to prove a point.
  • mae Jannbana 2010/03/25 02:47:56
    Interesting sarcasm.

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