Have you heard the sounds from Hell from the Siberia mining site?

walter 2009/07/13 00:29:42
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Several years ago, some miners drilling down through the Earth's crust had to stop drilling when their eqipment reached a rather large cavity 10 miles below the surface. The minors heard some strange sounds coming from inside the cavity. When they stuck their sound equipment down they heard, what they believed, were the screams and cries from people suffering in Hell.
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  • sasquatchette 2009/07/13 07:08:36
    Do you believe it? Is it a hoax? Is it real? Or a problem with their equipment?
    Well, like all things, it depends on who you think you can believe ....



    So, my vote is that it's a hoax. Also, if it were true I don't think it would be hell, since hell is supposed to be around forever and the earth is supposed to be destroyed. I think that if it is true, it would be Purgatory, which won't be around forever.
  • kahless 2009/07/13 01:09:25
    Go to You Tube and type in "Sounds from hell"
    Atheists this may be your future
  • Skyline 2009/07/13 00:47:45
    Do you believe it? Is it a hoax? Is it real? Or a problem with their equipment?
    Hoax. As I was listening to the sounds from hell my husband grabbed me from behind. I nearly jumped out of my skin...but yes, hoax. real equipment hoax listening sounds husband grabbed jumped skin hoax
  • walter Skyline 2009/07/13 00:52:13
    I agree. I believe it is the sounds from some kind of exhibition sideshow or a horror stage show.

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